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25% Off Almost Everything Sale + 10% off Beauty & Fragrance (10/11 – 10/24)

Hello, my sweeties! I hope you all had fantastic weekend! We decided to spend our weekend at a local popular hotel that sits right on the beach. This place was quite nice, but sadly, strong waves were hitting the shore, leading to a sleepless night for me. At least they seemed to rock my husband to sleep. Me on the other hand, I’m quite sensitive to sounds.

Since we took a little break from our routine, on this occasion, I decided to show you my new pieces that I got from Lord & Taylor just a few days ago. And just to let you know, Lord & Taylor is running an exciting sale right now. 25% OFF Almost Everything + 10% off Beauty & fragrance (10/11 – 10/24)  ! I’m wearing a long ribbed cardigan in beige that I paired with a blue ruffled jumpsuit that costs only $71 right now (which I actually bought for $97).  Since my style is all about elegance, I believe that Lord & Taylor is the perfect store to invest your money on stylish, classic statement pieces. Don’t you agree?

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Cardigan | Lord & Taylor  Jumpsuit | Lord & Taylor  
Bag | Poupee de Papier  Mules | Charles & Keith

#MyNambé jewelry at Macy's

Hello, my beautiful readers! I hope you are all excited for the weekend, because I sure am!  Yesterday, my husband and I decided to book a hotel in the town of Seaside that sits right on the beach! I'm definitely going to get some wine for us. It's shaping up to be quite the romantic date! Over the last couple of days, I have been working a lot on my computer, and I believe that I seriously need a break, because my eyes have been hurting so bad.

Anyway, today, I'm so excited to introduce you to a beautiful silver collection from Nambé that you can get at any Macy's store near you. Nambé is recognized for its award-winning designs for more than 60 years. I have known about this brand since I started to shop at Macy's, and at our wedding we got some beautiful dinnerware. When I found out about their silver collection, I couldn't resist to get a pair of earrings for myself. Knowing how elegant their silverwear looks, I knew that a pair of timeless earrings will complement any outfit in my wardrobe. You can get these beautiful drop earrings at Macy's for only $150. They can be a wonderful gift in case someone has a birthday (just a tip) ;).

Clear The Rack Sale at Nordstrom Rack

Hey, babies! I have to confess that I went a bit crazy shopping today. Not sure if you've heard, but you need to rush and grab your favorite at Nordstrom Rack! The Clear the Rack Sale - Additional 25%off Clearance Style for Savings of up to 75% off is starting TODAY! And of course, as a professional shopper, I started my shopping as soon I woke up, because all small sizes always go fast!
Also, October is the birthday month for my family, and I found this sale to be just perfect for buying great gifts and save money!

First, for myself, I got a layered jacket that has an under vest, which is exactly what I need for this chilly fall weather. Of course, I couldn't miss my chance to grab a Turtleneck sleeveless sweater that cost only $18.73! What a deal! Flared jeans were a huge trend this summer, but I feel like I'm the only one who did't style them this year. You would laugh, but they cost only $15.30 right now at Nordstrom Rack!!!! I can't wait for when my package will come! Since I always plan my budget, I decided that will not spend over $150. The last item that I couldn't resist were these Timberland shoes. Only a few hours ago, they had all sizes, but right now they have only one left! OMG! And it is all because of 72% off!!! Have a great Shopping time!
Jacket | Shop here   Sweater | Shop here   Jeans | Shop here    Sneakers | Shop here

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Review to Vine Vera Moscato Sensitive Skin Collection #ad

Hi, guys! I'm so excited to write this blog post, because I never before talked about my beauty routine on my blog. I sometimes share my favorite products of the month on my social media like Snapchat and Insta stories. But I'm not a beauty judge. Anyway, I want to share with you with my favorite Vine Vera Moscato Sensitive Skin Collection line. Getting so close to my 30s, I do care about my skin a lot. I started to use ant-aging products at 26. My mom always told me that you need to start thinking about your skin as early as possible, and I totally trust my mom because she looks very young for her age. When Vine Vera contacted me to try their products, I was way happy to try. Who doesn't want to test a prestigious anti-aging brand? I'm a big sucker for pretty boxes. As soon I opened my package, I got so excited, because I saw in front of me a set of beautiful green boxes. Haha, this can be a deciding factor for me when I buy certain products. I'm pretty sure all girls can be like that. We love shiny and pretty things from childhood. It is why we are women! Okay, more about this lovely brand. 

In my set was included eye serum, skin cleanser, eye cream and moscato skin cream. 
First, I tested the skin cleanser. It has a light texture, was easy to apply and has no smell. Second, I tried the eye serum, which has a very light texture that helps diminish your wrinkles. I don't have any deep wrinkles yet, but I tried it on my husband's forehead wrinkles, and there was definitely improvement. Haha!  
Later, I applied the eye cream. I have tried many brands, but this one has extreely light and soft textures that helps to reduce puffiness. I drink a lot of liquid before bed and every morning when I wake up, I look quite funny because of my puffy eyes. Well, not any more!
Lastly, I applied Resveratrol Skin Cream. It is a bit heavier, but doesn't leave your skin feeling fatty or oily. My skin felt instantaneously smoother. This beautiful set you can order online (which I prefer most) or at retail stores in California, Canada, Singapore and the UK. The set I tried is definitely worth trying, especially if you have sensitive skin like me. 

Set | Moscato Sensitive Collection   Skin Eye Cream | here    
Eye Serum | here   Skin Cleanser | here   Skin Cream | here

What to wear this Fall Season from Dezzal store #ad

Hello, babies! How is your weekend going? I hope you are all enjoyed my previous post where I shared how to dress on a small budget. Anyway, a few month ago I introduced you to online shopping with Dezzal. I got to collaborate with them again to show off my fall favorites this time. I know it is quite chilly, but our fall weather in Monterey is not so bad. I thought that a one shoulder stripe shirt would be good for my closet. For my first outfit, I picked a shirt that is on sale right now. I love Dezzal clothes because they shipped quickly and come in very good quality. Many of you probably would easily style it with denim, but I wanted to try some fall hues. It is why I styled it with my vintage pleated skirt and see-through booties.  For my second outfit, I thought again that would be nice to grab some fall shades like a mix of brown and green. I was super happy with my new Dezzal pants because of the design and quality. To match up with this pair of pants, I wore a wonderful top in chocolate color, green boots, and a shoulder off bag. I would love to hear your experience with Dezzal if you want to share!

1st Outfit: 
Top |  c/o Dezzal 
Skirt | Vintage  
Boots | Public Desire 
Bag | Nuciano

2d Outfit:
Top | Storets 
Pants | c/ o  Dezzal
Boots | Public Desire 
Bag | NY&Company

Fall Ready with JCPenney #ad

Hey, guys! I hope you are all prepared for Fall Season. Even though we didn't have a real summer here in Monterey Bay, I can feel that the air has gotten thinner and temperature has dropped. So thus, in collaboration with JCPenney, I decided to showcase how to style a day-to-night look on a budget! 

I've been a big fan of JCPenney since last year, because you can always find something trendy without killing your wallet. My budget was $100 and I knew that I definitely needed to invest in a faux-leather jacket in burgundy shade. A colored leather jacket will definitely suit any fall/ spring outfit. I was lucky to find a Liz Claiborne Faux jacket that cost only $49. What a deal!
For the next step, I was looking for what I could wear during day or night life, and as you know, ruffles are back into trend. A Bisou Bisoulong-sleeved ruffled top that I found at JCPenney needed some denim to complete my outfit. Since, I'm obsessed with destructed boyfriend jeans, this pair is a winner in style and price. 
Jacket | JCPenney   Blouse | JCPenney   Jeans | JCPenney