Enough of Black

10:49 AM
Happy weekend, guys! This week was super busy, but fun as well! Lately, I have been wearing so much black, which led me to think that I should wear something fresh and in a spring-type mood. White always looks amazing with anything, and in any season, contrary to some old-school thought. I'm wearing a vintage long blazer along with my favorite printed dress from Chicwish that I'm selling at my Poshmark store. If you still haven't gotten the Poshmark app, you should! My username is queenhorsfall and by using PHCLA code, you can get $10 credit for your first shopping adventure! 

My Winter Cali Style

7:20 AM
Hello, peeps! Since we started to have really warm weather, I decided that we should take advantage by wearing over knee boots, wool coats and winter accessories like warm scarfs as much as possible. It's been over 60 Degrees in the afternoon mostly, but if you leave in the morning or come home late at night, you could easily wear wool coat and boots. For this outfit, I'm wearing a Lamoda 101 wool coat, along with my Pink Mascara dress and Public Desire boots. To add a statement piece, I chose an SMK lunch bag that you can get at Trendhood.me
Coat | Lamoda 101  Scarf | Lamoda 101  Boots | Public Desire 
 Clutch | Trendhood  Dress | Pink Maskara

How to wear black and not look boring

11:07 PM
Hello, beauties! I used to hate black clothes, but lately, I've found how practical black can be. This time, I decided to show you how to style black clothes, yet not look boring. I chose nothing groundbreaking, but I thought that my new dress from Sheiside would look super cute with over knee boots from Public Desire and my Asos fedora hat. To add a slight hint of pizzaz, I added silver sunglasses and a cute mini bag! I was trying to stay playful and fun! Let me know what do you think. 
Dress | Sheinside  Hat | Asos  Boots | Public Desire  Bag | Mohzy

What I would wear for Fashion Week

11:13 PM
Happy weekend, beauties! I hope you are staying safe at home if you are on the east coast in the States. I'm kind of happy that we moved to California and are enjoying the warm winter. To be honest, I seriously love this place. Even when we have some chilly weather, I don't think it is so bad, because it is still relatively warm to every place I lived before. Anyway, the Fashion Week season just started few weeks ago, and I thought that I would love to create an outfit as if I was going to one of the events. I would definitely elect something simple, yet comfortable. A few weeks ago, I bought a new pair of pants from Finders Keepers at Fashion Bunker. When I was young, I used to wear a lot of gingham prints, but as I grew up, I totally forgot about my big love for this type of print. I found these pants to be so stylish. I think they look great with my H&M turtleneck and statement-piece, such as my JORD wood watch. Fashion Weeks are usually fun, but not fun for your feet! I would definitely wear my new comfy, classy and elegant heels from Nina shoes.

Top | H&M  Pants | Finders Keepers  Heels | Nina Shoes   Bag | Nuciano  Watch | Jord

Seattle City View and Visit Alki Surf Shop

11:41 AM
Hello, beauties! Here is another outfit that I was wearing while in Seattle. You may wonder what we do in West Seattle and here is my answer. My family owns a little cute retail store at Alki Beach. If you ever come to Seattle, I would definitely advise you to visit West Seattle too. Not just because you can see a fantastic view of the city, but also you can also stop at my parent's store ALKI SURF SHOP. You can find them under this address: 
2622 Alki Ave SW
Seattle, Washington

You can also visit their online store! They (and I) would really appreciate it if you come by and 
say "Hello!"
Be forewarned, Kahuna Dave will probably charm you with Seattle lore and funny stories.
As for my outfit, on this day I wore my cozy shirt from the Korean brand Customellow 
that you get at WannabK, along with my Zara midi denim skirt. Also, I'm wearing a Karen Kane scarf.

Blouse | WannabK  Skirt (Similar) |  Boohoo Boots | Report Signature Scarf | Karen Kane

My classic Nina shoes pumps

9:41 AM
In my previous post, I talked about shopping at Forever 21. I have been keeping my eyes out for this dress since November 2015. I kind of went overboard with Black Friday Christmas shopping, and I really didn't buy anything for myself either. I needed a bit of time to recharge though.  During this month, I finally got my hands on this dress I wanted! I love the design of the dress itself, especially the little shy cut on the leg. To keep my outfit classy, I wore my new Nina Shoes pumps that I got as a gift. I was amazed at how comfortable are they! I never thought of wearing pointed shoes, but lately, I feel so addicted to this type of shoe. Not just for their timeless design, but also because they visually make (and make me feel) taller. I'm not sure if this is true, so you should be my judge!
Dress | Forever 21  Pumps | Nina Shoes  Turtleneck | Nordstrom

How to wear black and white (part 2)

3:58 PM
Hello, Monday! I'm so obsessed with the classic combination of black and white, that I decided to create another ensemble for you. Last week, I ordered a couple dresses from Forever 21 and really fell in love with this one! It is slightly big in the bust, but wearing it with a shirt or blouse creates a great combination. And this simple dress transfers into overalls. To capture a bit of chicness, I wore my new Public Desire Over Knee boots with lace-up details on the back. I must thank Nina Shoes for sending me this beautiful bracelet with Swarovski crystals. Who doesn't love shiny jewelry?!  Please let me know in the comments below if you want more black and white outfits. 
Dress | Forever 21  Over Knee Boots | Public Desire  
Blouse | Forever 21  Bracelet | Nina Shoes  Clutch | Trend Hood

How to wear Black and white

10:26 AM
Happy Weekend, guys! I hope you all had a wonderful week.  Today, I wanted to share with you how to wear black and white during spring. Yeah, I'm already thinking of spring! Because we have over 60 degree weather here in North California. Today, I'm wearing a blouse from Fifteen Twenty that was gifted to me during Christmas time. I had no chance to show it to you guys before. I styled it with my old pleated skirt (I knew there was a reason to hold onto it!). To keep my black and white game on point, I wore what I found in my wardrobe to to make a perfectly fitting combination. I found out many people have a long weekend right now.  What are your plans for the MLK holiday?
Top | Fifteen Twenty  Skirt | Kruza  Sandals | C/Meo Collective  Bag | Nuciano   Hat | Forever 21

Work like a Boss

9:47 PM
I want to start today's post with very a popular quote that many girls recently reposted for empowerment inspiration:
"Look like a girl, 
Act like a lady, 
Think like a man, 
Work like a boss.." 
I think this quote totally describes what I'm wearing today. I chose my new oversized blazer from Lamoda 101, along with my new H&M turtleneck and my old vintage pants that I got in South Korea from my favorite store Stylenanda. To splice classy and business styles, I wore my loafers from WannabK. For accessories, I picked my new Neiman Markus bracelet that I got as a Christmas gift from my follower bae in Seattle (Thank you Alexa)!
Turtleneck | H&M Blazer | Lamoda101 Pants | Stylenanda 
Shoes | WannabK Bracelet | Neiman Marcus

How to wear frosty shade of blue and where to buy

8:19 PM
Hello, beautiful! I was always big fan of pastel colors, not just for their freshness, but also because they can create a very feminine look. Last weekend, I was gifted by Lamoda101 to try their coat in this frosty blue color. I introduced you once already to this local brand a couple of months ago. I absolutely love their quality and style! To not detract from the icy effect of my new coat, I wore it along with my new matching set (Top & Skirt) from red23. To add some boldness, I chose my Coach mini bag in yellow with matching sandals. 
Top | red23  Skirt | red23  Coat | Lamoda101 Mini bag | Coach

How to wear motto jacket this spring

9:11 PM
Happy weekend guys! You can't imagine how happy I am to be back in Northern California. After freezing in Seattle, it feels nice to have the warm sun on me as I walk around Fisherman's Wharf. This weekend, we decided to spend most of it in the house to help us transition back to our life style. My husband spends most of his time in his office with books and I try to work on what to show next to my readers. Today, I wore my favorite turtleneck along with a Forever 21 motto jacket. My vintage camel skirt is such a statement piece that looks super stylish with almost everything. As for shoes, I chose to wear my new sandals from Lulu's! Hehe. You probably think I'm crazy for wearing sandals in the winter! Don't worry, I took them off as soon as I started to freeze. They just completed my look for this shoot. As for the bag, I chose another new Nuciano bag in black! By the way, don't forget to join my Giveaway to win one of these awesome Nuciano bags (link here)!
 Turtleneck | Nordstrom  Jacket | Forever 21   Skirt (Similar ) | Asos  Sandals | Lulu's  Bag | Nuciano

You don't know anything, Jon Snow... How we drove to Winterland

10:20 AM
"You don't know anything, Jon Snow"...Hello, from Winterland! Sorry for being so slow, but I needed some recovery time after our trip. I caught up on my beauty sleep and got my strength back to create! When we were in Seattle, we sadly didn't experience any snowy weather. Luckily, I have the best husband in the world, who supports my crazy ideas every time, like driving me to this snow-covered "Winterland." It was an adventures short trip, because our father's car doesn't have heat. Before arriving to our photo shoot location, we were enjoying Mc Cafe coffee and covering our legs with a warm blanket. When we got to the place, we thought that it would be a bad idea to go too far away from our car, since everyone there had real snow gear. On our way to find the perfect spot, we met a few guys that needed help. Their car was stuck in the snow. My sweet husband tried to help them and ended up with wet feet. To not risk my husband's health, we quickly took a few photos for my blog post and drove back to Seattle. 

For my country look, I wore my new Fifteen Twenty shirt from their LA collection along with my Karen Kane scarf. I was so pleased to wear clothes from local brands in California. I can't wait to show you more later!

Top | Fifteen Twenty  Scarf | Karen Kane  Jeans | 7 For All Mankind  Shoes | Bear Paw

Camel Style

7:42 PM
Hey, beauties! Today, I want to share with you one of my favorite outfits that I took before the new year arrived.  My husband's family lives very close to Lake Washington, and last year, I was thrilled by the view and thought that it would be wonderful to take some scenic pictures. It seems I over-exposed these photos a tad. The lesson for me is that playing with Lightroom can be somewhat dangerous. Haha. For this photo shoot, I was wearing my new Zara turtleneck that I got during its Black Friday sale (just never had a chance to wear it). I also wore my "new" vintage pleated skirt. I love vintage clothes because whenever I wear them, my mom & aunt say that these items were the big trends when they were young. Anyway, I feel like "old" fashion always comes full circle, and I wish that they saved all their clothes for me ;(. To keep camel hue theme, I wore my H&M scarf that I got during our stay in Seattle along with my new booties that you can see in my previous post that I got from Public Desire.
Turtleneck (similar) | here  Skirt (similar ) | Here  Booties | Public Desire  Scarf | H&M

My goals for the upcoming year | *Win NUCIANO bag | GIVEAWAY open from 5 Jan - 4 Feb *ONLY US RESIDENT

9:30 PM
Hello, babies! Due to our trip to Seattle and New Orleans, I barely had time to write. Even so, I am writing new post now that reflects a bit on the recent past and explains my goals for the upcoming year. 2015 was incredible for my family and I. Even though there were some hard moments, I still appreciate all of it! Last year, I achieved my goal of growing my following on social media, and toward the end of the year, I also learned new skills in photography and styling. My Asian (Korean) style changed under American influence and I absolutely love the way how I dress up today. I feel very confident in what I do. In the upcoming year, I'm looking into a new level of creativity. I'm not sure yet what that will be exactly, but I mentioned once that my husband and i started a new travel project. I initially wanted to share these special pics right away, but then I thought it should be something more then just photos on social media. I'm looking into a new year of powerful and creative ideas that will come into my head. I will continue to inspire my favorite readers from my style evaluation. Since most of my readers and followers have been so generous, I decided to conduct giveaway in collaboration with Nuciano. This beautiful red bag, retailing at $400, is going to one of my readers. Thank you for being so awesome and I wish you all a wonderful 2016!
I wear my new Zara dress along with Sheinside coat and Nuciano bag.

How to style earthy colors

5:02 PM
Hello, beautiful! Today, I want to share with you how to style earthy colors together and not look boring. I think this outfit is more related to Fall season, but it works for my location since the Californian coast has the longest Fall season ever. Maybe it will give you some inspiration for what to wear in spring ;)
I was gifted by Sheinside the opportunity to style this pretty beige sweater. I love oversized sweaters since I can cozy up in them during cold days. Even though it is super warm during the day where we live, it doesn't stop me from wanting more sweaters in my wardrobe. Sadly, I didn't bring this sweater with me to Seattle. It was super chilly there! I styled this sweater with a button front suede skirt that many bloggers love. Perhaps it's so popular because of the extra visual height it creates. To stay consistent, I wore my beige Nina shoes along with my new tote from Nuciano. 
Sweater | SheIn  Skirt | New Look  Heels | Nina Shoes  Bag | Nuciano

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