Animal Prints are Finally in My Closet

Hi, guys! If you know me well, I gave several interviews where I was asked what I would never wear, and my answer was an animal print. I always found them vulgar and tasteless. Every time I saw a woman in animal print, I thought, "Yikes, it looks so weird." Well, I think the problem was that animal printed clothes were styled wrongly or made from the wrong fabric. 

Last year, designers decided to bring us so many animal prints that I reconsidered my resistance. Also, when I visited Paris Fashion Week, I saw how carefully animal printed pieces were worn in order to not disturb the eyes. So, I gave it a try! The first thing I purchased was a brown mini denim skirt with animal print. I tried it, and it didn't look so bad when I combined it with a black hoodie and a black blazer. Later, I saw a denim jacket on sale at Topshop. I thought again, why not?!

When we traveled to Malta before Christmas, we got to enjoy warm weather, and I thought it would a great reason to style my new jacket. I knew right away that the only way to style it was to create a monochrome look or to mix with only 2-3 other colors. I wore one of my favorite cotton T-shirts from Bershka (find a similar one here) along with my Zara trousers that I purchased back in summer. To give some extra chicness, I added my new Topshop animal printed jacket that completed my entire outfit. For me, the main rules with animal printed garments are to stay a bit low and not mix two different prints together. The less you have, the better it looks. If you agree or disagree, please share your thoughts in the comments below. Don't forget to shop a similar look here:

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