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Thursday, May 26, 2016

What to wear when you travel?

Hey, guys! I'm sorry about the very slow publishing lately. I got really quite busy with a bunch of upcoming projects, plus my lovely Instagram / Editor-husband has been quite busy with school too. I try to not take his time and bother him about my blog (unless I see an opportunity!). Oh well, we actually did a small trip to Big Sur one weekend. I thought that it would be nice to share with you what I wear when we travel. I love to feel comfortable by wearing breathable pieces. The Maxi dress is the best to go around. If there are bugs in the area, it will protect you from them. I also always have a sweater with me in case it gets too windy. Of course, comfy shoes are a definite must. This lovely pair I got from Shoes.com.
Dress |  Miscellani   Similar Dress | Topshop  Sunglasses |  Ily Couture
Watch | Daniel Wellington   Shoes | Hardy 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Meet up with fellow blogger and My new Public Desire Sandals

Hello, babies! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Mine started great! Yesterday, I met with a fellow blogger from Northern California. I'm always pleased to meet up with new people and then have a nice time. There were no talks about fashion and blogging. We were just like normal people, who talk about normal topics. It was fun, and hope we can meet up again! Do you ever meet with bloggers? Do you enjoy their company? Or did you ever meet one and got disappointed? I do have different experiences. With some, we get along fantastically and are like BFFs. Others can be a little weird and then we never talk again. To be honest, my most successful gathering was in Korea. I don't remember being disappointed with the people. The people I met there are still my friends even though I live in the USA now. Anyway, I would love to hear your stories about wonderful / frustrated meetings with Fashion Bloggers!

Today, I wanted to show you my new sandals from Public Desire. Btw, they have some amazing news  for fans in America. Shopping will be a lot easier since Public Desire is launching in the USA now!

Sweater | Zara  (Similar Sweater) | Max Mara   or Acne Studios
 Jeans | NY&Co  Sandals | c/o Public Desire   Bag | Poupee de Papier

Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Top 10 Apps that you should own

Hello, my dears. Today, I would love to share my favorite apps that I have been using, without which I can't imagine my daily life. So yeah, I'm definitely addicted!

1. Instagram. Of course! It is been one of the most beloved apps ever. I manage about 6 different accounts that all serve a purpose, and I find it really effective in keeping up with everyone. I love that IG lets you log into all your accounts without having to log out.
2. Rewardstyle. If you are looking into making some money from your blogging, this is a must have! Plus, it helps you spot cool items and trends from other bloggers!
3. Pinterest. This is probably the first place where I go to find inspiration when I am lost.  
4. Poshmark. Is your wardrobe is full of clothes and you don't know what to wear? Well then, sell them off! This app makes it easy to sell, shop, and manage the revolving wardrobes we all enjoy.
5. Snapseed. This is my first tool to edit photos from the phone. 
6. VSCO. When Snapseed doesn't work for me, I go to VSCO. It has pretty filters. I bought a Minimalist one that has been doing the trick.
7. Lightroom. I just started to use it recently on my phone. Since I edit most of my photos on the computer, I use lightroom to see if I missed any small details, and then fix them from the phone.
8. HBO. Haha yes, this has nothing to do with fashion. Although, I started to watch "Sex and The City" again. When I am bored and have no laptop around, this gives me my fix.  I like to multi-task by doing my social media and keeping up with my shows.  
9. Posy. My friend Alina (fashion blogger @stylebyalina) is the founder of this fun app.  She recently launched a new version, and it is the perfect app for when you need quick style feedback whenever you are shopping/ going out or just want to share your fashion passion. Come and create your poll.
10. Snapchat. I hope everyone today uses this highly-entertaining app. I would be happy to exchange with you guys. Leave your Snapchat in the comments below or follow me (Queenhorsfall).
Duster (Similar) | Nordstrom  Top | Tobi  Jeans | New Look  Shades | Ily Couture
Bag | Trendhood   Choker | Shopbop