JCPenney Grand opening in Salinas, CA #SoWorthIt i

Hello, guys! How have you been? Last Friday, I shared that I went to the grand opening of JCPenney in Salinas. It was actually my first time attending an opening ceremony in the USA, and it was quite exciting. Actually, we arrived pretty early, though not nearly as early as some people who had been there since 4 AM. Crazy, right?! It seemed totally worth it though, because those people were able to win some cool goodies! Who doesn't love freebies?! Anyway, instead of standing in line, I decided to walk toward the concert. We watched a young student marching band play, and they were really cool. After that, I met another influencer Meghan, who came from Santa Cruz (@walnutavenue  ). Soon thereafter, we met one of the manager's from JCPenney, and she was super nice by letting us get in super early without waiting in line. We were able to get inside, get photos of the new store, meet people - to include the football legends Dwight Clark & Roger Craig - and of course, score some shopping deals! We got too excited and ended up shopping for both my husband and our apartment. All in all, it was a fantastic experience and I am so glad I was able to be there! #SoWorthIt !!!

 Salinas High School marching band (so cute)
Two families in the community got $500 Vouchers to shop at JCPenney

I met Meghan @walnutavenue       

People getting excited for the opening of the store.  Do the Wave!

The team gets ready to meet the first customers of the store.

 Dwight Clark & Roger Craig meet fans

Shopping time!

How could I pass up Sephora?!

Looking for some fury trends.

Grabbing some holiday outfits.

It feels like Christmas came early!

Time to knock out some shopping for my husband.