How to create an outfit for less than $150

How was your week, guys? The past three weeks have been a bit chaotic and busy for me. I couldn't even keep up with writing all the blog posts that I should've done before. But I'm super excited that we are in the middle of April because in a few days, we are going to leave to a dream destination.  Can you guess where? 

Since I been trying to save some money because of our expensive trip. I thought it would be great to show that you can look awesome without spending a ton of money. Here, I'm wearings a basic turtleneck with a cotton blouse (that I thrifted back in Seattle), which works wonderfully with my Zara trousers (also bought during a sale). You can find a similar one at &Other Stories or Haute Look. As for the coat, I finally bought a long camel coat. Sadly, it turned out later to be not of the best quality. I guess I would wear it again next season and then sadly donate it. Every single piece in this outfit was bought during winter sales, which is why I always advise shopping during sale season. 

An outfit for under $150:

Coat $67 - Shop one at Asos (link here)
Turtleneck $10 - Find a similar one here
Blouse $13 -Find similar here at Cos
Heels $10 - Check out these Boohoo sandals
Bag $15 - Topshop always have cute bags on Sale 
Necklace $5 - Mango shopping is best during the Sale
Trousers $15 - &Other Stories