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Review to Legend Amrapali collection #ad

7:19 AM
Hello, guys! How was your weekend? I am so excited, because in a few days, my family is coming!  I made so many plans for what they can do while staying with us. I cancelled all my meetings and am slowly preparing our house to host my family. It is the first time we are going to host my family from Kazakhstan. While living in the United States, it was too expensive to fly there, so we decided that my family should visit us when we will be a bit closer. Plus, it normally takes about 30 hours to fly from Kazakhstan to the United States. And since we moved to Tbilisi, it is only a 3 hour flight. What a huge difference!

Anyway, while going crazy this weekend, we took a day off with my husband and did a small photoshoot. He has been quite busy lately, and I got lazy to blog due to our busy lifestyle. Today, I want to introduce you to the Legend Amrapali jewelry collection. Legend Amrapali is a luxurious and extraordinary jewelry brand with Indian heritage. Their collection is very elegant, chic and feminine. I could easily see how every single piece was created with care and love under the guidance of founders Rajiv Arora & Rajesh Ajmera. I got quite quite excited to try their pieces!

For my first look, I chose the Chandi Disc Earrings. I have been wanting to get myself a pair of round earrings, but couldn't find the right style for me. These statement earrings were the right decision to complement my entire outfit. I big fan of silver jewelry, since where I come from, we believe that silver is important for your health and youth.

For my second look, I was looking for something classier. My choice was the Heritage Halo Hoop Earrings in Gold. The rich-green emerald gemstones lend a memorable artistic touch to these earrings. I got so many compliments as soon I wore them. Which pair is your favorite?

This blog post was sponsored by Legend Amrapali via Shopping Links

What to wear to look Californian

1:17 AM
Hello, sweeties. How was your week? I am finally settled down in our new home and can go through all my pictures and finally share with you. Normally, I share my outfits a few days after shooting, but this year, I have been fighting with all the Instagram changes and trying to not lose my followers after that took a lot of hard work to gain. Because of this, I totally forgot about blog and my traffic went down too. I wonder if it is somehow related to Instagram too - like some international anti-blogger conspiracy. Haha. Well, I hope I still have my honest readers who have been reading my blog for a long time. I hope, you are not disappointed in me. Life has been super busy and less exciting for a blogger career. To be honest, I hear more and more that all bloggers are going though a tough time for not getting paid content. I haven't gotten any lately too, which is actually a good thing, because I was forgetting the real ideas and inspiration for why I started blogging in the first place. I wanted to share with you how places have influenced my style. We shot this outfit in the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden in Arizona. It was weird to wear a tee with "California" on it, but you know, since I lived in California for over a year, it did influence my style as well. For example, I am not scared to wear boots in hot weather, and I started to wear so much denim lately. If you will check my previous style, you would notice that I never wore denim before. Thanks to my friend Melanie for these beautiful photos. Let me know if you have any questions about our new place ;)

Q&A: Bloggings Tips

11:19 PM
Hello, my sweet babies! Today, I would like to share with you my summer style for how to wear red colors. A lot of people told me that red looks great on me. It is in fact my favorite color. But to be honest, I wear it very rarely. I bought my red jacket a while ago from Zara and didn't really have a chance to wear it. A few months ago, I wore this beautiful striped dress from Lulus and thought that it would look great adding some red color.  Let me know what you think.
Also, as I promised that will answer all your other question that you asked me earlier, but I picked only interesting questions.

What do you want to do with your blogger life?
Well, last year I thought that I would turn blogging life into serious career, but due to big competition, it is almost impossible,  especially when Instagram is being so rude to bloggers. I don't see anything new coming. I guess I will keep it as a hobby mostly.

What is the biggest challenge you faced in your life?
I think bullying at an early age, as many teens can be brutally mean. I always got bullied for being too skinny, too un-athletic or too nerdy. I believe that after I changed schools to a private one, I decided that I will never let other people think that I am not beautiful enough. Today, I love everything about myself. Blogging has helped me get more confidence in who am I and how I look. Another challenge was leaving my home country when I was only 20 years old. Taking an international flight for the first time and living with people of different mentality, traditions and food was quite a shock. It was tough for the first half of the year, but after that, I knew that I was not going back, and that I would continue my journey while traveling and living in other countries. 

Who are your mentors/role models? Is there anyone in particular that inspires you.
Both of my families, because they both have their own story of life lessons. I am inspired by how to stay strong in that moment of life when you think everything is over. My mother lost her mom when she was only 18 years old and she accepted responsibility for adulthood at this young age by taking care of her two young sisters.  She later in life taught my sister and I how to be strong and what to do in different situations. There was a period when my father underwent 15 operations in a short time. He almost lost his legs, but he eventually became strong enough to walk again. My mother-in-law survived breast cancer 10 years ago. My father-in-law was ostracized from his community and religion for pursuing the woman he loved (who is now my mother-in-law). These people inspire me.

What is your favorite part about blogging?
First, it is a great space in which you can grow confident about yourself. Second, meeting amazing creative minds motivates you to keep going.

Have you ever been inspired by the fashion in the countries or states you've traveled to? If so, how has it impacted your style?
Well, my blog was named Different Colors & Different Styles because I wanted to show how fashion in different countries inspired or changed my own style. You know that I have thus far lived in Europe, South Korea, Central Asia, North America, and now, in Caucasus region of Eurasia. One day I am dressing like a Korean pop star, the next with a Californian twist, and then perhaps with some French classiness. Elements of these cultures and fashions continue to influence me and blend together to make my own style.

What difficulties did you encounter when you moved to the United  States? What can one expect before moving to the USA?
When I came to America for the first time, I had a hard time with the food, language and different mentality. After living in Europe and Asia, it was quite different. As in many other countries, the west, central, and and east regions are a bit different from many perspectives (language, food, manners, outlook, etc.). As for language, I still have a really hard time with Southern dialects.  I sometimes have no idea what American Southerners are saying to me, actually.  I usually just nod and smile while trying to understand.  These people can be super hospitable though.  

What camera do you use? Any photography tips or how do you filter your photos?
For very long time, I used a Canon Rebel t4it and recently changed to Canon 6D mark ii. Personally, I don't see so much difference in these cameras, since I am not a very professional photographer and neither is my husband. I have been testing it to understand how the Canon 6D works. If you know, let me know! As for travels, I carry my compact and lightweight Samsung NX300. When I show to bloggers how the Samsung camera works, they actually purchase it right away. Haha, maybe Samsung should pay me for advertising their products. As for editing tips, you can find an article that we wrote on our Fashion Magazine DISPURS here.

Q&A: Things to know about me

9:45 AM
Hello, guys! I had another busy week and finally found time to answer on all of your questions. Thanks to my Instagram followers who left so many cool questions that I don't even know how to reply. I hope these answers will let you know me better. Actually, while collecting all these questions, I noticed that I got too many, and decided that should split them into two different blog posts. Most of the questions you asked were about blogging, travels, a few private, and photography tips. In this one, I decided to answer personal question first.

Where is your home? Where do you dream to live?
I actually get asked this question very often, and my answer is simple. I find my home where I feel comfortable and happy, which is with my husband. I know many of you wondered how I got to live in different places, but it is mostly part of my husband's job. Originally, I am from Kazakhstan. I dream to live in Singapore or Australia.

What is your favorite book?
Hmm, I believe Crime and Punishment, I have probably read this book a dozen times.

How old are you? Do you have any kids? 
I am almost 30, and no, we don't have kids yet.

What products do you use to curl your hair? How do you maintain your hair.
I have been using the hair curler Infiniti Pro Conair and flat iron Remington. You can buy at any Walgreen's or CVS store. Most of the time, I will use hair mask, but sometimes I use olive oil for my scalp. Also, I love hair products from Davine's.

Who takes your photos? 
Most of the time my husband, but when he has no time, I take myself or ask my friends. 

What is your favorite city to visit?
I have traveled to quite a few cities and countries. My favorites are New York (of course), Seoul and Konstanz.

What is your favorite skincare brand? 
Most of the time, I have been using Shiseido skin products, and a few other Korean products.

White chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
Definitely white and milk chocolate. Both are equally yummy.

How did you and your hubby meet? 
We have quite an interesting story. We met in Germany. He was partying with his friends and I was having a good time with my bestie.  It happened that we were at the same club on the same night. I guess it was fate.

Do you prefer your hair long or short?
I love seeing short hair, and I did try short hair at one point. Sadly, my head is too small compared to my body (lol). Long hair looks better on me.

Your favorite guilty food.
It is a good question. Because I love ice cream, chocolate and cookies. My husband tries to not buy these items because they will disappear very quickly.

Who is your favorite actor? 
Don't have one, but I do like few actors that I enjoy watching on the silver screen: Robert De Niro,  Jude Law,  Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman, Joe Pesci, and Johnny Depp (of course!). 

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