2017 is going to be ACTIVE

8:02 AM
Hello and happy 2017! My year started quite interestingly and full of adventures.  Before the year ended, I shared with you my goals for 2017, and one of them was to be active, fit and healthier. It seems not so difficult, but when your life is full of travel, delicious food and parties, it gets hard to find time to stay healthy. But I found a solution. Let’s be honest, most of the time we are just lazy and find excuses to not pursue our fitness goals. A lot of my friends roll their eyes when I tell them that I need to exercise and they keep saying that there is no need to stay active, because I’m too skinny. That being said, you don’t want just to exercise because you want to only lose weight. There are many other reasons for why you need to stay active!

It is good for your body, mood and motivation. You can stay active while you are playing with your children, while catching a flight or even walking around the neighborhood to take care of things.  When I wake up in the morning, I do a couple of exercise that will wake up my body, which are better than coffee!

To start the year right, I got myself some new active wear from JCPenney.  Active wear sets the tone and keeps me in a positive mindset.  JCPenney has a wide collection of active wear for every woman, for any age. These pieces are not just affordable, but also trendy – like my slim stretching leggings that I wear for my running exercises or yoga.  Since it is quite chilly for running outside, I’m wearing a Nike sweatshirt that I got from JCPenney too. #SoWorthIt ! How are you going to stay active this year?

P.S. JCPenney is continuing its partnership with the YMCA. This January, become a new Y member during Jan 15-31, get bounceback JCP coupon on Active/Xersion!

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Anyone get buried in the snow this week?

7:20 PM
Hello, hello! Anyone get buried in the snow this week? I'm so happy that I got the chance to travel to the east coast and experience some real winter weather. I never thought that I would ever miss snow, but living in California changed my mind. Monterey usually has beautiful or gray weather. It made me sometimes jealous to see my family back in Kazakhstan building snowmen while throwing snowballs at each other. I'm a person who loves when it is over 80F and the sun keeps me blooming, but I have so many cool memories of my childhood of how we were happy when it snowed. Another cool aspect of snow is that you can create really beautiful photos. Here we go! I'm wearing one of my coats that I got last year from Lamoda along with my cute favorite sweater and vintage skirt that I bought at an Etsy store. For shoes, I decided to wear my leather long boots that I got G. H. Bass & Go. These boots are my savior during rainy or deep snow weather. Also, to keep my lips moisturized in cold and windy weather, I'm using Rouge Volupte Shine Oil Lipstick by Yves saint Laurent. What is your favorite time of the year?
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