Designer Inspired Bags on a Budget

Not everyone can afford designers bag, but we can be thankful for the fast market of creating budget-friendly bags that every fashionista can add to their closet and stay trendy. To be honest, sometimes I don't see the sense in spending a lot of $$$ to buy a certain bag when you can find something cheaper, especially when fashion evolves so quickly. Many cheap bags (in price, not in quality) are made from the same leather and customized from the same countries. So, why pay more? Maybe there are only a few bags you should consider for investment because they will stay forever-trendy, like Chanel, Chloe, Fendi or Dior bags, but these too depend on form, size, and color.

I spent a few hours finding bags that you should consider that won't hurt your budget. Zara or Mango offers a lot of cute bags that are made very well, and I have seen many fashionistas who wore it during Fashion Week and still got featured on magazines. 

Remember the Dior saddle bag that almost every top blogger should own? Well, I was able to find a similar one at Asos that costs only $43, or you check out this one. Or think about Cult Gaia Ark Bag or the newest Angelou bag, I have seen Mango selling similar ones for only $50, or you can check this one. Also, See by Chloe could easily be replaced by a Zara crossbody bag for $26. Or what do you think about this Topshop bag that reminds me of the popular Staud Bag? 

I wear Keepsake Sweater along with Free People jeans and Asos long camel coat, to complete my look, I added Topshop sunglasses, vintage silk scarf, and Sam Edelman mini bag. 

  Cult Gaia | Shopbop

  Cult Gaia | Shopbop

  Crochet Bag | Mango

 Beaded Wood Bag | Mango

 See by Chloe | Shopbop

 Staud Bag | Shopbop

Topshop Bag | Topshop