Outfit Idea: How to wear fall's wine colors in winter

Hi, guys! I can't believe how fast the time flew. It is almost the end of the year. Ugh, and I feel like I didn't accomplish as much as I was planning. Don't you feel the same? I don't even want to look at my plan that I wrote in the beginning of 2017. Let's talk about it more later.

Anyway, I am so lucky to live in places where I don't need to layer my outfits and look like a big cabbage salad in my coat. Yes, I do freeze very easily and my husband still makes fun of me since I was born in Siberia. Who would have thought that this skinny girl could be used to playing in -40C outside and not even thinking that it can be dangerous for your health? After leaving North Kazakhstan and living in warmer places, my body now starts to freeze as soon as the temperature drops to 10C. Let's hope that I will not need to live back in North of Kazakhstan again.

Anyway, my mom and I decided to create something for my readers and give you some inspiration for what to wear this winter season. We went to Lisi Lake to shoot my outfit. It was actually a wonderful place for this winterish look. Wine red or burgundy is my favorite color when it comes to colder months. In a warmer time of the year, I prefer brighter colors. Fall/Winter everything is opposite though. Wine red color is very elegant, warm and playful. You can create a ton of different looks and stay stylish even in the cold. I decided to wear my Pull & Bear sweater along with a Storets dress and Public Desire boots that matched perfectly with my sweater. As for accessories, I picked a Lord & Taylor mini bag and brown sunglasses from Asos. 

Would you wear fall's wine colors for winter?