Soho Collection by Jennifer Hudson at NY&Company #ad

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Hello, guys! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I had an amazing weekend with my husband. We went to the local aquarium, ate amazing food, watched a new episode of "The Night Of," and of course, did a photo shoot.  Today, I'm excited to share with you my two looks wearing the new Soho Collection by Jennifer Hudson at NY&Company.

For my first outfit, I chose to wear Soho patchwork & frayed hem boyfriend jeans. I love how these jeans look on me. The patch design makes them look truly stand out. I'm pretty sure that I will wear this pair of jeans non-stop, because they are also extremely comfortable.

The other pair of jeans that I got at NY&Company are curvy leggings in blue. I got two pairs since NY&Co is offering a new deal of buying one and getting another pair for free. I ended up getting two different sizes and don't regret it, because they both surprisingly fit great. To complete my outfit, I decided to go for a denim top that I got at NY&Company a while ago, but you can check out a similar one here. 

1st Outfit:
Jeans | NY&Company
Blouse | Asos
Heels |
Choker | NY&Company

2d Outfit:
Top (similar) | NY&Company 
Jeans | NY&Company
Bag (similar) | NY&Company
Heels | Nina Shoes

How to look like a celebrity star and spend less than $1000 on your outfit.

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After watching and reading a lot of different fashion magazines, I have been thinking about what I could wear to feel like a celebrity at one of the hottest events in New York. The thing is, I would never spend a lot of money to buy clothes that would cost over $500, because I just don't see the reason to waste my money on clothes that I would scarcely wear. It's also sad to re-sell expensive clothes for way cheaper than I bought them for. I found the solution though! A few months ago, I introduced you to the N12H brand.  Their edgy feminine collection offers a lot of amazing clothes that make you feel like a super star. They were nice to send me another dress from their collection that costs only $245, and let me tell you, this is exactly the kind of purchase I think is smart.  This dress is good quality, has a unique design and an interesting print, and looks like a $1,000 piece. I'm pretty sure you would steal the attention from all designer clothes other girls plan to wear during such an event. Since I'm going to have many more cocktail parties, this dress will be my first choice! Silver accessories like jewelry, a clutch and pointed heels will complete your outfit for sure. Sadly, I couldn't link all the products that I wear, because they are sold out, but my total price for the entire outfit is less than $500.
Dress | N12H   Heels (Similar) | Dina Too   Clutch | Nina Shoes  Sunglasses (Similar) | Nordstrom

Why every fashion blogger should own a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

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Hello, guys! You know that every month I have been sharing my experience with Verizon accessories. So after owning a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Android phone (retail price: $792), I realized why this phone is great for fashion bloggers. Well, here are a few reasons I discovered:

1. High-Quality Photos. It has a really amazing camera. I have been taking so many pictures both during the day and night, and the shots turned out really amazing. I have been shooting most of my photos in Professional Mode. It takes pictures in the same quality as I would take them with my digital camera. There is no need to edit your photos.

2. Convenience. If you are an Instagram user, you can quickly reply back to all your followers. Believe me, it saved me a ton of time. I tried to do it on the iPhone and it didn't work, because the iPhone platform does not allow you to select and reply groups of users at once. If you know what I mean.

My shopping experience with Dezzal | #ad

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Hello, my sweeties! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Today, I would love to share my experience regarding Dezzal online shopping. I found about them a few weeks ago and was quite excited to shop because they have a lot of cute and unique designs for clothes. I know this feeling when you are not sure if you should spend your money on stores that you never heard. So I am here to help you, by saying that I had a nice experience. My package was delivered by International DHL, and DHL delivery has never failed me so far. After I received my package, I opened it right away as I was full of happiness, just like on Christmas. By the next morning, I knew how I wanted to style my pieces.  

For my first outfit, I'm wearing a cute shirt dress by designer Sichenglisha. I wanted to create a fun summerish outfit. It fits well, has good length, a cute design, and in good quality. White sneakers worked just perfectly with this enjoyably pretty dress. 

For my second outfit,  I picked a printed waisted dress by designer ZIYI, but unfortunately, it got sold out quickly. Well, don't worry, they have a lot of other pretty dresses still. For example, like this Krush.Miu's chiffon dress.
Which one is your favorite?

1st Outfit: Hat | Nordstrom
              Dress | Dezzal
                              Sneakers | Michael Kors
                            Bag | Poupee de Papier

2d Outfit: Dress | Dezzal
              Bag | Coach 
                  Heels | Payless

How to wear a skinny jeans #ad

10:32 PM

Hello, babies! I hope you all have an amazing week with your family and friends.  In collaboration with Karma Loop via Stylinity, I’m going to share my next summer outfit. I have been hunting for black skinny pants, and I believe I found the perfect pair that you can easily shop for by clicking on Stylinity link. I love online shopping because it is always delivered straight to your door. For this outfit, I was thinking to combine 3 classy colors into one look. I believe it worked out pretty well.
What do you think? Don't forget that you can take a 30% off with my Karma Loop coupons or shop my look here!

Shirt  (Similar) | Asos   Choker | Lulus  Jeans | Karma Loop   Heels | Nina Shoes

Our trip to BIG FOUR ICE CAVES in Washington States

5:51 PM
Hello, my dears! As you read on my previous post, I shared where we stopped and what we saw. When we went to Seattle, we took one day off for a road trip to the Big Four Ice Caves located near Mt Baker. While we were wondering around, I thought that it would be great to shoot my next travel outfit. A couple of weeks ago, I spent time & money by ordering different boat hats from different stores, and actually stopped on one that I got from Nordstrom. I can't tell you that I was happy with the quality, but the sale price justified getting this seasonal piece. As for the rest of my outfit, I wore my Lulu's jumpsuit, Zara turtleneck, and Michael Kors sneakers.
Turtleneck | Shopbop  Jumpsuit | Lulu*s   Hat | Nordstrom  Sneakers | Michael Kors

Why you should visit Eureka, California

8:27 AM
Hello my dears! Since our vacation finished, I can now finally share all our trip adventures along with my outfits. So, here we go! We had a brief stop in the town of Eureka, located in northern California along Highway 101. It is famous for its Victorian Style houses and historical old town. Of course, it's also right next to the famous Humboldt Redwood Forest. You can also try a traditional lumberjack food in Samoa Cookhouse that serves a set menu at huge communal tables. 

Before we left to our next destination, I thought that we should take advantage of the town's beauty, so I asked my husband to shoot my travel outfit. I already shared this look on my Instagram and few of you asked about my jeans and backpack. was so nice and agreed to do a collaboration by giving me a pair of white sneakers, socks and a backpack. Firstly, they have a big variety of different brands and styles. It took me time to find which pair should I wear. I went with Michael Kors white sneakers. I've never owned anything from this brand, and I was quite excited. I was totally happy to purchase them because they look great and light for hot summer days. As for the backpack, I chose Nine West. I was able to care almost everything: DSLR camera, laptop and few must-have beauty products. To keep my style casual and comfy, I wore my Zara sweater and NY&Company jeans that I promoted in a previous campaign. (You can check it out here). 

Sweater | Zara     Top | Nordstrom      Jeans | NY&Company  
Backpack | Nine West  Sneakers | Michael Kors   Sunglasses | Ily Couture

Our Travel Adventures: Monterey >Seattle, Seattle > Montrey

10:51 AM
Hey, guys! It's time to join me on our adventure via my blog if you didn't do it on Snapchat. Let's start! For our second road trip, we visited:

1. Redwood Forest National Park, California State: We were able to drive through the legendary Shrine Tree & Chandelier Tree. Our favorite was Chandelier because it is still healthy and beautifully alive. I definitely advise you to take a drive on the Avenue of the Giants and stop along the way for some nature walks. Our favorite trail was around Founder's Grove. It was short, but we were in awe of the incredibly huge trees as walked among them. 

How to wear sky blue clothes in summer

1:17 PM
Hello Babies! Thank you so much for reading my previous blog post and leaving your lovely comments. Today, I would like to share with you how can you wear sky blue clothes and look like Queen ;). If you watched my Snapchat, you saw that we spent our weekend in San Diego. These photos were taken back in Monterey, but I need to publish these first, and I promise to share our newest cool adventures soon.
  For this wonderful summer outfit, I picked a white shoulder-off top along with pleated skirt in sky blue color. And the best part of my outfit, I think, is a Poupee de Papier tote bag that compliments my entire get-up. Don't you agree? Happy 4th July, guys! As some of my USA friends would say, "Happy B-Day 'Murica!"

Top | Free People  Skirt | Nordstrom  Hat | Nordstrom  Bag | Poupee de Papier

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