Home products review at canvaschamp.com

Hi, guys! I hope you are having a wonderful time while quarantined at home. Cooking, reading, creating, or even just watching TV. As long as you feel safe at home, this is the most important thing today. 

I have done many searches online on how to update and redecorate our home. It's actually the perfect time right now since we aren't traveling anywhere. I ended up on canvaschamp.com and came up with a few ideas about what I would like to order. If you are not familiar with canvaschamp.com, they offer a nice selection of printing options from canvas to different photo products like mugs, pillows, coasters, and of course photobooks. 

I know my mother-in-law was looking to order some photo pillows for their country house because we already have a few printed canvas. I thought that I would like to order a wall calendar for this year. Having a calendar is actually useful especially if you can write down all your appointments and important dates. Since I am against plastic bags, you can also get your own tote bag that will be a future option too. I also would love to print my own magnets from our travels that I can share with my relatives. Plenty of options for cute personalized flair to add to your home or give away gifts to bring a smile to someone's face during this weird time.  

What I like about this store is that it was easy to register, low prices, easy to manage and you can find their monthly offers here. Let me know what you think or what would you like to order!


  1. I love doing little home pick me ups during this quarantine!



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