Last minute Christmas gift ideas

Hi guys! Since we are getting so close to Christmas Eve, I have been a bit busy with all of my latest trips and shopping. I decided to write a blog post today that gives some last-minute gift ideas. In case you are like me, and are not organized for your Christmas shopping, this blog post is for you! 

Here are a few ideas for things you can get for your families or yourself:

-For Fashionistas: Designer Clothes. If you are looking for something stylish, yet comfortable to wear for Christmas Eve, I would consider skinny jeans that would look great with shredded sweater or basic tee. But if you prefer wear something in holiday spirit, check out dresses from NY&Company.

- For Your Home :Canary Security Device. You can't imagine how important it is for me to know that my house is safe, especially when we have been traveling non-stop. One time, we left to the Black Sea, and I got a notification that someone entered the house. Surprisingly, it was our landlord. He came in without telling us in advance. It was very funny to see what they were doing and hearing them talk too. Don't worry, he did call later to explain that they needed to fix something quickly. But all this time, I was watching them via live streaming. It felt a bit weird, but I came to see that having a Security Device is actually awesome. You can order this device right now on Amazon (it's on sale).

- For Photographers: Canon Lens. If you are looking for something special and a bit expensive, get a new lens by Canon. My favorite lens is the Canon EF 50 mm f1/4. It costs more than the Canon EF 50mm f1/8. I had a horrible experience with this lens, and I can't advise you to spend your money on one. It's better to spend extra $$$ for a higher quality lens. If you are a blogger and are looking for a new lens, ask your other-half to give you a Canon EF 50 mm f 1/4. Trust me, you will love it!

- For Foodies: Multi Cooker. If you are lazy like me, or not good at cooking, this is for you or your friend. I found that the Multi Use Crock Pot is going for $56, and I am ordering one for myself as a Christmas gift. My sister has been using it and absolutely loves it. It saves a ton of time and the food actually tastes better.