The Secret to Having a Positive Mind

In my country where I grew up, a positive mind is a very rare gift. Most people in the northern part of the country are either negative or always unhappy. I'm not exactly sure of the reason. Maybe it's because the winters are always cold or people just lead depressing lives. I love my country, but I didn't feel happy there. I can't say that I don't have sweet memories, but I feel happier where I am right now. The first time I left my home country to Germany, I realized that you can live differently and find something positive, even during the worst times of your life. After living for over 10 years overseas in different countries, I've learned and experienced a different lifestyle. I have seen other cultures and been exposed to new perspectives that result in me having a more healthy outlook. If you are reading this post, I'm going to share my secrets to have a positive mind:

- start your morning with positive thoughts like, "how beautiful it is to wake up for a new day and have a fresh start";
- look at the mirror and say positive words to yourself like, "I'm beautiful, smart and I love everything around me";
- be thankful for what you have, especially when it comes to your health, your beauty, and your house;
- surround yourself with positive things that bring you happiness. If flowers make you feel better, buy flowers for your house or post up motivational images and quotes; 
- read inspiring books or watch inspiring speeches. I watch TED talks very often, not only to help me to learn the language but also to get some motivation from these talented presenters;
- meet people that have a positive mind. I've noticed that when I'm around negative people, I start to feel very depressed or aggressive, but people with a growing mind help me grow too;
- exercise is key to getting a clear head;
- share something good with other people around you; doing something good not only makes you feel better about yourself but also you might make somebody's day better too;
- practice enjoying every single moment of your life... Sometimes, we forget how wonderful it is to live, learn and exist on this planet.

Try to use a few of my techniques to maintain a successful mind and you will see a change. Please, share with me your secrets to positivity in the comments below. 

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