My new year resolution and short review to Moto Z Play Droid

2:49 PM
Hello, my dears! It's time to say bye to 2016. So sad to say it, because my year was quite tough, yet also quite amazing. We did a lot of traveling and lived in beautiful Monterey. My blogging journey was terrific, not just because I went to New York Fashion Week, but also because I reunited with my old friends that I originally met in Seoul. I earned money from my blogging career and worked with many big companies that I never thought I would ever work. I became a US citizen this year and got almost all my documents in order (passport, state ID, etc.)  I also had the awesome opportunity to be a part of Verizon's Influencer Program. Just before I came to Seattle for Christmas, I got a nice surprise from the team - they sent me a new smartphone. What an awesome surprise! I got a Moto Z Play Droid that came with a charger in the box. The first thing that I loved about this phone is the long lasting battery! The iPhone phones never lives long. Also my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge's battery didn't compare to one bit to the Moto Z Play Droid. If you are looking for a long lasting battery in a phone, the Moto Z is definitely for you! To be honest, I haven't had so much time to test this phone more, because December was extremely an busy month for me and my family. That being said, I did take few pics while we travelled and I did some live streaming on Instagram from my new phone. I liked that I'm able to use my favorite apps like Uber, Whatsapp, instagram, Skype, Telegram etc. It was super handy when all my other phones died.
Anyway, I'm really looking forward to 2017! My New Year's resolutions are to travel more, see more,  stay fit and healty, see my family in Kazakhstan, foster success in our small project that we started this year with my friend Jessica (In case, if you didn't have time to check it make sure to stop on our page !!! ), and finally to learn how to drive. Oh yeah, not so sure about that last one, but I will definitely try!

What is your New Year's resolution?

My trip to Miami: Art basel, Kyboe!

3:24 PM
Hi, guys! I finally have some extra time to sit, relax, edit photos and write a blog post. Today, I would love to share why I went to Miami Beach and why you need to experience Art Basel! If you have been a good follower of my Instagram, you probably have seen that I won a competition sponsored by KYBOE. The main prize for this competition was to fly to Miami Beach to enjoy this internationally famous art festival, and of course, to enjoy the party by Kyboe. You can't imagine how happy I was to be the winner because Art Basel has been on my bucket list. When we got to our lovely hotel, "Townhouse Hotel Miami," I got an awesome surprise from KYBOE. We got couple watches that were for my husband and I with an additional $200 for spending money. Also, we got to visit the Kyboe pop-up shop party and Art Basel. It was the best vacation I had this year. We ate a lot of yummy food, drank a lot of cocktails, enjoyed the fabulous art that inspired me for a whole year and naturally visited a few clubs. I really want to thank Kyboe for this awesome opportunity!

JCPenney: Liz Claiborne Giveaway #ad

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Hello, guys! Christmas is so close and we are all continuing to look for gift ideas for our special one. I shared some posts earlier on my blog and got so much inspiration from other bloggers as well. That being said, I'm still not done with my complete gift list. 

December is probably my most expensive month, but there are ways to complete my gift list without hurting my wallet. In collaboration with JCPenney, I am happy to share with you guys, how you can buy your holiday outfit without spending over $50 and find the right gift for that special person. One of my favorite brands that is sold exclusively at JCPenney is Liz Claiborne. It creates always stylish and affordable pieces for every woman. I picked a wonderful white sweater that is super cozy and it was on sale! Also, I wanted to try out some accessories and bought a jewelry set that cost me only $12. Also, JCPenney was super sweet by letting me share some Christmas love with my followers! We are giving away an awesome Liz Claiborne Charging Wallet. To participate in this giveaway you would need to follow these next steps:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

What to wear this holiday season with NY&Company #ad

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Hello my babies! Is everyone in the Christmas mood? To be honest, I have been extremely busy with travelling. If you watched my insta stories, I shared my travel to Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Miami Beach, and it is still not over!  December is always a super busy month for my family and me.  I am quite happy that my family in Kazakhstan already got our Christmas package. Thank you to the US postal service for always delivering on time!

Anyway, in today’s post I wanted to share some style ideas for a Christmas Eve dinner, a New Year’s party, gathering with friends or even a holiday Fashion event.  Last year, I wore an entire Eva Mendes outfit that I got from NY&Company (check post here) and it inspired me to visit their store again and grab some dresses (check out the Holiday Dress Boutique).

This season we are all about lace. To keep my holiday elegant and stylish, I couldn’t resist buying this wonderful Veronica lace dress by Eva Mendes at NY&Company. And my second choice is the cold shoulder dress that you can get on sale right now.

What do you plan to wear this holiday season?

  Red Dress | NY&Company  Earrings | NY&Company   Choker | NY&Company
Blue Dress | NY&Company  Earrings | NY&Company

Holiday Gift idea for HER #ad

9:06 AM
Hello, my sweet readers! I’m writing to you from LAX airport on the way to Miami, Florida.  As I announced on my Instagram, this month have been hectic and super stressful for my family and I. That being said, I have been looking forward to our trip to Miami so I can finally relax!

Yesterday, we visited Santa Barbara on the way to Los Angeles and I was able to pick up my new watch at Macys. Even being super busy, I never stop working and trying to keep up with everything that needs to be done – especially Christmas gifts. Everyone is making wish lists and striving to find the perfect gifts for their families. You can feel in the air that Christmas is quickly coming!  

Today, we were able to visit two museums that were on my list of “MUST VISIT in California,” which included seeing the famous exhibition by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusuma. We went to the LACMA first though, and we decided to shoot my outfit there right away. I believe this place is one of the most beloved destinations of many fashionistas in LA.

If you are still looking for a wonderful GIFT FOR HER (mother, grandmother, best friend, girlfriend, wife), I’m here to advise you to check out the wonderful watch collection by Anne Klein that is sold exclusively at Macy’s (buy my watch here).  It will not just be a stylish and watch, but also a magnificent combination of two bracelets included in the package that would delight any woman.  They are super fun to accessorize with and cost only $150 (These great watch and bracelet sets, as well as other gift sets and all Anne Klein watches are 25% off from Dec 2 – Dec 8 using the promo code FRIEND on  What do you think? 

#GetGifted with NY&CO this holiday season

3:21 PM
Hello, babies! I hope you are all super excited for Christmas time. I have been planning to do some Secret Santa this year again with my fellow blogger friends. Last year I organized smaller one, and everyone was super excited to get an extra gift. This year, we decided to go more international. To be honest, I never knew about Secret Santa, until I met my first American friends in South Korea. 

Well, since I'm getting more Americanized, Christmas has become one of my favorite holidays after Thanksgiving. You may be wondering at this point, why did I start this conversation?!

Last week, I got a gift from my #SecretSanta that was organized by NY&Company (check their Holiday Gifts selection). Getting gifts is always exciting, especially from Secret Santa, because you don't know what you are going to get!  As soon as I opened my box, I was full of happiness and delight at what I got (see pictures below). My Secret Santa was fashion blogger Emily (@stillottobeatss). She definitely knew what I love most. I got a striped sweater, a polka dot scarf, a red handbag (my favorite color), a little pouchette, sexy heels, a cute hat, and of course, items that every blogger needs: lipstick, a decoration plate, a coffee mug and a notebook. As soon as I unpacked everything, I decided to style them so my dear readers can get an idea of how I would style these items.

Getting gifts is always a special things and a great joy to experience. Would you care to share your #GetGifted moments? I would love to hear your stories!
Hat | NY&Company
Sweater | NY & Company
Scarf | NY & Company 
Heels | NY & Company

Why you can't use your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in the water!

10:18 AM
Hi, guys! This is quite sad news.  You know I was super happy having my new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that Verizon provided to me this year. This awesome phone was everything to me until I decided to test its true "waterproof" quality, as it's promoted and shown on advertising videos by being dropped in a glass of beer. Well, they also said that you can dive in water for 30 minutes (Oops, I actually dived with my phone 4 times for about 10 minutes, maybe even more).

Anyway, today my phone officially died. I was hoping that I could at least share with you my photos and videos that I filmed, but because I didn't have a memory card, all the photos and videos saved on cell phone were lost (minus one). It's so lame that I killed my phone for nothing. RIP, my dear friend! Here is a little story from the phone's perspective on what happened that day:

"Hello, my name is Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge! I'm the most amazing phone you ever had. I take the best pictures and videos - like a boss. My founding fathers said that I can swim without worrying of getting some water in me and my battery would last forever. I was the happiest phone in the world, because everyone loved me. Today, my owner is flying to Hawaii and is planning to show me the most beautiful beaches that I ever seen. It was a very exciting day. As soon we arrived to Hanauma Bay, I couldn't close my eyes and started to capture every minute of us being on the beach. It was super busy that day, but very lovely.
I wanted to see more then just the beach though. I love nature and adventures. I knew it is going to be my special day. After a few minutes, my owner said "Let's go, my little boy. Let's snap some beautiful fish." I was so speechless, as I couldn't be more happy for this new adventure. As soon we got to the ocean, I met so many colorful, big and small fish. We made a few videos and took a ton of awesome photos. After we got out of the water, I felt a bit weird, but still so excited. In a couple of minutes, my owner took me into the water again. This was shaping up to be the best day of my life! Though, after another couple of hours, I started to feel sick. I tried to tell my owner that "Moisture was detected." I had a runny nose, but she was busy and said, "No worries, you're tough. I will dry you as soon we get home."  After drying out, I still didn't feel good. I kept sending messages and my health was showing only 20%. Well, remember how I have life long battery? I kept fighting for my life the whole week. She kept drying me in rice, in hot air, touching with soft materials, but I knew that I was going to die if I didn't get recharged again. After several minutes, and upon my last breath, I said "I'm so sorry, but I'm giving up.. Bye-bye, my lovely owner, I will miss you!" Forever yours, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge..."

I'm still bummed that my phone died. I only got one murky photo and no videos. Yesterday, I read an article online on how to dry out your Samsung Galaxy S7 phone, and someone mentioned that they use a wireless charger. I made an order right away and hope my phone will get to live again. I will update you soon if he comes back to life. I don't want to tell that Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a bad phone, though it seems that it's not as impervious to water as advertised.

Since, I'm a Verizon influencer, they just send me a new android phone to test - Moto Z Play Droid. I promise, I will not test it in water again! Lesson learned! Here comes a photo that I could only get from my dead phone and I can guarantee you that Samsung Galaxy S7 edge took amazing photos and videos under water. I will test if wireless charger will work to get photos and video out.
Thanks to the Verizon Influencer group for letting me try their products and share my honest thoughts about them. No additional compensation is provided to me. All the opinions here are my own.

How to wear slip dress this winter or what to wear for Thanksgiving

8:12 PM
Aloha! Haha sorry, this cold weather is killing me, I seriously want go back to warm Hawaii. It is the second day since we returned, and I believe that I already got sick. My nose is running and my throat hurts.  Oh well. Going to keep drinking more green tea with lemon in the hope that it will help. 
 Monterey is quite cold right now. You can't leave the house without wearing layers or a jacket. A few weeks ago, I got a package from Boohoo. I have been fan of Boohoo for a while and you have seen me wearing their pieces before. They are definitely for fashionistas on a budget. I got this cute star slip dress for only $14 that you can get via Stylinity by clicking down under the photo. The coat was about $70. Outwear always cost a bit extra. I would advise you to shop during Black Friday if you want to save some money. To keep my outfit chic and stylish, I wore my favorite striped sweater that I got from Macy's, and my favorite Public Desire heels. Btw, how are you going to celebrate Thanksgiving? Such a big holiday coming up!

click here to shop more looks you'll love at
click here to shop more looks you'll love at

Eliza Star Print Strappy Slip Dress
Eliza Star Print Strappy Slip Dress
Petite Alisha Double Breasted Coat
Petite Alisha Double Breasted Coat
Jenny Perspex Heeled Ankle Boots in Grey Faux Suede
Public Desire
Jenny Perspex Heeled Ankle Boots in Grey Faux Suede
INC International Concepts Embellished Striped Sweater, Only at Macy's - INC International Concepts - Women - Macy's
INC International Concepts Embellished Striped Sweater, Only at Macy's - INC International Concepts - Women - Macy's

What to do in Hawaii and our stay at Airbnb experience

2:16 PM

Hello, my dears! We are finally back from Hawaii and I would love to share where we stayed and why you should stay there, what we saw, where we ate and my favorite spots for drinks.

We decided to stay this time in Honolulu.  It was the first time for me to go there and I absolutely loved it. I didn't want to leave! Since we are an active tourist couple, we visited as many places as we could. If you ever decide to make a trip, I will definitely advise you to visit :

Eva Mendes Fall Collection at NY&Company #ad

8:57 PM

Hello, sweeties! I'm always super excited to share with you new styles and new collections. In collaboration with New York & Company, I had the chance to share one my favorites from the Eva Mendes Fall Collection. We are all preparing for layering up in this chilly weather. I was introduced to the Eva Mendes collection last winter and absolutely love her stuff. It is always feminine, trendy and stylish.

Here, I prepared two outfit ideas based off her line. One is casual and the other is for girly style. For the first outfit, I'm wearing an Eva Mendes sweater dress that is extremely cute and goes well with over-the-knee boots. Also, I added my Eva Mendes bag that I got a while ago that matches with my bell sleeves. For my second outfit, I picked a bell sleevesweater (sorry, I'm really obsessed with this trend) from the Eva Mendes' collection, and styled it with my favorite flared jeans and boots that I got at New York & Company a couple of cycles back. What do you think?

Dress | NY&Company   Bag | NY&Company  Sweater | NY&Company  Boots | NY&Company

JCPenney Grand opening in Salinas, CA #SoWorthIt i

11:59 AM
Hello, guys! How have you been? Last Friday, I shared that I went to the grand opening of JCPenney in Salinas. It was actually my first time attending an opening ceremony in the USA, and it was quite exciting. Actually, we arrived pretty early, though not nearly as early as some people who had been there since 4 AM. Crazy, right?! It seemed totally worth it though, because those people were able to win some cool goodies! Who doesn't love freebies?! Anyway, instead of standing in line, I decided to walk toward the concert. We watched a young student marching band play, and they were really cool. After that, I met another influencer Meghan, who came from Santa Cruz (@walnutavenue  ). Soon thereafter, we met one of the manager's from JCPenney, and she was super nice by letting us get in super early without waiting in line. We were able to get inside, get photos of the new store, meet people - to include the football legends Dwight Clark & Roger Craig - and of course, score some shopping deals! We got too excited and ended up shopping for both my husband and our apartment. All in all, it was a fantastic experience and I am so glad I was able to be there! #SoWorthIt !!!

Fall Fashion: Sweater Trends at NY&Company #ad

8:47 PM
Hello, my dear readers! My week has started quite interestingly. I shared one of my stories on my Instagram a few days ago about how I met with a cool girl from my country here in Monterey. Also this past weekend, my husband and I decided to take a walk to practice his language skills. We had lovely weather, but you can definitely feel that summer is no more. Also, I’m kind of excited that my husband is getting close to his graduation ceremony, because we can finally resume our adventurous life style.

Since it is fall season, it’s time for cozying up in our sweaters or cardigans while drinking coffee or walking to work.  Therefore, it’s time to share more fall must-haves. In collaboration with NY&Company, I got to try their new trendy sweaters that every fashionista should own. I definitely was looking to create a layered knit outfit.  My eyes caught right away a fridge-trim sweater jacket. As soon I showed my outfit on Insta stories, my aunt texted me and said that she wants one for herself too. I’m going to order one for her while it is on sale. It is really good quality, and feels like a warm cozy blanket that you want to snuggle with all day long. No one said that you can’t wear white in fall or winter. This is why I wore a mock-neck crisscross sweater along with my new knit zip skirt that you can also find at NY&Company.
You can’t imagine how many compliments I got that night! The soft texture made me feel extremely comfortable and warm to walk around the town, even at night in our chilly little town of Monterey.
Cardigan | NY&Company    Sweater  | NY&Company     Knit Skirt | NY&Company

25% Off Almost Everything Sale + 10% off Beauty & Fragrance (10/11 – 10/24) #ad

3:42 PM
Hello, my sweeties! I hope you all had fantastic weekend! We decided to spend our weekend at a local popular hotel that sits right on the beach. This place was quite nice, but sadly, strong waves were hitting the shore, leading to a sleepless night for me. At least they seemed to rock my husband to sleep. Me on the other hand, I’m quite sensitive to sounds.

Since we took a little break from our routine, on this occasion, I decided to show you my new pieces that I got from Lord & Taylor just a few days ago. And just to let you know, Lord & Taylor is running an exciting sale right now. 25% OFF Almost Everything + 10% off Beauty & fragrance (10/11 – 10/24)  ! I’m wearing a long ribbed cardigan in beige that I paired with a blue ruffled jumpsuit that costs only $71 right now (which I actually bought for $97).  Since my style is all about elegance, I believe that Lord & Taylor is the perfect store to invest your money on stylish, classic statement pieces. Don’t you agree?

Collaboration supported by Lord & Taylor and Shopping Links

Cardigan | Lord & Taylor  Jumpsuit | Lord & Taylor  
Bag | Poupee de Papier  Mules | Charles & Keith

#MyNambé jewelry at Macy's

12:44 AM
Hello, my beautiful readers! I hope you are all excited for the weekend, because I sure am!  Yesterday, my husband and I decided to book a hotel in the town of Seaside that sits right on the beach! I'm definitely going to get some wine for us. It's shaping up to be quite the romantic date! Over the last couple of days, I have been working a lot on my computer, and I believe that I seriously need a break, because my eyes have been hurting so bad.

Anyway, today, I'm so excited to introduce you to a beautiful silver collection from Nambé that you can get at any Macy's store near you. Nambé is recognized for its award-winning designs for more than 60 years. I have known about this brand since I started to shop at Macy's, and at our wedding we got some beautiful dinnerware. When I found out about their silver collection, I couldn't resist to get a pair of earrings for myself. Knowing how elegant their silverwear looks, I knew that a pair of timeless earrings will complement any outfit in my wardrobe. You can get these beautiful drop earrings at Macy's for only $150. They can be a wonderful gift in case someone has a birthday (just a tip) ;).

Review to Vine Vera Moscato Sensitive Skin Collection #ad

1:29 PM
Hi, guys! I'm so excited to write this blog post, because I never before talked about my beauty routine on my blog. I sometimes share my favorite products of the month on my social media like Snapchat and Insta stories. But I'm not a beauty judge. Anyway, I want to share with you with my favorite Vine Vera Moscato Sensitive Skin Collection line. Getting so close to my 30s, I do care about my skin a lot. I started to use ant-aging products at 26. My mom always told me that you need to start thinking about your skin as early as possible, and I totally trust my mom because she looks very young for her age. When Vine Vera contacted me to try their products, I was way happy to try. Who doesn't want to test a prestigious anti-aging brand? I'm a big sucker for pretty boxes. As soon I opened my package, I got so excited, because I saw in front of me a set of beautiful green boxes. Haha, this can be a deciding factor for me when I buy certain products. I'm pretty sure all girls can be like that. We love shiny and pretty things from childhood. It is why we are women! Okay, more about this lovely brand. 

In my set was included eye serum, skin cleanser, eye cream and moscato skin cream. 
First, I tested the skin cleanser. It has a light texture, was easy to apply and has no smell. Second, I tried the eye serum, which has a very light texture that helps diminish your wrinkles. I don't have any deep wrinkles yet, but I tried it on my husband's forehead wrinkles, and there was definitely improvement. Haha!  
Later, I applied the eye cream. I have tried many brands, but this one has extreely light and soft textures that helps to reduce puffiness. I drink a lot of liquid before bed and every morning when I wake up, I look quite funny because of my puffy eyes. Well, not any more!
Lastly, I applied Resveratrol Skin Cream. It is a bit heavier, but doesn't leave your skin feeling fatty or oily. My skin felt instantaneously smoother. This beautiful set you can order online (which I prefer most) or at retail stores in California, Canada, Singapore and the UK. The set I tried is definitely worth trying, especially if you have sensitive skin like me. 

Set | Moscato Sensitive Collection   Skin Eye Cream | here    
Eye Serum | here   Skin Cleanser | here   Skin Cream | here

What to wear this Fall Season from Dezzal store #ad

2:25 PM
Hello, babies! How is your weekend going? I hope you are all enjoyed my previous post where I shared how to dress on a small budget. Anyway, a few month ago I introduced you to online shopping with Dezzal. I got to collaborate with them again to show off my fall favorites this time. I know it is quite chilly, but our fall weather in Monterey is not so bad. I thought that a one shoulder stripe shirt would be good for my closet. For my first outfit, I picked a shirt that is on sale right now. I love Dezzal clothes because they shipped quickly and come in very good quality. Many of you probably would easily style it with denim, but I wanted to try some fall hues. It is why I styled it with my vintage pleated skirt and see-through booties.  For my second outfit, I thought again that would be nice to grab some fall shades like a mix of brown and green. I was super happy with my new Dezzal pants because of the design and quality. To match up with this pair of pants, I wore a wonderful top in chocolate color, green boots, and a shoulder off bag. I would love to hear your experience with Dezzal if you want to share!

1st Outfit: 
Top |  c/o Dezzal 
Skirt | Vintage  
Boots | Public Desire 
Bag | Nuciano

2d Outfit:
Top | Storets 
Pants | c/ o  Dezzal
Boots | Public Desire 
Bag | NY&Company

Fall Ready with JCPenney #ad

11:41 AM
Hey, guys! I hope you are all prepared for Fall Season. Even though we didn't have a real summer here in Monterey Bay, I can feel that the air has gotten thinner and temperature has dropped. So thus, in collaboration with JCPenney, I decided to showcase how to style a day-to-night look on a budget! 

I've been a big fan of JCPenney since last year, because you can always find something trendy without killing your wallet. My budget was $100 and I knew that I definitely needed to invest in a faux-leather jacket in burgundy shade. A colored leather jacket will definitely suit any fall/ spring outfit. I was lucky to find a Liz Claiborne Faux jacket that cost only $49. What a deal!
For the next step, I was looking for what I could wear during day or night life, and as you know, ruffles are back into trend. A Bisou Bisoulong-sleeved ruffled top that I found at JCPenney needed some denim to complete my outfit. Since, I'm obsessed with destructed boyfriend jeans, this pair is a winner in style and price. 
Jacket | JCPenney   Blouse | JCPenney   Jeans | JCPenney

Why #bettermatters ? Why do you need security devices in your life!!!

4:31 PM
Hello guys! If you remember, I wrote on all of my social media about an unfortunate incident at the end of July. Well, my bike was stolen from our garage. The funny part is that we never thought that it could happen to us. We got lucky that the thieves had an interest to only my bike. Everything else stayed seemingly untouched. You wouldn't believe me, but I guess I'm lucky because I never was robbed before. When it comes to my belongings, I'm usually very careful and responsible.

Last year I published an outfit with my beautiful new bike. You can find more photos here. I used to ride this bike a lot when we lived back in Virginia, but living in California has not been good place to use my bike because of the many hills. Instead of biking, I usually just walk to the supermarket or library.

The night before my bike got stolen, the thought strangely crossed by mind to use my Canary Home Security camera more.  I got this nifty device from Verizon as an influencer (you can find more about it here). But since we didn't have any trips recently, I didn't see a reason to use the security camera. Well, I was stupid to not listen my inner voice. Now I'm thinking to myself - if I had a camera set up in our garage, we might have been able to see who stole my bike!

Additionally, a few months ago, I shared with you about the Tile Bluetooth tracker. What if I used it on my bike and we could easily have found the location of the thieves?! (find more about Tile here)

I was bit silly to not use any of my cool devices to keep my house safe. Luckily, just after a week, I got a call from a police officer who had found my bike. I honestly didn't expect much to come of the police report I filed, but Monterey's Police Department proved me wrong! You can't imagine how happy I was, and how surprised my face must have looked when I saw my bike. The only crappy thing is that MY beautiful white bike was spray-painted black with different parts meant for a guy to ride. Nevertheless, I was super thankful to the police officer who did a great job, because everyone told me that bikes are very hard to find, and if the thieves are professionals, it would be quickly sold off. My husband and I went to police department and left some sweet goodies for the officer to thank him for his fantastic work! I am truly amazed at how fast he was able to find the bike! I was also grateful to the amazing team of Bike Index Organization. They were super helpful in giving a lot of tips on what to do when your bike is stolen. If your bike is ever stolen, make sure to register there and don't forget to save your serial number of your bike!

Today, my bicycle has a Tile Bluetooth tracker on it, in case if will be stolen again. I will totally find the location of the thieves and send Monterey PD to bust them - don't mess with me! My Canary Home Security camera is connected to our garage and it sends me an alert even if a spider walks by the camera. It would be hard to miss an intruder. Of course, I can easily track everything with my awesome Samsung Galaxy S7 edge phone! I'm so proud to be a part of Verizon influencer and share why #BETTERMATTERS to me and my family!

(me in 2015 when I just bought my new bike)

Time to relax and listen music

4:51 PM

Time to listen to music and relax. Hello, hello! I seriously missed you guys. Today, I decided to show you my fun side. I’m a bit serious in my photos usually, but I have seen how much you enjoy me being silly sometimes. Hehe. I’m pretty sure that I have enough readers in the ages of 16-24, and you will probably love this fun outfit.  As you remember, my blog is about trying new styles. Here I am, wearing cool platform sneakers from Karma Loop (that I got via Stylinity Collaboration). To be honest, it took me a bit to learn how to walk in these shoes. Some of you truly loved them when I featured them on my Snapchat. I love how quickly I can show off all my new goodies. Anyway, I thought this pair of shoes is definitely perfect for a young-themed and comfy outfit. It is why I wore my Macy’s denim skirt along with a Zara sweater. This perfectly works with my silly poses. What do you think?
Take a 30% off with my Karma Loop coupons or shop my look here!

Sweater | Zara  Skirt | Macy's  Sneakers | Karma loop  Sunglasses | Ily Couture

Soho Collection by Jennifer Hudson at NY&Company #ad

3:54 PM
Hello, guys! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I had an amazing weekend with my husband. We went to the local aquarium, ate amazing food, watched a new episode of "The Night Of," and of course, did a photo shoot.  Today, I'm excited to share with you my two looks wearing the new Soho Collection by Jennifer Hudson at NY&Company.

For my first outfit, I chose to wear Soho patchwork & frayed hem boyfriend jeans. I love how these jeans look on me. The patch design makes them look truly stand out. I'm pretty sure that I will wear this pair of jeans non-stop, because they are also extremely comfortable.

The other pair of jeans that I got at NY&Company are curvy leggings in blue. I got two pairs since NY&Co is offering a new deal of buying one and getting another pair for free. I ended up getting two different sizes and don't regret it, because they both surprisingly fit great. To complete my outfit, I decided to go for a denim top that I got at NY&Company a while ago, but you can check out a similar one here. 

1st Outfit:
Jeans | NY&Company
Blouse | Asos
Heels |
Choker | NY&Company

2d Outfit:
Top (similar) | NY&Company 
Jeans | NY&Company
Bag (similar) | NY&Company
Heels | Nina Shoes

Why every fashion blogger should own a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

1:17 PM
Hello, guys! You know that every month I have been sharing my experience with Verizon accessories. So after owning a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Android phone (retail price: $792), I realized why this phone is great for fashion bloggers. Well, here are a few reasons I discovered:

1. High-Quality Photos. It has a really amazing camera. I have been taking so many pictures both during the day and night, and the shots turned out really amazing. I have been shooting most of my photos in Professional Mode. It takes pictures in the same quality as I would take them with my digital camera. There is no need to edit your photos.

2. Convenience. If you are an Instagram user, you can quickly reply back to all your followers. Believe me, it saved me a ton of time. I tried to do it on the iPhone and it didn't work, because the iPhone platform does not allow you to select and reply groups of users at once. If you know what I mean.

My shopping experience with Dezzal | #ad

1:55 PM
Hello, my sweeties! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Today, I would love to share my experience regarding Dezzal online shopping. I found about them a few weeks ago and was quite excited to shop because they have a lot of cute and unique designs for clothes. I know this feeling when you are not sure if you should spend your money on stores that you never heard. So I am here to help you, by saying that I had a nice experience. My package was delivered by International DHL, and DHL delivery has never failed me so far. After I received my package, I opened it right away as I was full of happiness, just like on Christmas. By the next morning, I knew how I wanted to style my pieces.  

For my first outfit, I'm wearing a cute shirt dress by designer Sichenglisha. I wanted to create a fun summerish outfit. It fits well, has good length, a cute design, and in good quality. White sneakers worked just perfectly with this enjoyably pretty dress. 

For my second outfit,  I picked a printed waisted dress by designer ZIYI, but unfortunately, it got sold out quickly. Well, don't worry, they have a lot of other pretty dresses still. For example, like this Krush.Miu's chiffon dress.
Which one is your favorite?

1st Outfit: Hat | Nordstrom
              Dress | Dezzal
                              Sneakers | Michael Kors
                            Bag | Poupee de Papier

2d Outfit: Dress | Dezzal
              Bag | Coach 
                  Heels | Payless

How to wear a skinny jeans #ad

10:32 PM

Hello, babies! I hope you all have an amazing week with your family and friends.  In collaboration with Karma Loop via Stylinity, I’m going to share my next summer outfit. I have been hunting for black skinny pants, and I believe I found the perfect pair that you can easily shop for by clicking on Stylinity link. I love online shopping because it is always delivered straight to your door. For this outfit, I was thinking to combine 3 classy colors into one look. I believe it worked out pretty well.
What do you think? Don't forget that you can take a 30% off with my Karma Loop coupons or shop my look here!

Shirt  (Similar) | Asos   Choker | Lulus  Jeans | Karma Loop   Heels | Nina Shoes

My experience with Bobbi Brown products #ad

9:29 PM

Hello, my dears! This is probably my first blog post where I talk about a new beauty purchase. Usually, I share my outfits, but this time I was lucky to collaborate with Bobbi Brown. My friend Anastasia (MUA) told me before I moved to the USA, that I must try Bobbi Brown products. I don’t know why, but it took me a while to get around to it. Just a couple weeks ago, I tried their foundation, and was delighted with it.  Now I’ve been wearing it every day. After receiving some more products (in collaboration with Bobbi Brown & Stylinity), I decided to run a test for a whole week and give my opinion. The verdict – I am really happy with the results! A long-wear browpencil is a must-have. It is probably a tad pricy for a brow product, but I definitely think it’s worth a try if quality is important to you. It lasts long and it’s very easy to apply. I got mine in Taupe color and it seems I picked the right one! As for lipsticks, I got a Luxe $35 and Nourishing  Lip Color $28.  Personally I liked the luxe one more because of the rich color and moisturizing effect on my lips. I am definitely planning to order more. Of course, my friend Anastasia has been teasing me for taking so long to figure this out. Use this Bobbi Brown coupon for a 15% off and free shipping today or shop my beauty purchase here!"

Summer Style with NY&Company #ad

7:42 AM
Hello June! I'm definitely a summer girl. I love sunny weather and lovely summer colors. In collaboration with NY&Company, I'm happy to share with my lovely readers my summer outfits in case you are still wondering what to wear next. 

For the first outfit, I decided to create an elegant, tasteful look. This can be worn if you plan to have a glamorous meeting with your peeps, are hitting up some fashion events, or even need that perfect summer wedding outfit (since the calendar is always full of wedding events this time of year!). Nothing is better than a vibrant cotton culotte jumpsuit from NY&Company that costs only $45.46. 

For the second outfit, I wanted to bring some Californian vibe to my readers. I'm wearing a smocked maxi dress from NY&Company. When I saw it online, I was a bit worried how it would fit on my petite body, but you know, it looks amazing. Even right now, as I'm writing my blog post, I'm wearing this dress. It costs $48.96. As for accessories, I picked an Eva Mendes crossbody bag that you can also get at NY&Company, along with beaded chain drop earrings and choker set. Let me know in the comments below which one is your favorite.

New York & Company is also having a contest June 10th through June 27th! Take a pic of your favorite NY&C outfit and share your look on Instagram using #ReadySetSummerContest for your chance to win a $5,000 shopping spree!! Plus, you could win a daily $50 gift card and be featured in our emails to be seen by millions! Must be 18 or older to enter and live in the US. Click ReadySetSummerContest for more sweeps details. Good luck!
1st Outfit: 
Jumpsuit | NY&Company  
Sunglasses | Dior

2d Outfit: 
Dress | NY&Company  
Earrings | NY&Company  
Necklace | NY&Company
Bag | NY&Company
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