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Safe Elephants / Elephantasia exhibition

2:35 PM
Hi, guys! The past week has been quite busy and I almost forgot to share with you something that I wanted to share a while ago. I always supported any ideas aiming to do something good for this world, which is unfortunately full of cruelty to animals and dangers to our ecosystem.  I always see sad news of poor animals getting hurt because of our human selfishness. Elephants are one of them. Did you ever know how important they are for the ecosystem where they live, especially during dry the season? They find water that helps other species to not die in this hot, harsh environment. They are not just intelligent creatures, but also super cute and important to our planet.

Have you heard that 96 elephants are killed each day? It is important for us humans to remember that we are not alone on this planet and need to respect the nature around us. Today, I would love to introduce you to Elephantasia travelings exhibition that is going to be hosted during London Fashion Week in September. 12 International designers will raise awareness while showing their unique couture collection of an interpretation of "the elephant."  Elephantasia is a 3-year campaign that started in 2016 and premiered at Vancouver Fashion Week. The campaign's idea is to support the survival of elephants. To take part in this campaign, I decided to create my own pictures to spread awareness (elephant pictures by

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What to wear when you travelling by car

11:17 AM
Hello, guys! I know it is a bit early to think about the Fall season, but I have had these photos for such a long time without sharing them. To be honest, I don't even remember when I did this photo shoot. I have been busy with my new life, in our new home, and I am absolutely enjoying it. We have quite a hot summer here, but when I was in Monterey, we barely had a hot season compared to SoCal. Our new home is really beautiful and living in big city is very fun. I will tell you more later.

Before we left the United States, we had a super fun trip that you may already have read about. We travelled across the country and saw so many beautiful cities and parks. What I love about the United States is that you can travel anywhere as long you have a car. Sadly, I still do not have a driver's license and my husband had to drive non-stop. It is why he is the best. I don't even know if I ever will learn how to drive. Ugh. When we travelled during the past months, I realized that having rain boots in your car is a must-have. You never know where you might end up and how muddy it can. This is especially true in the forest or while you are hiking alongside a river. Previously, I destroyed my two pairs of white Adidas sneakers. Rain boots might not be comfortable for a long walk, but they definitely will keep your feet dry and clean. It is why I choose to wear my Hunter boots along with their backpack from the Fall Winter Collection. I am actually thinking to get another pair of rain boots, but in red or yellow color which would be perfect for the summer rainy season. 

Btw, I am quite excited, because my sister and cousin are coming to visit me and I am making some plans for how to make our schedule super busy. I want that they can see as much as possible. I told them to pack their rain boots! Do you own any rain boots?

Part II: How to travel America in 7 days by car

1:12 AM
Hello, guys! Oh man, it took me forever to write this blog post, just because our last road trip was super crazyyy... If you didn't read my first part of how to travel America in 7 days, make sure to check it out here and not miss out all cities that I shared there. After Santa Fe, we drove to Acoma Pueblo Sky City in New Mexico.

5. Acoma Pueblo Sky City, New Mexico

After seeing beautiful Santa Fe, we decided that we have to see a Native American pueblo village and the best choice for us was Acoma Sky City, because it was on our way to our next stop at Flagstaff. We woke up quite early to beat the crowd and heat. Believe me, it was a great decision, because around 11am it got hotter.  Native Americans still reside there without electricity, sewer systems or water. To get to the village, you have to stop at their visitor center, where you can watch a video about the tribe and also walk around their museum to learn more. A tour costs $25 per person. You can take pictures of the village, but not of the people unless you ask permission before you shoot them. Also, you can take picture of the church, but as soon you enter the church, no photography is allowed. I truly enjoyed our tour around the village, getting to talk with locals, trying some of their delicious bread and buying wonderful souvenirs.

6. Flagstaff, Arizona

We decided to take a small walk around the city and see what you can do in Flagstaff. The town offers a lot of cute restaurants and we definitely advise you to stop at the Mountain Oasis. They have a ton of delicious and healthy food, along with happy hour. Since we planned to drive the next morning to the Grand Canyon, we went to sleep very early so we could get up very early.

7. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

The next morning, we got up while it was still dark outside. We planned to watch the sunrise at the Grand Canyon. We drove from Flagstaff, taking Hwy 89. We were able to see only the South Rim of the Grand Canyon as the sun came up, before proceeding along the rim toward Grand Canyon Village. I will give your more information about the Grand Canyon in my next blog post. We ended up crashing in Williams that night.

Hope you enjoyed reading my travel blog post. More is coming!

How to wear floral printed dresses this summer

12:47 AM
After a cold rainy weekend, the sun finally came up! It is time for wonderful short dresses! Groundbreaking floral print is all over my closet. Floral fantasy is a new way to look super feminine. A blooming affair even touches Korean men's closets. I am totally in love with Chicwish v-neck rose dress with mesh insert, which I accessorized with cool bag by Lovelywholesale.
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