Why #bettermatters ? Why do you need security devices in your life!!!

Hello guys! If you remember, I wrote on all of my social media about an unfortunate incident at the end of July. Well, my bike was stolen from our garage. The funny part is that we never thought that it could happen to us. We got lucky that the thieves had an interest to only my bike. Everything else stayed seemingly untouched. You wouldn't believe me, but I guess I'm lucky because I never was robbed before. When it comes to my belongings, I'm usually very careful and responsible.

Last year I published an outfit with my beautiful new bike. You can find more photos here. I used to ride this bike a lot when we lived back in Virginia, but living in California has not been good place to use my bike because of the many hills. Instead of biking, I usually just walk to the supermarket or library.

The night before my bike got stolen, the thought strangely crossed by mind to use my Canary Home Security camera more.  I got this nifty device from Verizon as an influencer (you can find more about it here). But since we didn't have any trips recently, I didn't see a reason to use the security camera. Well, I was stupid to not listen my inner voice. Now I'm thinking to myself - if I had a camera set up in our garage, we might have been able to see who stole my bike!

Additionally, a few months ago, I shared with you about the Tile Bluetooth tracker. What if I used it on my bike and we could easily have found the location of the thieves?! (find more about Tile here)

I was bit silly to not use any of my cool devices to keep my house safe. Luckily, just after a week, I got a call from a police officer who had found my bike. I honestly didn't expect much to come of the police report I filed, but Monterey's Police Department proved me wrong! You can't imagine how happy I was, and how surprised my face must have looked when I saw my bike. The only crappy thing is that MY beautiful white bike was spray-painted black with different parts meant for a guy to ride. Nevertheless, I was super thankful to the police officer who did a great job, because everyone told me that bikes are very hard to find, and if the thieves are professionals, it would be quickly sold off. My husband and I went to police department and left some sweet goodies for the officer to thank him for his fantastic work! I am truly amazed at how fast he was able to find the bike! I was also grateful to the amazing team of Bike Index Organization. They were super helpful in giving a lot of tips on what to do when your bike is stolen. If your bike is ever stolen, make sure to register there and don't forget to save your serial number of your bike!

Today, my bicycle has a Tile Bluetooth tracker on it, in case if will be stolen again. I will totally find the location of the thieves and send Monterey PD to bust them - don't mess with me! My Canary Home Security camera is connected to our garage and it sends me an alert even if a spider walks by the camera. It would be hard to miss an intruder. Of course, I can easily track everything with my awesome Samsung Galaxy S7 edge phone! I'm so proud to be a part of Verizon influencer and share why #BETTERMATTERS to me and my family!

(me in 2015 when I just bought my new bike)

(Took a photo when I got it from Police Officer!)
Photos are taken with Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in c/o Verizon

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