Fall Ready with JCPenney #ad

11:41 AM
Hey, guys! I hope you are all prepared for Fall Season. Even though we didn't have a real summer here in Monterey Bay, I can feel that the air has gotten thinner and temperature has dropped. So thus, in collaboration with JCPenney, I decided to showcase how to style a day-to-night look on a budget! 

I've been a big fan of JCPenney since last year, because you can always find something trendy without killing your wallet. My budget was $100 and I knew that I definitely needed to invest in a faux-leather jacket in burgundy shade. A colored leather jacket will definitely suit any fall/ spring outfit. I was lucky to find a Liz Claiborne Faux jacket that cost only $49. What a deal!
For the next step, I was looking for what I could wear during day or night life, and as you know, ruffles are back into trend. A Bisou Bisoulong-sleeved ruffled top that I found at JCPenney needed some denim to complete my outfit. Since, I'm obsessed with destructed boyfriend jeans, this pair is a winner in style and price. 
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Smartest Travel Hack: Tile Bluetooth Tracker

8:06 PM
Hello, guys! For this post, I decided to share my experience when traveling by myself, and to give you a life hack tip. This past Fashion Week was my second time flying to NYC alone. Usually, I travel with my husband, and things just seem easier. Well, traveling by yourself always teaches me a lot of new things. #NYFW is a fun place to meet new people and make new friends. Many of my friends came from different states or countries. People are always sharing their travel experiences and challenges. Some of their stories took a turn for the worse while staying in America's busiest city.
Personally, I always try to be careful with my belongings. I always make sure to check that I didn't forget anything on the plane or taxi. But when you are super tired from time-zone differences, humid weather, lack of food and sleep, your brain doesn't pay enough attention to being responsible.

While one of my friends was shopping in Soho area, she suddenly realized that she lost her wallet with all her credit cards, money and even her passport.  I guess she got caught up in the excitement of spending so much money on awesome brands.  Another friend, due to lack of sleep, forgot her key in the door and went out all day. She got lucky that no one stole anything from her AirBNB apartment. Also, many fashionistas forgot their purses or wallets in taxis while rushing to fashion shows. I told to everyone that they need to check out Tile trackers to avoid these mishaps.  These little guys will change their life.

Nothing crazy happened to me. There were only a few instances where I lost my phone in the house, and that's only because we were putting our clothes everywhere. My point for this post is that you have to prepare and take preventative steps to protect yourself from losing your most important items.  Throughout my trip, I carried my bluetooth tracker Tile that I got from Verizon. Last month, I shared a post about Tile and how it works. This time, I was able to get a new design of the Tile. Now they are slimmer, lighter and can easily fit in your phone case, passport or wallet. This is my life hack if you ever travel or you are one who is prone to losing stuff. But in general as well, you definitely need to get Tile Bluetooth Tracker in your hands, and you can easily order them at Verizon.

Slim Tile ($99.99) buy Verzion | here     Standard Tile ($69.99) buy at Verizon | here
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