My trip to Miami: Art basel, Kyboe!

Hi, guys! I finally have some extra time to sit, relax, edit photos and write a blog post. Today, I would love to share why I went to Miami Beach and why you need to experience Art Basel! If you have been a good follower of my Instagram, you probably have seen that I won a competition sponsored by KYBOE. The main prize for this competition was to fly to Miami Beach to enjoy this internationally famous art festival, and of course, to enjoy the party by Kyboe. You can't imagine how happy I was to be the winner because Art Basel has been on my bucket list. When we got to our lovely hotel, "Townhouse Hotel Miami," I got an awesome surprise from KYBOE. We got couple watches that were for my husband and I with an additional $200 for spending money. Also, we got to visit the Kyboe pop-up shop party and Art Basel. It was the best vacation I had this year. We ate a lot of yummy food, drank a lot of cocktails, enjoyed the fabulous art that inspired me for a whole year and naturally visited a few clubs. I really want to thank Kyboe for this awesome opportunity!

For her | Kyboe   For him | Kyboe

Kyboe pop-up shop was hosted at SLS South Beach (I hope you watched my snap stories).

We took a walk toward popular place for tourists and got lucky to visit the Alexa Meade Art exhibition. She paints directly on top of her models/ objects to create the illusion that real people & spaces appear as a 2d painting.

Art Basel is a world-renowned art fair known for high quality modern and contemporary art. Artists gather to share their best artwork, not only to expose their work to a wide audience, but also for the opportunity to sell it to collectors and museums. Many people had the opportunity to bask in free public art all over the city. You can go to the popular art district at Wynwood (where you can find the famous walls, yummy food, music, open air dancing, and a lot of cool activities), the Convention Center (the center for the official festival), and other galleries in every part of Miami.

We had extra time to visit Miami beach and take some couple shots for a Gap campaign.

    Of course, we enjoyed our time in the hotel as well.