#GetGifted with NY&CO this holiday season

3:21 PM
Hello, babies! I hope you are all super excited for Christmas time. I have been planning to do some Secret Santa this year again with my fellow blogger friends. Last year I organized smaller one, and everyone was super excited to get an extra gift. This year, we decided to go more international. To be honest, I never knew about Secret Santa, until I met my first American friends in South Korea. 

Well, since I'm getting more Americanized, Christmas has become one of my favorite holidays after Thanksgiving. You may be wondering at this point, why did I start this conversation?!

Last week, I got a gift from my #SecretSanta that was organized by NY&Company (check their Holiday Gifts selection). Getting gifts is always exciting, especially from Secret Santa, because you don't know what you are going to get!  As soon as I opened my box, I was full of happiness and delight at what I got (see pictures below). My Secret Santa was fashion blogger Emily (@stillottobeatss). She definitely knew what I love most. I got a striped sweater, a polka dot scarf, a red handbag (my favorite color), a little pouchette, sexy heels, a cute hat, and of course, items that every blogger needs: lipstick, a decoration plate, a coffee mug and a notebook. As soon as I unpacked everything, I decided to style them so my dear readers can get an idea of how I would style these items.

Getting gifts is always a special things and a great joy to experience. Would you care to share your #GetGifted moments? I would love to hear your stories!
Hat | NY&Company
Sweater | NY & Company
Scarf | NY & Company 
Heels | NY & Company

Why you can't use your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in the water!

10:18 AM
Hi, guys! This is quite sad news.  You know I was super happy having my new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that Verizon provided to me this year. This awesome phone was everything to me until I decided to test its true "waterproof" quality, as it's promoted and shown on advertising videos by being dropped in a glass of beer. Well, they also said that you can dive in water for 30 minutes (Oops, I actually dived with my phone 4 times for about 10 minutes, maybe even more).

Anyway, today my phone officially died. I was hoping that I could at least share with you my photos and videos that I filmed, but because I didn't have a memory card, all the photos and videos saved on cell phone were lost (minus one). It's so lame that I killed my phone for nothing. RIP, my dear friend! Here is a little story from the phone's perspective on what happened that day:

"Hello, my name is Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge! I'm the most amazing phone you ever had. I take the best pictures and videos - like a boss. My founding fathers said that I can swim without worrying of getting some water in me and my battery would last forever. I was the happiest phone in the world, because everyone loved me. Today, my owner is flying to Hawaii and is planning to show me the most beautiful beaches that I ever seen. It was a very exciting day. As soon we arrived to Hanauma Bay, I couldn't close my eyes and started to capture every minute of us being on the beach. It was super busy that day, but very lovely.
I wanted to see more then just the beach though. I love nature and adventures. I knew it is going to be my special day. After a few minutes, my owner said "Let's go, my little boy. Let's snap some beautiful fish." I was so speechless, as I couldn't be more happy for this new adventure. As soon we got to the ocean, I met so many colorful, big and small fish. We made a few videos and took a ton of awesome photos. After we got out of the water, I felt a bit weird, but still so excited. In a couple of minutes, my owner took me into the water again. This was shaping up to be the best day of my life! Though, after another couple of hours, I started to feel sick. I tried to tell my owner that "Moisture was detected." I had a runny nose, but she was busy and said, "No worries, you're tough. I will dry you as soon we get home."  After drying out, I still didn't feel good. I kept sending messages and my health was showing only 20%. Well, remember how I have life long battery? I kept fighting for my life the whole week. She kept drying me in rice, in hot air, touching with soft materials, but I knew that I was going to die if I didn't get recharged again. After several minutes, and upon my last breath, I said "I'm so sorry, but I'm giving up.. Bye-bye, my lovely owner, I will miss you!" Forever yours, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge..."

I'm still bummed that my phone died. I only got one murky photo and no videos. Yesterday, I read an article online on how to dry out your Samsung Galaxy S7 phone, and someone mentioned that they use a wireless charger. I made an order right away and hope my phone will get to live again. I will update you soon if he comes back to life. I don't want to tell that Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a bad phone, though it seems that it's not as impervious to water as advertised.

Since, I'm a Verizon influencer, they just send me a new android phone to test - Moto Z Play Droid. I promise, I will not test it in water again! Lesson learned! Here comes a photo that I could only get from my dead phone and I can guarantee you that Samsung Galaxy S7 edge took amazing photos and videos under water. I will test if wireless charger will work to get photos and video out.
Thanks to the Verizon Influencer group for letting me try their products and share my honest thoughts about them. No additional compensation is provided to me. All the opinions here are my own.

How to wear slip dress this winter or what to wear for Thanksgiving

8:12 PM
Aloha! Haha sorry, this cold weather is killing me, I seriously want go back to warm Hawaii. It is the second day since we returned, and I believe that I already got sick. My nose is running and my throat hurts.  Oh well. Going to keep drinking more green tea with lemon in the hope that it will help. 
 Monterey is quite cold right now. You can't leave the house without wearing layers or a jacket. A few weeks ago, I got a package from Boohoo. I have been fan of Boohoo for a while and you have seen me wearing their pieces before. They are definitely for fashionistas on a budget. I got this cute star slip dress for only $14 that you can get via Stylinity by clicking down under the photo. The coat was about $70. Outwear always cost a bit extra. I would advise you to shop during Black Friday if you want to save some money. To keep my outfit chic and stylish, I wore my favorite striped sweater that I got from Macy's, and my favorite Public Desire heels. Btw, how are you going to celebrate Thanksgiving? Such a big holiday coming up!

click here to shop more looks you'll love at Stylinty.com
click here to shop more looks you'll love at Stylinty.com

Eliza Star Print Strappy Slip Dress
Eliza Star Print Strappy Slip Dress
Petite Alisha Double Breasted Coat
Petite Alisha Double Breasted Coat
Jenny Perspex Heeled Ankle Boots in Grey Faux Suede
Public Desire
Jenny Perspex Heeled Ankle Boots in Grey Faux Suede
INC International Concepts Embellished Striped Sweater, Only at Macy's - INC International Concepts - Women - Macy's
INC International Concepts Embellished Striped Sweater, Only at Macy's - INC International Concepts - Women - Macy's

What to do in Hawaii and our stay at Airbnb experience

2:16 PM

Hello, my dears! We are finally back from Hawaii and I would love to share where we stayed and why you should stay there, what we saw, where we ate and my favorite spots for drinks.

We decided to stay this time in Honolulu.  It was the first time for me to go there and I absolutely loved it. I didn't want to leave! Since we are an active tourist couple, we visited as many places as we could. If you ever decide to make a trip, I will definitely advise you to visit :

Eva Mendes Fall Collection at NY&Company #ad

8:57 PM

Hello, sweeties! I'm always super excited to share with you new styles and new collections. In collaboration with New York & Company, I had the chance to share one my favorites from the Eva Mendes Fall Collection. We are all preparing for layering up in this chilly weather. I was introduced to the Eva Mendes collection last winter and absolutely love her stuff. It is always feminine, trendy and stylish.

Here, I prepared two outfit ideas based off her line. One is casual and the other is for girly style. For the first outfit, I'm wearing an Eva Mendes sweater dress that is extremely cute and goes well with over-the-knee boots. Also, I added my Eva Mendes bag that I got a while ago that matches with my bell sleeves. For my second outfit, I picked a bell sleevesweater (sorry, I'm really obsessed with this trend) from the Eva Mendes' collection, and styled it with my favorite flared jeans and boots that I got at New York & Company a couple of cycles back. What do you think?

Dress | NY&Company   Bag | NY&Company  Sweater | NY&Company  Boots | NY&Company

JCPenney Grand opening in Salinas, CA #SoWorthIt i

11:59 AM
Hello, guys! How have you been? Last Friday, I shared that I went to the grand opening of JCPenney in Salinas. It was actually my first time attending an opening ceremony in the USA, and it was quite exciting. Actually, we arrived pretty early, though not nearly as early as some people who had been there since 4 AM. Crazy, right?! It seemed totally worth it though, because those people were able to win some cool goodies! Who doesn't love freebies?! Anyway, instead of standing in line, I decided to walk toward the concert. We watched a young student marching band play, and they were really cool. After that, I met another influencer Meghan, who came from Santa Cruz (@walnutavenue  ). Soon thereafter, we met one of the manager's from JCPenney, and she was super nice by letting us get in super early without waiting in line. We were able to get inside, get photos of the new store, meet people - to include the football legends Dwight Clark & Roger Craig - and of course, score some shopping deals! We got too excited and ended up shopping for both my husband and our apartment. All in all, it was a fantastic experience and I am so glad I was able to be there! #SoWorthIt !!!
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