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What did I wear for Paris Fashion Week (II)

10:42 AM
Hello, guys! This past week, we had such wonderful weather. Also, my family from the United States arrived.  We have been waiting for them for quite a long time. They got quite lucky to catch some warm weather before it got chillier and nasty. Anyway, here is my second blog post for what I wore in Paris for Fashion Week. Usually, I am super dressy for the Fashion Week season, but I have been traveling for almost a month and dragging my heavy back everywhere. I decided that I should take only hand luggage with me to Paris. I packed only a few outfits, 2 mini bags and few pairs of shoes. My fellow bloggers came with huge suitcases that created a big mess in our tiny Parisian room. Haha. Due to the warmer weather, I switched my turtleneck to a white t-shirt and styled it with a pleated dress from Storest. In case it got too cold, I decided to bring my All Saint leather jacket. To stay comfortable, I wore my sneakers along with white lace socks. Lastly, for accessories, I picked  a pierced Asos beret (that I saw on several girls throughout Paris Fashion Week), mirrored sunglasses and statement earrings. 

What did I wear for Paris Fashion Week (I)

11:46 AM
Hi, guys! How have you been? Time to share my Paris Fashion Week street style. I skipped my first day of Fashion Week due to horrible circumstances (Don't want to even think about it). I will just warn you, that when you travel to Paris, never ever carry anything valuable on your person!

After the first day on the next morning, we attended a few shows and decided walk around the Louvre Museum. Of course, it was a great opportunity to snap some photos of our outfits. We were so lucky to catch some wonderful weather and enjoy the last summer days. Since most of my outfits were prepared for colder weather, I couldn't really style so many outfits for warmer days. Luckily, I brought my new striped shirt from a new collection of the Chinese designer Sarah Lai, that I combined with my mom jeans from Zara. As for accessories, I picked H&M statement earrings and a new Grafea backpack that perfectly matched with my shirt. 

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Few tips before you go to Fashion Week

10:26 AM
Hi, guys! Fashion Week season just started. I know I am a bit late to give you a few tips before you go to Fashion Week, but better late than never! This year, I attended Paris Fashion Week for the first time. I got plenty of invitations to stay busy. You know, I mastered Seoul and New York Fashion Weeks. It is not the first time for me to be in Paris, but attending Fashion Week for first time in Paris made me feel a bit nervous. I decided that it would be great to give you some general tips based on my experience to make this kind of event easier.

1. Don't be afraid to contact PR agencies. 
2. Give your hotel address as a place invitations can be sent.
3. Bring business cards with you. 
4. Carry an extra charger and extra batteries with you.
5. If scared to travel by yourself, contact fellow blogger to plan a travel adventure together.
6. Contact hotels in advance to see if you can stay for free or pay media rates.
7. Bring comfortable shoes with you. By the end of fashion week, everyone gets so exhausted.
8. Make sure to learn in advance how to travel around - taking a taxi will make your trip extra expensive.
9. Bring some snacks with you. Usually, I don't have any time to eat while running from show to show and lose weight. 

In case you're curious about the shoot below, we chose the location of Tobermory in Scotland.  It was a super cute place to visit!

My travel adventure to Hamburg / sponsored by ' Come to Hamburg'

9:51 AM
Hello, guys ~ As you know, I have been traveling over a month and visited 4 different countries: Belarus, Scotland, Germany and France. Since I used to live in Germany as a university student, it was a great to be there again, which gave me the chance to sightsee and visit my friends. I have jumped between several cities in Germany. One of my stops was Hamburg. I got lucky to be invited to Hamburg by the 'Come to Hamburg' project. It was quite exciting to be back in the city that I used to hang out in with my best friends. Let's look inside for what I did in Hamburg and why you should visit it too!
Day1: Since I arrived a bit late, I decided to skip all sightseeing initially. I was quite tired from the train ride. 'Come to Hamburg' reserved a room for me at Reichshof Hamburg Hotel, located next to the Hauptbahnhof. I found this super convenient. As soon I entered the hotel, I found a big lobby with a beautiful ceiling and friendly staff. To the left of the entrance, you will notice a bar (which I sadly had no chance to sample). After checking-in and taking a quick shower, I went to get dinner at the Vietnamese restaurant 'Ban Canteen'. As a fan of Asian cuisine, it was quite a delightful to get dinner there. If you are coming to Hamburg, make sure to stop there. Ban Canteen is very urban and popular for their healthy options, good prices, and nice atmosphere. 

 Find more about Reichshof Hamburg Hotel visit

Find more about Ban Canteen  visit

Day 2: The next morning, after a delicious breakfast at the hotel, I got ready to meet up with NDR TV team for filming in Altona, Hamburg. Altona is the westernmost urban borough of Hamburg and is quite popular amongst tourists & locals. I don't remember if I ever went there when I was previously in the city. It was quite interesting for me to discover something new for myself. We started to film from Altonaer Balkon Park, and walked to Stuhlmannbrunnen, where I interviewed a local resident about life in Altona. Afterwards we took a break at Bergtags cafe. I enjoyed the modern interior and delicious tea. After a quick bite, we went to the weekend farmers market where I got to try some delicious cheese and talk to more locals. To finalize our day, we took a group photo. To be honest, I never felt so tired from filming. It is not my first time being filmed, but I got to speak German for the first time on TV. I truly enjoyed spending so many hours with the NDR team, because they were amazing and super supportive. I can't wait to see the final work. After long hours of filming, I went back to hotel to pick up my friend. We decided to get a dinner at Better Burger Company. Surprisingly, the burger was very delicious! Later on, we met up with another local blogger that showed us around of Speicherstadt. The Speicherstadt is a large warehouse district that was built in 1883. After wandering for hours, we went to 'Miniatur Wunderland'. I totally didn't expect such a big exhibition. You could check out from the smallest piece of Hamburg to a breathtaking landscape of the Grand Canyon.

Find more info about Miniatur Wunderland visit

Day 3. On our third day, we took an early bus tour around Hamburg City Tour to check out the popular spots. I have taken the bus tour before. I find bus tours pretty cool because you can learn something about the city and hop off at several stops. This tour takes about 1 hour and 35 minutes. With a day ticket, you can tour all day. After we got off the bus, we decided to check out the Fish Auction Market and try out some fish sandwiches. Sadly, we couldn't stay too long there, because we needed to catch our train and continue my adventure around Germany to Cologne. 

Thanks to "Come to Hamburg" for sponsoring my tour around the city. No additional compensation is provided to me. All the opinions here are my own.

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