The Secret to Having a Positive Mind

8:23 AM

In my country where I grew up, a positive mind is a very rare gift. Most people in the northern part of the country are either negative or always unhappy. I'm not exactly sure of the reason. Maybe it's because the winters are always cold or people just lead depressing lives. I love my country, but I didn't feel happy there. I can't say that I don't have sweet memories, but I feel happier where I am right now. The first time I left my home country to Germany, I realized that you can live differently and find something positive, even during the worst times of your life. After living for over 10 years overseas in different countries, I've learned and experienced a different lifestyle. I have seen other cultures and been exposed to new perspectives that result in me having a more healthy outlook. If you are reading this post, I'm going to share my secrets to have a positive mind:

- start your morning with positive thoughts like, "how beautiful it is to wake up for a new day and have a fresh start";
- look at the mirror and say positive words to yourself like, "I'm beautiful, smart and I love everything around me";
- be thankful for what you have, especially when it comes to your health, your beauty, and your house;
- surround yourself with positive things that bring you happiness. If flowers make you feel better, buy flowers for your house or post up motivational images and quotes; 
- read inspiring books or watch inspiring speeches. I watch TED talks very often, not only to help me to learn the language but also to get some motivation from these talented presenters;
- meet people that have a positive mind. I've noticed that when I'm around negative people, I start to feel very depressed or aggressive, but people with a growing mind help me grow too;
- exercise is key to getting a clear head;
- share something good with other people around you; doing something good not only makes you feel better about yourself but also you might make somebody's day better too;
- practice enjoying every single moment of your life... Sometimes, we forget how wonderful it is to live, learn and exist on this planet.

Try to use a few of my techniques to maintain a successful mind and you will see a change. Please, share with me your secrets to positivity in the comments below. 

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How to style floral print in winter season / Photoshoot Idea with your BFF

11:57 AM

February is almost done, but I still haven't shared my post that my friend Andreea and I created back in December when I visited her in Romania. Andreea's father offered to be our photographer for a day to create some editorial pictures. To be honest, we spent the entire evening figuring out what to wear to match our style and luckily, Andreea's closet had plenty of clothes, and we completed our story.

We decided to go with floral prints to create a feminine lookbook since many think that you can't wear floral during the winter season. If you are one of those, I'm saying to you that you are definitely wrong! The midi skirts were easy to style with knit sweaters. You might think it is a crazy idea to wear chiffon skirts in the winter season, but if you wear warm stockings and thermal underwear, you will certainly stay warm. As for sweaters, I would advise picking the right fabric to stay toasty throughout these cold days. Usually, I choose to wear only cashmere or mixed wool sweaters. To keep our style matching, we made the decision toward military style coats in black and coordinated our cute accessories like berets, sunglasses, and statement earrings. 

If you would like to plan a photoshoot with your bestie, I would like to give you some bits of advice:

- think of the location (it is important to choose the right place to shoot where you can feel comfortable posing and not feeling shy while crowds are watching what you do);
- pick an outfit theme that you both can manage (I never went wrong with color blocking outfits or matching style, it looks better together);
- look at some posing inspiration on Pinterest (believe me, I'm always awkward in front of the camera unless I'm with my husband.  Thinking ahead of how to pose will help you);
- have fun (I always admire when pictures look more natural than staged ones, but of course, if you are looking for more professional settings like we tried to create, a serious and bitchy face is key for a successful lookbook).

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Seeing (Some of) London in One Day on a Budget

1:04 AM
London is one of the cities to which I would like to return. Last year, when we got to travel to England, we spent a full day in London and to be honest, it wasn't even enough after walking over 30,000 steps! This is why it would be great to return!

Everyone knows that London is not a cheap European capital and coming here, you will need to consider your budget. But there is a way to experience London on a budget. Hotels in London, like in many other capitals during the hot season, are quite pricey. This is why we made our decision to stay in Greenwich. Our hotel wasn't bad and we were close to the train station. This is what I love about Europe - you can get anywhere you want by public transportation. The other thing that we learned while there is that you can go cashless in London. Just use your credit card, even in the metro system, so long as you have a wifi chip. Compared to Germany, where it's quite hard to find a place to pay with your credit card, London was with the times.

Our first stop was in the Belgravia neighborhood to grab a sweet breakfast at Peggy Porschen Cakes. I loved their coffee and cake. It's a nice way to start your morning before all the insta bloggers come. Afterward, we walked around and enjoyed the architecture and shops in the neighborhood. Moving on from getting a taste of Belgravia, we decided to continue walking towards Westminster, where we were planning to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Since we were in London in August, it was quite hot that day and it was already overcrowded 1 hour prior to the show. I couldn't handle the heat, and we decided to stop at some restaurant to get a real breakfast.

Later we walked all the way to Westminster Abbey, but it was Sunday, and we didn't realize that it could be closed to the public. Sadly, we didn't get our chance to see it. We also didn't get to see a Big Ben due to it being under repair.

I was a bit disappointed, yet still glad that we had more time to see other neighborhoods of London like Covent Garden (where we stopped to check out Neal's Yard), Maida Vale (where we got to enjoy ice cream while walking along the canal that locals call Little Venice), Kensington (to have a lunch at the Churchill Arms pub), Notting Hill (for instaworthy spots from where we continued on Portobello Road to check out the Antique Market).  Unfortunately, we were late to check out other neighborhoods and flea markets, but catching one of the last vendors made our trip worth it! We bought a vintage travel case that works perfectly for our living room decoration. I truly hope we can go back to London and see more. Have you been to London already? Share your favorite restaurants, cafes, and museums that I should visit next time.

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