My latest obsession with purple

2:51 AM
Have you ever felt obsessed with a particular shade? Well, my closet is booming with purple and violet colors lately. This winter I bought a knit long sweater in purple and after that, I just kept buying anything that's connected to this color. I am in love with how bright and lovely it looks. I browsed for hours and hours on the internet to find how you can style this complicated color, but it actually turned out to be easy. I found a few outfits on Pinterest that you can get inspiration from as well.
Let me know if you like how I styled mine too.

I am wearing a knit sweater that I bought during winter sales which is similar to one you can find at Topshop or & Others Stories. I purchased my purple scarf during a sale at Topshop for 5 euro, along with my earrings. As for the jeans, I adore this pair from Siwy Denim, and I am constantly wearing them. I am thinking to order another pair in the future. I also picked up this fun beaded bag at Topshop, but sadly, it's already sold out. That being said, you can find a similar one here and here.

 Tibi | The Modist

 Isabel Marant | Shopbop

 Bucket Hat | Topshop

 Cindy Slim Sunglasses | Topshop

Kick Flares | Topshop

 Getty Images via Pinterest
 Getty Images via Pinterest
Getty Images via Pinterest

How to create an outfit for less than $150

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How was your week, guys? The past three weeks have been a bit chaotic and busy for me. I couldn't even keep up with writing all the blog posts that I should've done before. But I'm super excited that we are in the middle of April because in a few days, we are going to leave to a dream destination.  Can you guess where? 

Since I been trying to save some money because of our expensive trip. I thought it would be great to show that you can look awesome without spending a ton of money. Here, I'm wearings a basic turtleneck with a cotton blouse (that I thrifted back in Seattle), which works wonderfully with my Zara trousers (also bought during a sale). You can find a similar one at &Other Stories or Haute Look. As for the coat, I finally bought a long camel coat. Sadly, it turned out later to be not of the best quality. I guess I would wear it again next season and then sadly donate it. Every single piece in this outfit was bought during winter sales, which is why I always advise shopping during sale season. 

An outfit for under $150:

Coat $67 - Shop one at Asos (link here)
Turtleneck $10 - Find a similar one here
Blouse $13 -Find similar here at Cos
Heels $10 - Check out these Boohoo sandals
Bag $15 - Topshop always have cute bags on Sale 
Necklace $5 - Mango shopping is best during the Sale
Trousers $15 - &Other Stories 

Shopbop Spring Sale with Great Ideas for your Spring Closet

11:08 AM

Despite the gray and rainy weather last week, I'm super excited because of the Shopbop Spring Sale. You can get 20% OFF on orders under $500 and 25% OFF over $500, don't forget to use Promotional Code: EVENT19 (only 3 days).

I love shopping at Shopbop. I purchased this pretty Yuzefi bag during their previous sale. So, if you are planning to get some designer pieces, you should definitely wait for a seasonal sale. Shopbop is for everyone's budget. I would like to share a few favorite pieces that you should keep your eyes on. Since I'm leaving soon to the Maldives, I was looking for swimming suits, beach & straw bags, hats and beach themed accessories.

I really like swimwear by Palmacea, Beach Riot, She Made Me and Solid & Striped. As for beach bags, I checking out Caterina Bertini and Nannacay. Let me know if you are going to purchase something, I would like to see what you bought.

As for this post, I'm wearing my H&M polka dot top, Free People jeansH&M pearl earrings, a hat that I purchased during a local sale last year, and my leather shoes from Reserved (find similar here).

How to see Malta in 3 nights

12:15 PM
Malta is the world's 10th smallest country, a land of stunning coastlines, unique culture & tasty food. It is a place where you want to come and stay forever. I'm dead serious, I didn't want to leave Malta. Since most of our trips are short, I think that 3 nights in Malta was enough to discover and enjoy sunny weather instead of freezing in Germany.

In this post, I'm giving you our itinerary in case you are thinking to take a vacation to Malta:

Day 1:

The first thing you should do is rent a car. That being said, you have to know that driving in Malta can be quite stressful. Everyone cuts you off and the fact that you have to drive on the left side of the road can be confusing. If you are coming from a country where you drive on a different side, driving on the other side can be disorienting for a bit.

I don't think we would be able to see so much without a car. Our hotel was in a party district, St. Julian's. I did not realize that it was a bit far from the capital city, Valetta. We quickly found out that instead of driving due to high traffic in the evening, taking a local bus was much cheaper and easier. So if you don't plan to drive, you can always take a bus around the main island. No matter how far you travel, it will cost you only 2 euro. I believe one entire day is definitely enough to explore the old part of Valetta. The best thing is to take a ferry to travel between the cities because you can enjoy some incredible views.  Btw, for Game of Thrones fans, you will definitely recognize parts of King's Landing and other filming sites. 

I truly loved our day in Valetta because of the surprisingly beautiful architecture, charming streets, and welcoming atmosphere. Some of my favorite things to see in Valetta were St. John's Co-Cathedral, Triton Fountain and just wandering the streets. We didn't visit any museums, because we arrived at Valetta quite late.

Day 2:

On our second night, we started our journey to explore the second biggest island in Malta - Gozo. All you have to do is get to the ferry terminal, keeping in mind that you pay only after you come back to the main island. Since I didn't really plan our trip to Malta like I usually do, I decided that this trip will be different and will just go with the flow. Before we drove to Gozo, we stopped to see Popeye village (another filming location). Driving in Gozo was actually quite picturesque. Many small towns had cute streets and colorful balconies. While exploring Malta, I came to think of it as a sunny-gilded country due to the sandy color of all buildings. The first stop on Gozo was the former site of the Azure window. Even though this natural wonder was sadly swallowed by the sea a few years ago, a lot of tourists still come and take pictures. We actually found a place to take my editorial pictures. Check out my post here.  Besides the Azure window, you should check out the Blue Lagoon.

Also, our hotel advised us to stop at famous Basilica of the National Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Ta'Pinu, where a lot of people come for healing. After visiting Basicila, we continued driving and decided to stop in Victoria, where we visited the Citadel. That was a nice walk around and also, the entrance was free. Of course, make sure to stop at one of the archeological sites like Ggantija Temple, which was a bit confusing to find because of GPS, but locals showed us a different way. The highlight of our trip was a Ta'kola Windmill, situated near the temple. We bought a combo ticket that included the windmill and temple visit. For dinner, we stopped at Mehren's Bakery, where locals prefer buying pizza. It was quite an interesting experience. To be honest, we passed so many villages that I don't even remember their names. But the drive was amazing and adventurous.

Day 3:

Our next day, we decided to drive to the fishing village - Marsaxlokk, which is quite picturesque. If you don't have a car, you can easily travel from Valetta by bus for about 45 minutes. The harbor was lovely. We spent some time taking pictures of my outfit, that you can find here. Later, we drove to check out the Blue Grotto. For lunch, we stopped at Emmanuel Delicata restaurant to try rabbit that is considered a traditional meal. We were very pleased with everything. Later on, we took a boat to Comino island, which I found a bit boring since there is nothing else to do. It's only cool for clear and sunny days (this day was somewhat windy), which allows you to enjoy the vivid blue of the water. Comino Island is good if you are planning to swim or have a bachelor party. There is only one hotel and some stands where you can get cocktails on the island. Btw, the boat tour was definitely worth the money because we got to see some caves that normally aren't reachable. As soon we arrived back to the main island, we decided to visit the Three Cities - Vittoriosa, Sengle, and Cospicua,  that locals call "The Three Sisters."  Walking along the harbor was charming and quite romantic. If you will have time, I advise spending a full day between these three cities.

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