Happy New Year from New Orleans

1:13 PM
Hello, sweeties! I would love to congratulate everyone on the upcoming New Year! I'm writing from the Hyatt French Quarter Hotel in New Orleans. We are a block away from historic Bourbon Street and gearing up for a crazy night with friends. This is one of the rare occasions that I am publishing the same day as the photoshoot, since this outfit is what I have lined up for tonight. Anyway, before the festivities start, I would love to share this fun ensemble. I'm wearing my new Lucky Chouette silk blouse from WannabK. I thought that it would be wonderful to style it with my pencil red skirt and leather pumps. I can't wait to see my husband matching with my outfit. I wish all my readers a Happy New Year and can't wait to see you all in 2016! I promise we will enjoy new adventures in the coming year, and I wish you all good health and happiness! Cheers!!
Blouse | WannabK  Skirt | NY & Company  Heels | Shoes.com

Freezing in Seattle |

12:22 AM
I can't believe how close we are to the end of this amazing year! To be honest, I am not super ecstatic for the coming of the new year, simply because I had such a wonderful 2015! This Seattle winter is pretty chilly, but being here is always fun. We tried to sneak in a couple of photo shoots while here, and I can't wait to share them with you. Today, we walked down to Lake Washington and snapped some photos after I got new booties from Public Desire. My new shiny shoes are super comfortable and perfect for this rainy city! To match up with my style, I wore a burgundy Lulu's sweater along with skinny pants and a wool coat. What are your plans for the upcoming year? P.S. Thanks to our mom for letting us to use a car for photoshoot ;)
Coat | Oasis  Pants | Nordstrom Rack   Boots | Public Desire  Turtleneck | Lulu's

How to wear midi denim skirt

5:53 PM
I have been searching for a trendy denim skirt since September.  To be honest, I ordered a few different skirts from Zara, but they were kind of big on me, so I ended up returning them.  After a couple of months, I was finally rewarded with the perfect find from Sans Souci!  Even my husband liked this skirt as soon he saw it on me!  Before my quest to find one, I refused to wear denim skirts, especially minis.  That being said, I have overcome my aversion and have really fallen in love with this button front denim skirt.  I consider it one of my must-have items this season for sure!  I styled it with my Zara turtleneck, Fashion Bunker Sandals, and Nuciano gifted purse. 
      Top (Similar) | Neiman Marcus     Skirt | Sans Souci     Hat | Forever 21   
 Sandals | BNKR   Bag| Nuciano

Layser Cave in my Oasis clothing!

11:24 AM
Merry Christmas, guys! Last weekend, we spent a night at my family’s country house. Every time we go there, we try to explore some new places. This time we went to Layser Cave, where Native Americans used to live. While there, we thought it was a great opportunity to shoot one of my outfits. This post is supposed to be more about a holiday theme, but you know, I like to be creative and different. It is what my blog’s philosophy is about. I wore another holiday dress that I got from Oasis along with a wool coat. To keep my outfit stylish for the moment, I switched my warm uggs to classic pointed shoes. It was a bit hard to shoot in the cave because of low lighting, but I hope you will still appreciate the effort to do something different and fun!
Dress | Oasis     Coat | Oasis    

#OasisFashion | Part 2

9:17 PM
Hello, sweeties! I'm getting a bit stressed with all the Christmas events and obligations, but it is always so fun to be home, especially when we are wrapping Christmas gifts. This time, my little friend Hunter was "helping" me. You can see by his facial expression how happy he was! LOL. Yesterday, I had a short meeting with my bloggers babies and totally forgot to snap a photo. Oh well, maybe next time. I think it's always good to connect with fellow bloggers, stylists, models, and readers while on the move. It keeps everything human, am I right? Under our Christmas tree, I'm wearing my holiday dress from Oasis to add to the festive mood of this post since we are finally finished with decorating our tree. I wish you all a Merry Christmas! Thank you for all of your love & support!

#LightUpMyStreet (part 1)

5:10 PM
Hi, beauties! In collaboration with Oasis through Shopping links, I want to share how I would love to spend my holiday evening. I mentioned on my Instagram that we are spending our weekend at our family's country house. Unfortunately, we didn't bring any decorations to create a Christmas look around the house. But just being there and cozying up next to the fireplace, drinking hot tea/hot chocolate in the morning, enjoying the beautiful view of the forest and listening Christmas music gave us a perfect holiday vacation! To stay warm, I'm wearing an Oasis knitted dress along with my blanket scarf. Stay tuned for my another holiday look before Christmas Eve. 

Eva Mendes The Holiday Collection at NY&Company (PAID)

8:49 AM
The Holiday Season is on! Time to think about how to sparkle at upcoming events like Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This year, we decided to celebrate our New Year in New Orleans. How exciting! I decided to create for my lovely readers a creative set in the spirit of Christmas. I got in touch with New York and Company to review the new holiday collection of Eva Mendes. To be honest, I wanted to buy everything, because this new collection is really beautiful.  Who doesn’t want to look gorgeous and amazing like Eva Mendes?! I’m wearing a red blouse along with elegant pencil skirt . To round out my holiday style, I wore my pointed pumps that complete a sexy, lady-like outfit that has me ready to celebrate in style.
I also selected a delightful sweater dress from the Eva Mendes line . When I tried this dress on, I loved how the material wrapped around my body.  The softness of the fabric was incredible, making the outfit comfortable, warm, and chic. Let me know what you like the most! You might need to rush if you like these items, because they are selling out pretty quickly!

Blouse | Eva Mendes   Pencil Skirt | Eva Mendes   Sweater Dress | Eva Mendes

What to wear for airport

9:41 AM
Hi, guys! I'm literally readying my bags! We are leaving soon for our trip to Seattle & New Orleans. We still didn't finish our Christmas gift shopping. I guess we will do the rest in Seattle. Today, I wanted to share with you what I plan to wear when we travel, and to give you a few small tips. At first, I always layer underneath my sweater, because you never know what kind of temperature you will encounter while traveling. I prefer wearing a turtleneck, and last weekend, I got a pretty cool one from 2020ave. I also wore a skirt from Fashion Bazaar, and here is another reason why I prefer a skirt or dress instead of jeans or pants - I love when my skin breathes. Plus, when I am in the air, my legs get puffy, and jeans or pants get very uncomfortable and too tight! Another item you should wear are sneakers. I especially recommend this if you have cool ones like mine from WannabK. You will won't have to worry about feeling underdressed, because they are super statement piece. The next item - a backpack. I love backpacks no matter what style or color. They are just perfect for travel! I found mine at Flat Iron. You probably will see this backpack very often when we will travel. And the last piece I always carry with me are sunglasses, because it is the only way to hide your face without make-up ;) Btw, I was seriously too lazy to put make up on when we were shooting this outfit. Oh, I almost forgot to mention my arm candies! Big thanks to Paul Watches for sending me this unique watch from their new collection. 

Top | 2020ave   Skirt | Fashion Bazaar    Eyewear | Ditto  
Backpack | Flat Iron  Sneakers | WannabK  Watch | Christian Paul  
Bracelets | Trendhood  Ring | MyKitsch

My Christmas wish

10:09 AM
Hi, beauties! Happy Monday, guys! Christmas is in the air! Did you make a wish list? To be honest, it took me a while to think about what I want as a Christmas gift. I have everything that I need at the moment. My husband is next to me, we're in a beautiful town next to the ocean. I got a hummingbird feeder and am now enjoying my morning by eating breakfast and watching cute little birds visit our porch. What else is there in life? I guess this year I will just wish for peace in our world. According all the latest news, the world is going increasingly crazy. I probably sound like all blonde "Miss Universe" girls. LOL. But seriously... WORLD PEACE!!!

Today, I'm wearing my Minkpink Dress along with over knee Public Desire boots, a long wool coat and a Poupee de Papier bag. For accessories, I went with a Foxy Original ring & necklace in silver.
Coat | Vestiaire Collection   Dress | MinkPink  Boots | Public Desire    Bag | Poupee de Papier 
 Necklace | Foxy Original  Ring | Foxy Original

My little black dress

3:09 PM
Happy Weekend. guys! Every woman should own at least one black dress. I own probably 3 dresses in black, but they were not classy enough. Lately, I'm infatuated with my finds at Forever 21. Their clothing line seems to only get better. A few weeks ago, I found a perfect affordable dress from Forever 21. You wouldn't believe it, but it cost only $22.90, and it's a nice design. I think it looks like a designer dress. With the right accessories, like my Margaret Elizabeth cuff & Trendhood necklaces & Deux Lux bag, anyone can create an elegant and luxurious look. Btw, for the first month out of twelve, you can receive free designer eyewear from Ditto by using the "DIFFERENTCANDS" code. I am wearing my new Jason Wu eyewear for this shoot. Do you own a little black dress?
Dress | Forever 21 Cuff | Margaret Elizabeth Bag | Deux Lux  
Necklace | Trendhood  Eyewear | Ditto  Sandals | Asos

Son Of a Tailor | Customized Tees for couple & Shore Projects Watch

1:14 PM
Hi, babies! This time, we decided to create something new, because my husband was involved as a reluctant model. Hehe. Big thanks to our friend Lindsey for snapping a couple of pictures for us while hanging around Fullerton, CA. Last week, I got a wonderful package from the European brand, Son of a Tailor. I made an order for customized tees for my hubby and I. It came in wonderful packaging and when I opened it, I instantly loved the quality of the fabric and the obvious care put into creating the clothing.  Each piece was even personalized with our initials. I thought it could be a cool Christmas gift for both of us! It was super easy to customize. The coolest part, I think, is that every shirt was signed by the tailor. That makes it even more special. To complete our holiday outfit, we dressed in our favorite denim jeans along with nice pair of watches. I chose my new Shore Project watch that is super classy and elegant. When I got them, I was amazed by their luxurious packing job (see pic below).

           Tee | Son of a Tailor   Watch | Project Shore   
Jeans | Revolve Clothing     Heels  | Shoes.com   Coat | Lulu's

How to choose the right Over Knee Boots

11:54 AM
Hi, babies! Knowing how to choose the right Over Knee boots can be overwhelming! The huge variety of fabrics and styles drove me crazy. After spending hours and hours online, I can definitely share with you some tips on what you should look. First, think of the color you want. Second, choose the type of heels that are the most comfortable. To be honest, I thought about this at the last moment. I find that heels always look sexier and give extra height. It is why I picked my Public Desire Boots. The last thing, you should think about how to wear them. The best way to wear over knee boots is with a mini dress or mini skirt. To stay warm during these chilly days, I like wearing my Calvin Klein sweater over a Style Moi denim dress. What is your rule for how to pick the perfect pair of boots?
Sweater | Calvin Klein    Dress | Style Moi    Boots | Public Desire  Sunglasses | Polette

How to dress in minimalist way

11:14 AM
Hi, babies! My love of minimalist style is slowly growing. I love watching how other bloggers show how simple and clean lines can look chic and stylish. If you want to be styled in a minimalistic way too, just follow a few rules. Stick with monotone colors like beige, navy, black or gray. The next rule is to use luxury fabrics. Even if you can't afford expensive designer clothes, some stores like Asos, Forever 21, or Zara can offer many pieces that look incredible. I'm a big fan of Lulu's. I'm wearing one of their trench coats along with a turtleneck and Tobi pants. To complete my minimalist outfit, I chose my Poupee de Papier tote bag. 
Coat | Lulu's   Turtleneck | Lulu's     Pants | Tobi  Bag | Poupee de Papier

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