7:41 PM
Hello, my dear readers! Today, I want to introduce you to the newest Bulgari B.zero1 collection. To celebrate their collection, I decided to share my view through a creative collage shot in four different locations over the last couple of weeks. Every photo communicates a different theme and message for what awaits you when getting jewelry from this incredibly unique assortment. From classic to brave, from provocative to angelic - it covers the entire spectrum for how you want to look and feel. A combination of three different gold types displays your mood and style. Are you ready to #BEREVOLUTIONARY with Bulgari B.zero1?

Teen Style with Clarks USA sneakers

10:06 PM
Hello, babies! Remember, I promised you to dress my Forever 21 bomber jacket with a mini skirt? Well, here we go! Last week, I got a package from Clarks USA, since I'm their trendsetter. They were nice to send me a pair of their spring collection sneakers. I was so excited to get my sneakers, because I have been recently looking for a new go-to pair. Sadly, my old Stan Smiths have seen better days. My cowley faye pink nubuck sneakers are super soft and light. I'm pretty sure that I can easily walk in them all day long. I will let you know more next time, after we travel somewhere again. Anyway, I thought that it would be fun to create a teen style. Playful poses, pink hues and cute accessories capture the exact image I wanted to show you. 
Bomber Jacket | Forever 21  Skirt (Similar ) | Asos   Sneakers | Clarks USA

What to wear this spring | K-style

8:15 AM
Hello, guys! Since I'm living in United States now, I have been influenced mostly by American bloggers. But I know that my blog still has a lot of Korean readers. And as I remember, a lot of Korean fashionistas would love to dress in European/American street style. Maybe I'm wrong, but a few years ago, there was a big American influence in Korea. A couple of days ago, I got another package from Korea with my new striped top from WannabK. As soon I tried it on, I knew that I would like to style it with my distressed jeans that are mostly popular in the States. To be honest, I never saw any Korean wearing super distressed jeans. The striped print is very recognizable as a Korean street style hallmark. If you have ever been in Korea, you will understand me! Anyway, if you are looking for Korean brands to be delivered to the USA, make sure to visit WannabK store. They have a lot of awesome clothes from big brands like Licky Chouette, Customellow, etc. For accessories, I picked my new Nina Shoes with pointed heels as well as a cute silver bag. 
 Top | WannabK  Jeans (similar)  |  here       Heels | Nina shoes      Bag | Nina Shoes 

Street Style with Public Desire ankle boots

11:21 PM
Happy weekend, babies! Today was such a crazy day. My husband caught a terrible head-cold after our Vegas trip, and of course, after he started to feel better, I got sick as well. Since we shoot all my project material on the weekend, I couldn't cancel this photo shoot. You know that I'm participating in the newest Bulgari campaign, and it is super huge for me! I wanted to be very creative and can't wait to share our hard work with my lovely readers. Pls stay tuned! 

Today, I'm wearing a new Nasty Gal top that I got a few weeks ago. It took me time to figure out how to style it, but you know how much I love being classy. So I styled it with pencil skirt along with my new Public Desire ankle boots. 
Top | Nasty Gal   Skirt | Neiman Marcus  Boots | Public Desire 

MOOD with F21 style

7:44 AM
Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores since 2013! They always have crazy deals and super stylish clothes. Every month, I spend hours and hours to find something special and have never been disappointed. I remember returning two items that weren't perfect. Not so bad, right? I even buy clothes for my sister in Kazakhstan, because she loves this brand too. Sadly, they don't deliver to many countries still.  I have been keeping my eye on these striped wide-leg pants since last month, and finally got them along with this printed tee and suede jacket. Thanks Forever 21 for featuring my selfie on their main Instagram page. It was exciting! Today, I wanted to show how you can style these items together in a way that you would never have thought. Wide-leg pants have been very trendy from previous years, and these line up nicely with my big love of striped clothes. Graphic tees  are a must-have! As for the suede jacket, I love how soft is feels. I will try to style it with a mini skirt for you next time!
Tee | Forever 21  Pants | Forever 21  Jacket | Forever 21

My Casual Wear

5:17 PM
Hello, my sweeties! How have you been? After a long weekend, I'm back to my usual schedule of a busy bee life. Did you know that I just recently got featured on the Forever21 Instagram page? It is always fun to see how far my blog has progressed! Who could know that I would be part of the fashion industry? This week started out a bit complicated, because of the hot weather, my sick husband, and feeling low on inspiration. It happens sometimes to me, but after 2-3 days, I get my power back and new ideas flow into my head. In any event, I decided to wear something more casual, so that anyone can pull it together. I'm wearing F21 long shirt that I bought a couple months ago. Sadly, it is sold out now, but you should check Cotton-Blench one (click here).
As for the bottom, I chose to wear 2020ave skinny jeans and added my new Public Desire heels. Public Desire was nice to give me their shoes to try. Every time I wear them, I always get compliments! A great price, unique style and fast shipping - it is everything that every girl needs! To complete my casual wear, I accessorized with a Poupee de Papier tote bag.
Shirt | Forever 21    Jeans | 2020ave   Heels | Public Desire   
 Bag | Poupee de Papier  

Happy Valentine's Day with Shoes.com | #ad

5:40 PM
Happy Valentine's Day, my wonderful friends! We just got back to California. Since we knew that we'd be going on a plane from Vegas today, we decided to celebrate our Valentine's Day earlier and created a wonderful photo shoot showing our couple travel shoes. I hope you all have a wonderful dinner with your beloved one. Thanks to Shoes.com for gifting us these super comfortable shoes for our trip to Vegas. I'm wearing Clarks sandals that withstood the test of clubbing along the Vegas Strip. After dancing all night, they've proven themselves capable of walking all day and night while still feeling super comfortable. As for my husband, he wore Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers. He said that they go are light, modern, and go well with a variety of outfits. I think his shoes are not just stylish, but easy to wear and a great gift idea for utilitarian guys.

My second Valentine outfit with Lulu's

6:02 PM
Hello from Las Vegas!! Last night, we had extremely busy day filled with walking and sight seeing. We capped it off going to 1-OAK Club. By the end of it all, my back was dead from wearing high heels and trekking all over. Today, we were in a rush to wrap up shooting Valentine's outfits for my readers.  Sorry that there are only a few photos.  It was incredibly tough to take any solo pictures in this crowded city. Plus, I was not feeling good after catching a cold and the lingering back pain. It's been a good trip so far, as we watched some of the free shows offered by the hotels and had super yummy food at one of the restaurants in Caesar's Palace. We'll be catching Cirque de Soleil at the Bellagio tonight. In the photos for this post, I'm wearing a romantic lace Lulu's dress along with Via Spiga sandals (you can get them from Shoes.com), that you have seen in my previous post. Happy Valentine's Day, peeps! Dress for success and the one you love!!
Dress | Lulu's   Heels | Shoes.com

A perfect pair of shoes for Valentine's Day

7:55 AM
Happy Friday, guys! We're about to leave for Vegas and are getting an early jump on our Valentine's Day celebration. For this post, I want to thank my husband for being a part of my creative project and self-portrait photo shoot. Take a seat, chillax, and enjoy our Valentine themed photos!
If you're still looking for what to give your beloved one, think about a matching pair of shoes to give your husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend. It's a win-win, since you get new shoes (hehe), and your other-half gets something functional and stylish. I guess the normal things like chocolates, flowers, and teddy bears are great, but this would be a fun twist. Isn't a cute idea to have a matching pair? And by matching, I mainly mean by color. Having the same exact pair of shoes could be a little crazy! Lol. Anyway, I was super excited to get packages from Shoes.com to review their shoes and style myself and my husband. If you remember, I already shared in a previous post where I wearing Via Spiga and Hardy Designs Works shoes. Since I already knew that these brands will not disappoint me, I got a pair of classic shoes for my husband from Hardy and sandals for myself from Via Spiga. They are super comfortable and priced reasonably, thus making your special event feel even extra special! Hope you all find love, happiness, and fun this weekend!!

Hardy Men Shoes | Shoes.com   Via Spiga Women Shoes | Shoes.com

Valentine's Day Outfit with Lulu*s

7:53 AM
Hello, beauties! I have been quite busy with getting numerous packages and taking care of family stuff, but I finally created a Valentine's Day outfit. Thanks to my husband, who tried to find time to shoot during his crazy schedule! All other ladies already shared their Valentines' outfits, so I guess I'm among the last. If you still looking where to buy your sexy look, I definitely want to advise you to visit Lulu's. I was lucky to grab a pair of their super sexy Lulu's red heels that you can find here. Don't worry if they're sold out right now, as you can always email them and they will get them back in stock. As for this dress, I chose the "Home Before Daylight" red dress from Lulu's that is amazingly cute and fits perfectly on me. Coupling my experience and reading other customers' reviews, I thought that this dress is a winner for its price and style! As for the chilly weather we're having, I wore my white long blazer that combines just perfectly with red. Did you get a gift for your beloved one?
Dress | Lulu*s  Red    Heels | Lulu*s    Clutch | Nina Shoes

How to transfer a sweatshirt dress into elegant dress | #AD

9:14 AM
Hello, guys! How have you been? Last weekend, we enjoyed part of our day on the beach, but we not could stay too long because my lovely husband needed to go back to his studies. Such a nerd!  It was a gorgeous day though - upper 70s! I have been cleaning my closet and getting ready for spring weather. A week ago, I got to review a cute dress from Urban Finesse. I decided to show how to transform a sweater dress (that cost only $57) into an elegant dress for going out. It was super simple. I just added a belt and over knee boots. And of course, I chose my new mini bag from Nicole Lee. (hurry up, it is on SALE!)
When I pulled everything together, I was very with happy how did it all looked together. What do you think?
 Dress | Urban Finesse   Belt | Express  Boots | Public Desire  
Bag | Nicole Lee   Sunglasses | Ray Ban

My casual chic style with Nicole Lee mini bag | #AD

10:53 AM
Happy weekend, guys! This week, I want to introduce you to a bag brand that I just discovered. Nicole Lee sent me a couple of bags for reviewing and sharing my thoughts with my readers. Personally, I really admire the colorful and unique bag designs. It was hard to make a decision as to which one I wanted for myself. After I shared on my Snapchat, one of my fans said that these bags are popular among Russian fashionistas as well. This made me even more happy to review their products. Anyway, Nicole Lee is based in LA and their funky style gives a nice touch to any outfit. Since I'm a big fan of mini bags and flowers, I picked one with a flowery design. I love how it is bursting with vibrant colors. To show how it can function as a statement look, I wore a simple white shirt along with a blush sweater and distressed jeans. Let me know what you think!

Denim Jumpsuits on Sale

8:08 AM
Hello, cuties! Time to talk about jumpsuits! I have been addicted to jumpsuits since my childhood. They're always a cute, comfortable and stylish item that every fashionista should have in their closet. I prefer to wear them especially when we travel! I own about 5 different styles at the moment. I prefer to wear them when we travel. Below, I picked some favorite jumpsuits that I found on sale that you should check it out! Happy Shopping!

What to dress for Informal Business event

8:39 AM
As a stylish lady and wife, I thought that it would be wonderful to give you tips on how to dress for special occasions. Last week, we were invited to some informal events. Since my husband was wearing a suit, I thought that I should definitely match his style. After going to one particular evening reception, I definitely knew that I was dressed totally right! That's because some of the ladies didn't have any idea what to wear for this setting. I don't want to judge anyone. But also want to advise that if you're invited to an informal event, don't wear your prom or wedding dress, don't wear something that opens your shoulders or something that is too short or too sexy. 

The best choice is to always find a classic dress that has a basic colors like black, navy or dark green. Your outfit stands out through  accessorizing. I wore one of my vintage dresses from 70th that I found on etsy. I love this dress for its super classy design and elegant button touch. For my primary accessory, I picked a red clutch from Nina shoes that brought extra attention to my outfit, plus its unique design made it look expensive. That being said, you can get it at Nina's for only for $60. Another tip I would love to give, think twice about your shoes. For reception events, you might end up staying a while. Totally forget about uncomfortable heels. I'm wearing my Nina  pumps that are super comfy, yet stylish. Since I'm a super old-school lady, I thought that a single statement bracelet would be enough to complete my outfit. It worked out beautifully.
Dress | Etsy   Clutch | Nina Shoes  Bracelet | Nina Shoes  Heels | Nina Shoes

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