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Where to eat in Tbilisi, Georgia | Top 20 restaurants in Tbilisi

Hi, guys! Here is my update list of my favorite places to eat in Tbilisi, Georgia. As I promised on social media, I am sharing with you where you can you drink, eat or spend time at picturesque cafe spots in Tbilisi. I am not really good at taking food pictures. I always felt so jealous of people who took perfect pictures of food. Anyway, Tbilisi is not just a beautiful cultural city, but it is also famous for wine and amazing cuisine. I am big fan of Georgian khinkali & home made cheese. Their wine is really getting popular among European brands. In case you plan to come here, make sure to do a wine tasting. Anyway, besides delicious food, Tbilisi offers a ton of cute cafes, restaurants, and street food that are not just cheap, but also very tasty and could work as a perfect spot for Instagrammers. Here is a list of 20 my favorite spots in Tbilisi:
  1. AltHouse Tea Room is a very cute spot for locals. I went there several times for breakfast and they have a wide collection of tea. If it happens that in the evening you pass by, know that alcoholic drinks are not on the menu.
  2. 144 Stairs Cafe is my favorite spot in Old Tbilisi. It is a bit of a walk to get there, but you will be rewarded with a beautiful view over the city. Free Wifi is included.
  3. Shadow of Metekhi is one of favorite spots in the city to bring guests. Good food, nice staff and awesome traditional dance and music. Later after 10 PM, be prepared to see guests hitting the dance floor.
  4. Kafe Leila is very cute spot in old town, I love this location for its unusual interior and tasty light food.
  5. Cafe Linville is another cool spot in the city.  First, you will feel like you came to your grandmother'a house.  Second, you can enjoy the atmosphere with its vintage furniture.
  6. Paul Cafe. When I need a break from traditional cuisine, I go for European meals, and Paul Cafe is the perfect spot to enjoy it.  Yes, it's a cafe you can find across Europe and parts of Asia, but it's just so good.
  7. Bern restaurant. We went there for a family dinner and truly enjoyed the salads and steaks.  The industrial design of the interior offers plenty of space for big groups.
  8. PurPur is another of my favorite spots to bring my friends. I love their unique, welcoming atmosphere, where you can enjoy your day or take a break from the hot weather. Also, they have pretty good dinner menu. 
  9. Le Marais. Since I was living in the neighborhood of Vake, I was sometimes lazy to go back to old town. I am definitely advising you to check out their restaurant. It has a lovely atmosphere and scrumptious meal offerings.
  10. Pipes Burger Joint is the undisputed champion for amazing heavy burgers. I have been there several times and have never been disappointed.  There are a couple of locations, so try dropping by the one in Fabrika. 
  11. The Kitchen is an elegant restaurant where you can celebrate anniversaries, birthdays or just hang out with your best friends while enjoying your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  12. Schuchmann Wines. I got to go there once.  I was charmed by its intimate atmosphere and their luxurious touches for decorating the plates.  Just be ready to spend a lot of time waiting for your Intagrammable meals.
  13. Keto and Kote. It will be hard to find, but when you find it, you will enjoy their attractive design and make sure to get a table by the window or on terrace for a beautiful view over the city.
  14. Khinkali House.  Not very luxurious, but quite welcoming atmosphere. They have most delicious Adjarian khachapuri I ever tried.
  15. Restaurant Seoul. If you are tired of local food and wanting something totally different, this Korean restaurant is surely my favorite.  The owner of the restaurant is a friendly Korean lady.  She is super nice and by request, they can prepare Korean specialities not on the menu.
  16. La Boheme is another hot spot in Vake neigbohrhood.  I enjoyed their mouthwatering meals and the many Turkish lamps adorning the inside.
  17. Tiflis Veranda. Looking where to get the best view over the old city? It is my must-visit place when my friends come to town. 
  18. Gardenia Shevarnadze. This place is great if you are looking for a cool spot to shoot and also to snack on something quick.  Travelers beware, on Mondays they are not working!
  19. Stamba is another hot spot in Tbilisi right now. It is located in the newest 5 star hotel Stamba.  Try their mouthwatering breakfast menu.
  20. Qalaqi. Before we left Tbilisi, we visited a new Georgian fusion restaurant. The interior of the place was absolutely incredible. It was like being transported to a villa. They played live music and served spectacular meals in this dramatic setting. 

The most instagrammable cafe in London, UK

10:22 AM
Let's face it. We all hunt for beautiful places, cafes, and restaurants that we want to share on our Instagram. Instagram is not only an opportunity for artists, creative minds, travelers and insta-fashionistas to show their artsy sides as photographers, but also as a way to motivate others to travel and see more (if not by other posts, than perhaps for their own feeds!).

When we went on our recent trip to London in the United Kingdom, I definitely knew where I wanted to shoot my outfit for this blog post. London has so many places to shoot, and many things are super cute. One very cool place that you should definitely stop is Peggy Porschen. Besides serving delicious treats, it is the most instagrammable cafe in London. I hope you can see why. I definitely advise you to arrive early in the day before the insta-tourists come and destroy your pictures.

Surprisingly, it is not only cute, but it offers a menu where you can't go wrong. You can choose between sweets like cakes, cupcakes and brownies, as well as different types of teas and well-made coffee drinks.

To avoid the crowd, we found ourselves there quite early to get a good spot to shoot my outfit. Of course, we also enjoyed a sugary breakfast. I decided to wear a striped one shoulder shirt along with my denim midi skirt. Since, I knew that we will be walking all day, I wore sneakers. I was totally right, because on this day, we walked over 23,000 steps. It was a record!

How to find Peggy Porschen:

The easiest way is taking the subway or bus. All you have to do is get off at Victoria Station and walk about 3 minutes to Belgravia.

Opening hours:



116 Ebury Street, Belgravia, 
London SW1W 9QQ

For this post,  I am wearing a blue striped designer blouse (something similar you can find here), along with my midi button front denim skirt (check out this similar one here), my Michail Kors sneakers that I got few years ago and NY&Company mini bag.

 occasionally receives Shopbop sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.

My monthly shopping wish list

10:46 AM

Hey, guys! Since, I have been writing so many travel tips, I decided to come with idea and share with you my monthly shopping wish list. To be honest, it feels like forever since I last time explored some shopping malls. But we finally settled down, got our home address and time for happy shopping.

I am daily searching on internet and trying to find something I would like to buy or try for myself. Maybe, if you would like something and you will purchase it too. Since I am using some affiliated links in order to make some commissions out of sale, I would like to thank you if you decided to bought something through the link I gave. 

Summer is a great time for hats. I am lately big fan of denim baker boy hats and of course, I would like to get more of fedora or boater hats. First, they look amazing and second, they protect you hair from sun damage. Here are few that I actually liked:

Also, lately I got obsessed with polka dots. And have been hunting to find more polka dot printed items. Check out this one:

Before, we left to Seychelles, I got to shop at Stradivarius and as soon I saw their denim jackets. I decided that should order more of denim jackets and found this few that I am considering to buy:

Summer vacation: Swimwear shopping

6:38 AM
I know, I might be late to write this blog post, because we are in the second month of summer. But if you are a blogger, you know how much time it takes it to edit all the photos that you just recently took, and then think of what to write.  I didn't even write yet about our travel to Seychelles. Need some inspiration to continue writing.

My best friend is planning to have a vacation with her husband by the sea. A few days ago, she texted me because she was so tired and exhausted by trying to find the perfect swimming suit. Well, I thought that this is a great reason to share with my readers where you can look for new swimwear.

We did a lot of research and found some cute stuff. I hope you will like it too. Don't forget that I am using an affiliated program in order to make a few commissions if you will purchase anything from my website. Thank you in advance!

First, we checked some popular brands from mass market like H&M, Zara, Topshop, Mango, American Apparel and many others. My favorite was with floral print from Topshop (see below). If you are looking for something more sexy, check out this one from ASOS collection, or if feeling more playful, go for this one at Nasty Gal. I would love to buy swimsuits for my next vacation, but seems like we are not going anywhere by the sea in the near future. 

In these photos, I'm wearing a cool swimsuit that I found at a local store in Tbilisi, Georgia. I wish they had an online store, because they had a lot of cute things. For a similar hat, you can find it here or here. As for the beach bag, you can check out Monki  or Asos. Lastly I got the sunglasses from ZeroUV. Hope you all get the chance to hit the beach this summer!

Why you should visit Montenegro and rent a car

6:26 AM
Montenegro is one of my favorite destinations in the Balkans after Croatia. If you read my Balkan trip blog post, I promised to write a separate post about our trip to Montenegro. And if you have never been in the Balkans, I would advise you to enjoy Montenegro as the cherry on top of a delicious piece of cake.

We rented a car as soon we arrived from Albania. Prior to that, we were taking mostly busses to get around. I had to convince my husband that we needed a car, and as it turns out, renting was the way to go! We had only 2 days to explore. After doing some research, our plan for what to see included: Kotor, Budva, Perast, Sveti Stefani, Virpazar, Tivat and Cetinje.  In case you don't have roaming data/phone service like me, always make sure to upload the local map on your MAPS.Me app. I mentioned earlier that it works great without Internet.

Despite arriving kind of late, we decided to make our first stop at Niagara Falls. Niagara falls is located close to the main airport. If you fly to Podgorica Airport, make sure to experience Niagara Falls first. To be honest, it was very unexpected and beautiful. And if you are hungry after a long day, you can enjoy a glass of white wine, snack on something, and enjoy the view.

We stayed in the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, I wouldn't advise you to stay there, because it is boring. Evens locals will tell you this. I truly liked Budva and wish we stayed there instead of Podgorica. Even heading out from Podgorica, I would suggest you to make your first stop at Virpazar.

Virpazar is a small fishing village. There was not so much information when we arrived to the town. We met with a local travel agent, who told us that we can't enter the town and we needed to park in special parking lot. Afterward, he offered us a free coffee and explained that we can take a boat around Skadar lake to see some local birds. The boat tour was lovely for the opening 10 minutes. Unfortunately, we quickly got bored, because there was nothing else to see. If strapped for time, I recommend skipping the boat tour, as it took around 45 minutes.

On the way to Sveti Stefan, we stopped at Rezevici Monastery, which was quite beautiful. Definitely, you should visit it. Our next stop was Sveti Stefan. It is quite a popular destination on the way to Budva. Many photographers come here to get their best shots from the view point. Great pics and opportunities to sunbathe can also be found on the beach side. Btw, the private beach fee costs about 100 euro during the high season. After enjoying the beach for a bit, we headed to Budva. Budva is a really beautiful beach town on the Adriatic Sea. I truly loved their old town. After having a nice lunch with super-fresh sea food, we drove to Tivat.

Tivat has a lovely waterfront. After quickly exhausting the local sights, we decided to continue our journey to Kotor. To be honest, old town Kotor reminded me of Dubrovnic in Croatia. It is a little bit smaller then Dubrovnik, but quite charming (it felt like Dubrovnik before "Game of Thrones" was filmed there). Sadly, we decided to skip the City Wall due to the blistering hot weather. Down the road is the town of Perast, where we took a boat tour to Our Lady of Rocks. The church stands on a tiny island not far from the shore.

Not long after, it got a little bit darker. We rushed to see Cetinje and enjoy our dinner. I would definitely advise you to not skip the Royal Old Capital of Montenegro. This is especially true if you love history. It's a town not visited by many tourists, and you get to see a different side of the country that's not on the beach. With our remaining time the next morning, we left early for the Ostrog Monastery and some archeological fun - the Doclea Excavation. The place was easy to find by following the MAPS.ME app and it was open for just strolling around. It is pretty mind boggling to look at these ancient inscriptions, fully exposed to the elements. I hope more is done to protect them soon.


 Niagara Falls


 Virpazar & Skadar Lake

Rezevici Monastery

Sveti Stefan






Ostrog Monastery

Doclea Excavations

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