Street Style: Tbilisi Fashion Week (Day 3)

11:01 AM
Hi, guys! I am finally sharing my last outfit from Tbilisi Fashion Week. I was quite excited to see a few of my outfits being featured on various websites. I guess I should work harder on my looks for the next Fashion Week. To be honest, I wasn't even planning to dress up until the last moment, and wore whatever I found in my closet. I know some girls are planning their outfits months ahead, but I am all about how I feel or in what mood I am. While my mom was staying with us, I have been asking her to take pictures of my outfits for my blog and I believe she did a pretty good job. For my last day of Fashion Week, I wore a long duster along with a floral printed jumpsuit from Tucker NYC (find similar at Stella McCartney), as well as my new Asos wide belt and Public Desire boots. Originally, I got this belt to wear for Paris Fashion Week, but I changed my mind while in Paris and was happy to wear it finally. What do you think about the latest trend of wide belts?

Street Style: Tbilisi Fashion Week (Day 2)

9:52 PM
Hi, guys! How was your week? I am trying to catch up on all the edits and street style that I wore while I went to Tbilisi Fashion Week. Sadly, I didn't see so much street style in Tbilisi, but I hope that this spring season will be more fun. Also, since most of the shows are in the evening, it was a bit hard to shoot street style. I am used to shooting during the day. On my second day of Fashion Week, I got to meet Anastasia (based in Italy/ Moscow), who is a street style photographer. She was so nice to capture some of my street style. Find more of Tbilisi Fashion Week street style here. This outfit was unplanned, as I was planning to wear my red coat that I bought a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I didn't notice that the cashier didn't take off the security tag. So, instead of wearing a red and white outfit, I pulled out my sweater from Gap and wide leg pants that I got a while ago in Korea. To match up my style, I wore my a vintage duster and NY&Company bag. As for shoes, I picked another pair of Public Desire shoes. Would you wear neutral for Fall?

Street Style: Tbilisi Fashion Week (Day 1)

10:53 AM
Hi, guys! If you watched my insta stories, I was attending Tbilisi Fashion Week for the first time and it was quite an interesting experience. On the first day of fashion week, I decided to visit the store opening of Mariam Gvasalia. You can find more info on After the opening, I decided to come back and ask my mom to take pictures of what I wore. Since it was a bit chilly, I decided to wear something comfortable yet stylish. I wore my Storets dress with an Asos oversized blazer. The oversized blazer is quite a statement piece for every fall & spring season, and blissfully comfortable. Don't you agree? To accessorize my outfit, I picked a Charles & Keith mini bag and Public Desire star boots. 

Outfit Idea: How to style an oversized sweater

6:57 AM
Hello, guys! The fall season has started officially in Tbilisi, and I can start to layer up my outfits. Since my family is here, and my husband barely has free time to shoot my outfits, I asked my mom to help me out. It was her first photo session. Plus, it is been a while since I have been using my DSLR camera. Well, we tried hard and took a few photos. Please give us some nice comments about her photo work.

The fall season is always amazing for layers and sweaters. Knit sweater are always so cozy and can keep you warm. Since we lived in California last year, I barely bought any sweaters. After a few hours of cleaning my wardrobe, I found my GAP sweater that I styled with a pleated skirt from ZARA. Underneath the sweater, I wore my ASOS star-printed top and thought that it would be nice if it will be showing a little bit out from under my sweater.  It is why I hooked up my sweater with pins. 

For accessories, I picked a skinny scarf, statement sunglasses and a wool hat from FOREVER 21. As for shoes, I wore my lace-up oxford shoes that I got last year at Also, a few weeks ago, when I came back from Paris Fashion Week, I got a package from Maxwell-Scott.  I was quite excited for my new purse, but had no chance to style it. Maxwell-Scott is a York, England based bag brand made from Italian leather. I truly like the classic and sleek design of my purse that combined perfectly with my entire style.

Outfit Idea: How to wear Floral Trend Through Fall

3:18 AM
Hi, guys! How is your weekend?  Last weekend, we traveled to the Black Sea with my family. I love coming here because of the beautiful architecture and feeling of easy life. For all but one of my visits to the Black Sea, I got the chance to enjoy beautiful weather. We enjoyed walking on the beach boulevard, catching some sunshine and trying some Georgian cuisine. Since Batumi has few tourist this time of year, it was perfect for me to plan a photoshoot with my mom. I feel a bit awkward when Georgian people stare at me. It is why I barely shoot my outfits back in Tbilisi. Every time I come to Batumi, I rent a flat via AirBnB due to low prices and awesome locations. When we came the first time to Batumi, I fell in love with their old town, which is why I always stay there. The other reason is that it's the best spot to spend your weekend. You are close to all restaurants, shopping, the beach and other tourist attractions. We shot my outfit at the Piazza Square. Since it was such a glorious day, I thought to wear something feminine and airy, yet perfect for the fall season. For my outfit, I wore a Fame & Partners floral printed dress along with my long cardigan that I ended up taking off to better show my beautiful dress. As berets are always trendy accessories every autumn, I wore it to give a sense that the fall season is here to stay. How would you style this dress?

10 Things to do in Edinburgh

11:41 AM
Hi, guys! I finally edited pictures from Scotland and am ready to share what we did we do there. But since there are so many things to do in Edinburgh, I thought that it will be great to write a separate blog post. If you are ever planning to come to Edinburgh, make sure to have at least three days. When we arrived to Scotland, we actually missed the biggest festival of the year, but to be honest, I am so glad that we decided to come a bit later. The UK is already quite pricey, and during big festivals, prices jump up like crazy. We not only saved some money on our hotel price, but also avoided crowded streets and inaccessible famous sites. As soon as we arrived to the airport, I had a hard time understanding what people were saying. I thought they speak English here. Haha. Anyway, I am going to give a guide for 10 things you can do in Edinburgh or where you should try to eat.

1. Edinburgh Castle. Of course, you have to visit the famous Edinburgh Castle. To avoid the crowd, make sure to come earlier in the morning and buy tickets online! Believe me, it will save you time. You can buy a ticket through You will also enjoy the beautiful view of Edinburgh city from the castle.

2. The Scott Monument. It is probably my second favorite sightseeing spot we visited in Edinburgh. The Scott Monument is dedicated to the Scottish author Walter Scott. The tower is 200 feet high and offers the best view of the city. To climb to the top of the monument, you will need to walk up 288 steps. 

3. Old Town. You have to walk around the old town. I advise you to do this during the day and evening, because you can experience how the city transforms. I truly enjoyed our first night walking around old town. The spooky atmosphere of gothic architecture will bring you to the world of Harry Potter. Don't forget to pay attention to the details!

4. Tower Restaurant. If you plan a romantic dinner with your second half, make sure to get a table at the Tower Restaurant. I actually wasn't planning to have dinner there, but I definitely enjoyed our meal and the fantastic view of old town. To find the restaurant, you have to enter the National Museum of Scotland. I felt a bit weird that we didn't get a chance to visit the museum itself, but we got to eat at the restaurant. The food was a bit pricey, but the view was well worth it.

5. Calton Hill. It is the perfect place to gather with friends or loved one. Here you can enjoy the quiet and lovely atmosphere of the city. Besides the panoramic view, you will find the Nelson Monument, Old Observatory House and Athenian acropolis. It is free for the public. 

6. The Witchery by the Castle. The best place for dinning is probably the Witchery by the Castle. When we arrived on our first night, we were planning to get dinner here, but due to its high popularity we didn't get chance to have dinner. We were lucky enough to try their lunch menu. I truly liked the unique interior and delicious food.

7. The Elephant House. Big fans of Harry Potter have to come here and experience why JK Rolling was inspired to write her books on Harry Potter. It located in the heart of old town and surrounded by gothic architecture. No wonder why Rolling was so creative after being energized by the wonderful city around her.

8. Victoria Street. It is probably my favorite street of Edinburgh. And the reason is just simple - the colorful shops. It is a perfect spot for Instagrammers and bloggers to walk around. I actually even did a small photoshoot, despite of crowd. 

9. Circus Lane. If you are looking for iconic streets to walk in Edinburgh, I am going to advise you to stop at Circus Lane. You will find a lot of pubs, restaurants, and galleries nearby. 

10. Greyfriars Bobby Memorial & Kirkyard. If you don't know about Bobby, I am going to tell why this cute skye terrier got his own memorial, and why he is loved by Scotts. Well, he spent 14 years guarding the grave of its owner until his own death. As you can see in the pictures, people touch the nose of Bobby for luck. If you plan to touch his nose, make sure to rub it very carefully. 

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