What to wear this spring: Must-Have from Ottodame #ad

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Hi guys! We are in the middle of March and time to change our winter closet to spring attire. Today, I would like to introduce you to the new brand that I discovered - Ottod'Ame. Ottod'Ame is an Italian made clothing collection with a chic and elegant style. I was so thrilled when I got my package and beheld the sheer craftsmanship of the pieces. In my package, I got a viscose short dress with ruches and ruffles, a silk scarf, a viscose blouse with an artsy print, A-line skirt, one button jacket with contrasting bands and two bags.

It didn't take a very long time for me to style these pieces. For my first outfit, I wore a viscose short dress with ruffles from Ottod'Ame that is extremely romantic and would be perfect for any event. Actually, I'm planning to wear it for my best friend's wedding event. Since it is still chilly, I styled it with the red coat-blazer that I got some time ago from Mango, along with Public Desire red boots that ended up being a perfect match. To accessorize my look, I choose an Ottod'Ame silk scarf, Topshop sunglasses and my favorite hat that my husband brought for me from Ukraine. Oh also, I loved how the Ottod'Ame mini bag could transform into a belt bag or shoulder bag (whatever is convenient for you!).

For my second outfit, I got to wear an entire Ottod'Ame look from head to toe. I absolutely loved how elegant the pieces ended up looking together. Don't you agree? Which one outfit is your favorite: 1 or 2?

Silver Bag | Ottod'Ame

Silk Scarf | Ottod'Ame

Dress | Ottod'Ame

How to avoid the flu if you work with people

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It's funny, but this post was inspired by my current sickness. Normally, I am a small hermit that lives in this house and never leave when it gets cold. It is the only way to avoid getting sick in the winter season. But last month, I started a small job where I am supposed to work with a lot of people that causes me to catch bugs like the flu or something else. I have been sick several days with heavy coughing and throat pain. I was so naive and thought that my flu shot would protect me from getting sick, well here I am, with my running nose, writing this post to help you be careful.

How to avoid the flu in winter if you work with people:

- wash your hands, no matter how often you have to wash them. Always remember to disinfect, because eventually, you will touch your face/nose, which is how you will get sick;

- change your clothes as soon as you arrive home. I started to do it after I realized that it was too late and I was already sick. Still, I will continue to do it until it turns into a habit;

- drink a lot of fluids like orange juice, ginger tea and plenty of water. It will help you to get a stronger immune system and clean your body from toxins;

-get a lot of sleep. Since I changed my normal sleeping routine to working routine, I think it is also weakened my immune system. This Saturday, my sickness caused me to crash in bed. I ended up sleeping an entire day and couldn't believe how tired my body was;

- wear a face mask, if it is needed. I know it might look weird and people will give you dirty looks, but I think it is the best way to protect yourself from germs. I use public transportation on a daily basis, which is where I encounter many people coughing without covering their mouths;

-eat a lot of veggies and fruits. I love vegetables and usually, we include them in our diet, but sometimes it is not enough to have a stronger body. I would advise eating plenty of broccoli because it has vitamin C, A, and E. Garlic and onion also boost your immune system;

- air out the room where you are. Fresh air is good for your sleep;

-disinfect your house. Basically, whatever I use or touch, I clean right away so as to not spread germs to other healthy people (like my hubby).

 Geometric Earrings | Mango

Laveer Blazer | Shopbop

Denim Dress | Topshop

MSGM Fold Boots | Shopbop

Black Blazer | Topshop

Wayf Turtleneck | Shopbop

Mini Bag | Topshop

Sunglasses | Topshop

Why you should consider buying a puffer jacket for next winter

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How to wear beige on beige

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Fashion Week is always an inspiration for me to create some outfits for my blog even if I don't plan to attend any shows. Normally, I participate in FW season because the weather is always nicer and I'm definitely not gonna catch a cold. But if I don't go myself, I always read the latest news and watch stories when other bloggers rock Fashion Week. This time, I noticed that a lot of people have been wearing sandy hues and thought that it would be nice to style it myself had I attended some of the Fashion Shows. When we visited one of the thrift shops in Seattle, I was so happy to find a cashmere sweater in camel color. I'm still in the hunt to purchase more sweaters in beige, camel or tan colors to complete my collection for next winter. I already purchased a long camel coat that I've wanted since 2015. I couldn't find another one that I would wear, but I saw an alternative in Shopbop and purchased this Madewell wool blazer that works perfectly as a coat. Don't you agree? As for the bottom, I decided to wear the new skirt that I found in the previous collection at Zara. I hope you get your hands on this pretty pleated skirt that is going to be stylish for many seasons. To complete my outfit, I wore one of the favorite baker hats that my husband bought for me from Ukraine. My Mango statement earrings and Mango plastic bag were a great alternative to a trendy Staud bag.

Would you wear beige colors to Fashion Week? Btw, Shopbop is still running SALE!
Cashmere Sweater | Shopbop

Madewell Blazer | Shopbop
Pleated Skirt | Italist

 Baker Hat | Shopbop

Dolce Vita Boots | Shopbop

Geometric Earrings | Mango


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