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Fall Ready with JCPenney #ad

Hey, guys! I hope you are all prepared for Fall Season. Even though we didn't have a real summer here in Monterey Bay, I can feel that the air has gotten thinner and temperature has dropped. So thus, in collaboration with JCPenney, I decided to showcase how to style a day-to-night look on a budget! 

I've been a big fan of JCPenney since last year, because you can always find something trendy without killing your wallet. My budget was $100 and I knew that I definitely needed to invest in a faux-leather jacket in burgundy shade. A colored leather jacket will definitely suit any fall/ spring outfit. I was lucky to find a Liz Claiborne Faux jacket that cost only $49. What a deal!
For the next step, I was looking for what I could wear during day or night life, and as you know, ruffles are back into trend. A Bisou Bisoulong-sleeved ruffled top that I found at JCPenney needed some denim to complete my outfit. Since, I'm obsessed with destructed boyfriend jeans, this pair is a winner in style and price. 
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NYFW: Day 3

Hello, guys! I hope you all had a great weekend. Well, we have been suffering from exremely hot weather. Haha, you will laugh. I have been complaining how hot it was in NYC and couldn't wait to go back to Monterey Bay. And now, we have a scorchingly hot weather! My poor hamster is not happy as well (if you saw my Insta snap, you know what I mean).  Anyway, I'm back to showing off some New York Fashion Week street style. I know, a few days slow getting it out, but I have a decent reason. I will definitely let you know later if my plan works. While in NYC, we thought that it would be cool to visit the famous shopping location, Soho, and take some street style photos. To find some empty streets, we woke up quite early to shoot. I'm wearing a Zara top along with my vintage skirt that I bought from Spain. Of course, I couldn't leave the house without my Zara backpack and a pair of classy stilettos.