How to style floral print in winter season / Photoshoot Idea with your BFF

February is almost done, but I still haven't shared my post that my friend Andreea and I created back in December when I visited her in Romania. Andreea's father offered to be our photographer for a day to create some editorial pictures. To be honest, we spent the entire evening figuring out what to wear to match our style and luckily, Andreea's closet had plenty of clothes, and we completed our story.

We decided to go with floral prints to create a feminine lookbook since many think that you can't wear floral during the winter season. If you are one of those, I'm saying to you that you are definitely wrong! The midi skirts were easy to style with knit sweaters. You might think it is a crazy idea to wear chiffon skirts in the winter season, but if you wear warm stockings and thermal underwear, you will certainly stay warm. As for sweaters, I would advise picking the right fabric to stay toasty throughout these cold days. Usually, I choose to wear only cashmere or mixed wool sweaters. To keep our style matching, we made the decision toward military style coats in black and coordinated our cute accessories like berets, sunglasses, and statement earrings. 

If you would like to plan a photoshoot with your bestie, I would like to give you some bits of advice:

- think of the location (it is important to choose the right place to shoot where you can feel comfortable posing and not feeling shy while crowds are watching what you do);
- pick an outfit theme that you both can manage (I never went wrong with color blocking outfits or matching style, it looks better together);
- look at some posing inspiration on Pinterest (believe me, I'm always awkward in front of the camera unless I'm with my husband.  Thinking ahead of how to pose will help you);
- have fun (I always admire when pictures look more natural than staged ones, but of course, if you are looking for more professional settings like we tried to create, a serious and bitchy face is key for a successful lookbook).

Isabel Marant Etoile Sweater | Shopbop

Brown Sweater | Topshop

Red Knitwear | Topshop

Alice + Olivia | Shopbop

Velvet skirt | My Theresa

Blue Floral Skirt | Topshop