Review to Vine Vera Moscato Sensitive Skin Collection #ad

Hi, guys! I'm so excited to write this blog post, because I never before talked about my beauty routine on my blog. I sometimes share my favorite products of the month on my social media like Snapchat and Insta stories. But I'm not a beauty judge. Anyway, I want to share with you with my favorite Vine Vera Moscato Sensitive Skin Collection line. Getting so close to my 30s, I do care about my skin a lot. I started to use ant-aging products at 26. My mom always told me that you need to start thinking about your skin as early as possible, and I totally trust my mom because she looks very young for her age. When Vine Vera contacted me to try their products, I was way happy to try. Who doesn't want to test a prestigious anti-aging brand? I'm a big sucker for pretty boxes. As soon I opened my package, I got so excited, because I saw in front of me a set of beautiful green boxes. Haha, this can be a deciding factor for me when I buy certain products. I'm pretty sure all girls can be like that. We love shiny and pretty things from childhood. It is why we are women! Okay, more about this lovely brand. 

In my set was included eye serum, skin cleanser, eye cream and moscato skin cream. 
First, I tested the skin cleanser. It has a light texture, was easy to apply and has no smell. Second, I tried the eye serum, which has a very light texture that helps diminish your wrinkles. I don't have any deep wrinkles yet, but I tried it on my husband's forehead wrinkles, and there was definitely improvement. Haha!  
Later, I applied the eye cream. I have tried many brands, but this one has extreely light and soft textures that helps to reduce puffiness. I drink a lot of liquid before bed and every morning when I wake up, I look quite funny because of my puffy eyes. Well, not any more!
Lastly, I applied Resveratrol Skin Cream. It is a bit heavier, but doesn't leave your skin feeling fatty or oily. My skin felt instantaneously smoother. This beautiful set you can order online (which I prefer most) or at retail stores in California, Canada, Singapore and the UK. The set I tried is definitely worth trying, especially if you have sensitive skin like me. 

Set | Moscato Sensitive Collection   Skin Eye Cream | here    
Eye Serum | here   Skin Cleanser | here   Skin Cream | here

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