My monthly shopping wish list for September

4:38 AM
Sadly, the warm days are almost over. Perhaps global warming will shift the weather and we will have a hot fall season again. Until that event, the Fall season usually means that it's time to think about sweaters, coats and boots. Before all the sales ended, I ordered a bunch of stuff from last season. Since I love going through online shops, I made a list of things I would like to purchase. Maybe you would too! Happy Shopping, gals!

Coats under $150:

Sweaters under $80:

Boots under $200:

Accessories under $50:

Bags under $100:

Zara Mini Tote
Belt Bag
Mango Tote Bag occasionally receives Shopbop sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.

Maxi dresses for your Honeymoon

2:24 AM
Looking for honeymoon destinations? I know, it can be super stressful, but also quite exciting to have a romantic getaway with your other half. After our first failed honeymoon travel attempt, we finally made our dream come true. My husband booked a wonderful trip to Seychelles. It might not be Maldives, but staying on a private island made our trip unforgettable. Anyway, if you already booked your destination, it's time to pick your wardrobe. 
To be honest, I never thought that packing for summer vacation will be hard, but when it comes to a special occasion, I wanted to look 100%. Of course, I packed all of my favorite shorts, t-shirts and skirts, but I could't leave without my maxi dresses. Since my dress is already sold out, I thought that it would be great to give you a few tips for where can you buy yours.

My favorite dress that I am considering purchasing can be found at  Shopbop like Rahi Sunkissed Bella dress. I love the color and the print. The other one that you should check out is BB Dakota Brylee Dress also at Shopbop.  It's in a floral print, and also quite affordable. I am also debating if I should get this Tiare Hawaii Maxi dress. What do you think? Should I get it?

There are also many other great dresses coming from mass market stores like Asos, Mango or Zara, but since your honeymoon is going to special, I encourage you to check out dresses at Shopbop Maxi dresses selection.

Which one is your favorite?
Dress 1 link here
Dress 2 link here
Dress 3 link here occasionally receives Shopbop sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.

Where to eat in Tbilisi, Georgia | Top 20 restaurants in Tbilisi

Hi, guys! Here is my update list of my favorite places to eat in Tbilisi, Georgia. As I promised on social media, I am sharing with you where you can you drink, eat or spend time at picturesque cafe spots in Tbilisi. I am not really good at taking food pictures. I always felt so jealous of people who took perfect pictures of food. Anyway, Tbilisi is not just a beautiful cultural city, but it is also famous for wine and amazing cuisine. I am big fan of Georgian khinkali & home made cheese. Their wine is really getting popular among European brands. In case you plan to come here, make sure to do a wine tasting. Anyway, besides delicious food, Tbilisi offers a ton of cute cafes, restaurants, and street food that are not just cheap, but also very tasty and could work as a perfect spot for Instagrammers. Here is a list of 20 my favorite spots in Tbilisi:
  1. AltHouse Tea Room is a very cute spot for locals. I went there several times for breakfast and they have a wide collection of tea. If it happens that in the evening you pass by, know that alcoholic drinks are not on the menu.
  2. 144 Stairs Cafe is my favorite spot in Old Tbilisi. It is a bit of a walk to get there, but you will be rewarded with a beautiful view over the city. Free Wifi is included.
  3. Shadow of Metekhi is one of favorite spots in the city to bring guests. Good food, nice staff and awesome traditional dance and music. Later after 10 PM, be prepared to see guests hitting the dance floor.
  4. Kafe Leila is very cute spot in old town, I love this location for its unusual interior and tasty light food.
  5. Cafe Linville is another cool spot in the city.  First, you will feel like you came to your grandmother'a house.  Second, you can enjoy the atmosphere with its vintage furniture.
  6. Paul Cafe. When I need a break from traditional cuisine, I go for European meals, and Paul Cafe is the perfect spot to enjoy it.  Yes, it's a cafe you can find across Europe and parts of Asia, but it's just so good.
  7. Bern restaurant. We went there for a family dinner and truly enjoyed the salads and steaks.  The industrial design of the interior offers plenty of space for big groups.
  8. PurPur is another of my favorite spots to bring my friends. I love their unique, welcoming atmosphere, where you can enjoy your day or take a break from the hot weather. Also, they have pretty good dinner menu. 
  9. Le Marais. Since I was living in the neighborhood of Vake, I was sometimes lazy to go back to old town. I am definitely advising you to check out their restaurant. It has a lovely atmosphere and scrumptious meal offerings.
  10. Pipes Burger Joint is the undisputed champion for amazing heavy burgers. I have been there several times and have never been disappointed.  There are a couple of locations, so try dropping by the one in Fabrika. 
  11. The Kitchen is an elegant restaurant where you can celebrate anniversaries, birthdays or just hang out with your best friends while enjoying your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  12. Schuchmann Wines. I got to go there once.  I was charmed by its intimate atmosphere and their luxurious touches for decorating the plates.  Just be ready to spend a lot of time waiting for your Intagrammable meals.
  13. Keto and Kote. It will be hard to find, but when you find it, you will enjoy their attractive design and make sure to get a table by the window or on terrace for a beautiful view over the city.
  14. Khinkali House.  Not very luxurious, but quite welcoming atmosphere. They have most delicious Adjarian khachapuri I ever tried.
  15. Restaurant Seoul. If you are tired of local food and wanting something totally different, this Korean restaurant is surely my favorite.  The owner of the restaurant is a friendly Korean lady.  She is super nice and by request, they can prepare Korean specialities not on the menu.
  16. La Boheme is another hot spot in Vake neigbohrhood.  I enjoyed their mouthwatering meals and the many Turkish lamps adorning the inside.
  17. Tiflis Veranda. Looking where to get the best view over the old city? It is my must-visit place when my friends come to town. 
  18. Gardenia Shevarnadze. This place is great if you are looking for a cool spot to shoot and also to snack on something quick.  Travelers beware, on Mondays they are not working!
  19. Stamba is another hot spot in Tbilisi right now. It is located in the newest 5 star hotel Stamba.  Try their mouthwatering breakfast menu.
  20. Qalaqi. Before we left Tbilisi, we visited a new Georgian fusion restaurant. The interior of the place was absolutely incredible. It was like being transported to a villa. They played live music and served spectacular meals in this dramatic setting. 

The most instagrammable cafe in London, UK

10:22 AM
Let's face it. We all hunt for beautiful places, cafes, and restaurants that we want to share on our Instagram. Instagram is not only an opportunity for artists, creative minds, travelers and insta-fashionistas to show their artsy sides as photographers, but also as a way to motivate others to travel and see more (if not by other posts, than perhaps for their own feeds!).

When we went on our recent trip to London in the United Kingdom, I definitely knew where I wanted to shoot my outfit for this blog post. London has so many places to shoot, and many things are super cute. One very cool place that you should definitely stop is Peggy Porschen. Besides serving delicious treats, it is the most instagrammable cafe in London. I hope you can see why. I definitely advise you to arrive early in the day before the insta-tourists come and destroy your pictures.

Surprisingly, it is not only cute, but it offers a menu where you can't go wrong. You can choose between sweets like cakes, cupcakes and brownies, as well as different types of teas and well-made coffee drinks.

To avoid the crowd, we found ourselves there quite early to get a good spot to shoot my outfit. Of course, we also enjoyed a sugary breakfast. I decided to wear a striped one shoulder shirt along with my denim midi skirt. Since, I knew that we will be walking all day, I wore sneakers. I was totally right, because on this day, we walked over 23,000 steps. It was a record!

How to find Peggy Porschen:

The easiest way is taking the subway or bus. All you have to do is get off at Victoria Station and walk about 3 minutes to Belgravia.

Opening hours:



116 Ebury Street, Belgravia, 
London SW1W 9QQ

For this post,  I am wearing a blue striped designer blouse (something similar you can find here), along with my midi button front denim skirt (check out this similar one here), my Michail Kors sneakers that I got few years ago and NY&Company mini bag.

 occasionally receives Shopbop sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.
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