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Why you should try out AirBnb

Hello, guys! You probably totally lost track of when and where do I travel. My year have been full of adventures lately. Anyway, a few weeks ago, I have travelled to Washington DC. I have been here before many times, but the city is so big and beautiful, that I can't resist coming back and imagining myself living there. Who knows - maybe one day, we will! Dreams come true! 
My point of this post that if you really want to experience the life of the people who live in this city, you should book via Airbnb. This post is not sponsored or paid (i hope one day they will pay me haha). I just think that you never know where it might bring you. I travelled across the country and experienced staying in different apartments, condos and houses. The best part of is that you can enjoy a beautifully design interior, and maybe get inspired for your future house in wonderful neighborhood. To be honest, I probably would never go to this part of town, though Airbnb made it happen.  The condo that we booked had a separate entrance, kitchen, bed room and living room. I was able to enjoy watching TV shows, doing my laundry and just having space. To be honest, when we planned our photo shoot, I felt like I was a Carrie Bradshaw, because the house looked similar to New York. Anyway, staying in a place where people might live makes you discover new neighborhoods, just because most hotels are located by the tourist attractions. 

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Anyone get buried in the snow this week?

Hello, hello! Anyone get buried in the snow this week? I'm so happy that I got the chance to travel to the east coast and experience some real winter weather. I never thought that I would ever miss snow, but living in California changed my mind. Monterey usually has beautiful or gray weather. It made me sometimes jealous to see my family back in Kazakhstan building snowmen while throwing snowballs at each other. I'm a person who loves when it is over 80F and the sun keeps me blooming, but I have so many cool memories of my childhood of how we were happy when it snowed. Another cool aspect of snow is that you can create really beautiful photos. Here we go! I'm wearing one of my coats that I got last year from Lamoda along with my cute favorite sweater and vintage skirt that I bought at an Etsy store. For shoes, I decided to wear my leather long boots that I got G. H. Bass & Go. These boots are my savior during rainy or deep snow weather. Also, to keep my lips moisturized in cold and windy weather, I'm using Rouge Volupte Shine Oil Lipstick by Yves saint Laurent. What is your favorite time of the year?
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What to wear this winter / Tart Collection

Hello 2017! I hope you all made spectacular plans for the coming year. I shared some plans earlier on my Instagram and was quite surprised what other ladies are planning to achieve this year.
Before saying goodbye to 2016, I had the chance to experience some cold winter days in Seattle. I'm a person who freezes easily as soon as it gets below 60F. For this shoot, I truly enjoyed having some snow since I was wearing my new faux fur coat that I got from Tart Collection.  (use "QUEENHORSFALL1" to shop). I styled it with my Zara sweater, Macy's skirt, and Public Desire long boots.  How would you style your fur coat?
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My new year resolution and short review to Moto Z Play Droid

Hello, my dears! It's time to say bye to 2016. So sad to say it, because my year was quite tough, yet also quite amazing. We did a lot of traveling and lived in beautiful Monterey. My blogging journey was terrific, not just because I went to New York Fashion Week, but also because I reunited with my old friends that I originally met in Seoul. I earned money from my blogging career and worked with many big companies that I never thought I would ever work. I became a US citizen this year and got almost all my documents in order (passport, state ID, etc.)  I also had the awesome opportunity to be a part of Verizon's Influencer Program. Just before I came to Seattle for Christmas, I got a nice surprise from the team - they sent me a new smartphone. What an awesome surprise! I got a Moto Z Play Droid that came with a charger in the box. The first thing that I loved about this phone is the long lasting battery! The iPhone phones never lives long. Also my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge's battery didn't compare to one bit to the Moto Z Play Droid. If you are looking for a long lasting battery in a phone, the Moto Z is definitely for you! To be honest, I haven't had so much time to test this phone more, because December was extremely an busy month for me and my family. That being said, I did take few pics while we travelled and I did some live streaming on Instagram from my new phone. I liked that I'm able to use my favorite apps like Uber, Whatsapp, instagram, Skype, Telegram etc. It was super handy when all my other phones died.
Anyway, I'm really looking forward to 2017! My New Year's resolutions are to travel more, see more,  stay fit and healty, see my family in Kazakhstan, foster success in our small project that we started this year with my friend Jessica (In case, if you didn't have time to check it make sure to stop on our page www.dispurs.com !!! ), and finally to learn how to drive. Oh yeah, not so sure about that last one, but I will definitely try!

What is your New Year's resolution?

My trip to Miami: Art basel, Kyboe!

Hi, guys! I finally have some extra time to sit, relax, edit photos and write a blog post. Today, I would love to share why I went to Miami Beach and why you need to experience Art Basel! If you have been a good follower of my Instagram, you probably have seen that I won a competition sponsored by KYBOE. The main prize for this competition was to fly to Miami Beach to enjoy this internationally famous art festival, and of course, to enjoy the party by Kyboe. You can't imagine how happy I was to be the winner because Art Basel has been on my bucket list. When we got to our lovely hotel, "Townhouse Hotel Miami," I got an awesome surprise from KYBOE. We got couple watches that were for my husband and I with an additional $200 for spending money. Also, we got to visit the Kyboe pop-up shop party and Art Basel. It was the best vacation I had this year. We ate a lot of yummy food, drank a lot of cocktails, enjoyed the fabulous art that inspired me for a whole year and naturally visited a few clubs. I really want to thank Kyboe for this awesome opportunity!

How to dress like a French girl

Hello, guys! Before the Californian days get too cold, I would love to share how you can dress like a French girl just for fun inspiration. While living in Europe, I honestly never paid enough attention to how French girls dressed. Most of my friends didn't wear berets or eat croissants every day as we usually imagine. But for sure, they look simple and elegant.

It would be awesome to live in France and behave like a French lady, though, it's only a dream at this point for many of us.  To pull off this look, I wore my new striped sweater along with retro classy mini skirt that I got from Macy's. To accessorize my Frenchy style, I wore an adorable Macy's beret, Nicole Lee scarf and Public Desire boots. It might be not be festive enough for holiday season, but it can be an option in case you're not a fan of shiny dresses like me. Let me know what you think.

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