Maxi dresses for your Honeymoon

Looking for honeymoon destinations? I know, it can be super stressful, but also quite exciting to have a romantic getaway with your other half. After our first failed honeymoon travel attempt, we finally made our dream come true. My husband booked a wonderful trip to Seychelles. It might not be Maldives, but staying on a private island made our trip unforgettable. Anyway, if you already booked your destination, it's time to pick your wardrobe. 
To be honest, I never thought that packing for summer vacation will be hard, but when it comes to a special occasion, I wanted to look 100%. Of course, I packed all of my favorite shorts, t-shirts and skirts, but I could't leave without my maxi dresses. Since my dress is already sold out, I thought that it would be great to give you a few tips for where can you buy yours.

My favorite dress that I am considering purchasing can be found at  Shopbop like Rahi Sunkissed Bella dress. I love the color and the print. The other one that you should check out is BB Dakota Brylee Dress also at Shopbop.  It's in a floral print, and also quite affordable. I am also debating if I should get this Tiare Hawaii Maxi dress. What do you think? Should I get it?

There are also many other great dresses coming from mass market stores like Asos, Mango or Zara, but since your honeymoon is going to special, I encourage you to check out dresses at Shopbop Maxi dresses selection.

Which one is your favorite?
Dress 1 link here
Dress 2 link here
Dress 3 link here occasionally receives Shopbop sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.


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