Review of Luxury Handbag Aranyani


Hi guys, sorry that it is been a while since I shared one of my style posts. There is so much to tell you but I don't want to spoil it yet. For past 2 weeks, I have been actively learning Spanish with my new online friends. Aside my learning skills, I wanted to let you know about a new Luxury Handbag Brand that I got to experience - Aranyani. I was so impressed with my new Aranyani bag that I happily carry it with me everywhere I go.

What attracted me to the Aranyani brand is their philosophy, which is built on customer service, inclusivity and awareness of sustainability and the environment. Their bags might be not for everyone but if you are like me (in my 30 plus years), you should be purchasing something classier to represent yourself. They had a lot of different designs for bags, but I was interested in this particular one because I wanted something that I can style with anything (link to my bag here).

When my package arrived, I was excited to open my box and find an early birthday gift. The handbag arrived in separately designed bag that helps keep your handbag in shape. The other thing that I love about my Aranyani bag is that it comes with card holder that is perfect, since I don't need to carry a wallet again. The bag's leather is very soft with metallic details. I would recommend you consider investing your money in the Aranyani luxury handbag collection, as these are well-made bags that will serve you through many years. Link to the bag that I own here.