How to avoid the flu if you work with people

It's funny, but this post was inspired by my current sickness. Normally, I am a small hermit that lives in this house and never leave when it gets cold. It is the only way to avoid getting sick in the winter season. But last month, I started a small job where I am supposed to work with a lot of people that causes me to catch bugs like the flu or something else. I have been sick several days with heavy coughing and throat pain. I was so naive and thought that my flu shot would protect me from getting sick, well here I am, with my running nose, writing this post to help you be careful.

How to avoid the flu in winter if you work with people:

- wash your hands, no matter how often you have to wash them. Always remember to disinfect, because eventually, you will touch your face/nose, which is how you will get sick;

- change your clothes as soon as you arrive home. I started to do it after I realized that it was too late and I was already sick. Still, I will continue to do it until it turns into a habit;

- drink a lot of fluids like orange juice, ginger tea and plenty of water. It will help you to get a stronger immune system and clean your body from toxins;

-get a lot of sleep. Since I changed my normal sleeping routine to working routine, I think it is also weakened my immune system. This Saturday, my sickness caused me to crash in bed. I ended up sleeping an entire day and couldn't believe how tired my body was;

- wear a face mask, if it is needed. I know it might look weird and people will give you dirty looks, but I think it is the best way to protect yourself from germs. I use public transportation on a daily basis, which is where I encounter many people coughing without covering their mouths;

-eat a lot of veggies and fruits. I love vegetables and usually, we include them in our diet, but sometimes it is not enough to have a stronger body. I would advise eating plenty of broccoli because it has vitamin C, A, and E. Garlic and onion also boost your immune system;

- air out the room where you are. Fresh air is good for your sleep;

-disinfect your house. Basically, whatever I use or touch, I clean right away so as to not spread germs to other healthy people (like my hubby).

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