June 2015: How to wear wide leg pants

7:38 PM
Who said you can't wear wide leg pants if you are short!? Definitely not me! I have been looking for white pants for a while. And found them at Megz Fashion! Yeah!  Since I'm short, I would advise you to buy them long, so they hide your heels.  You will have a taller look.  To create a chic appearance, I paired these pants with VS Pink bralette and some pretty accessories from our store Trendhood. Don't forget to check it out, because we now ship to Canada too ;)
Bralette | VS Pink  Pants | Megz Fashion  Necklace | Trendhood

June 2015: Ocean Front in Virginia Beach

5:22 AM
Hi, guys! I promised to share with you the story of our small trip to Virginia Beach. We have been there a couple of times, but never stayed the night.  We decided that this weekend was the perfect opportunity, and it turned out to be an awesome time. We arrived around lunch time and went to the beach right away.  The ocean water was still too cold to swim, but some people were enjoying to play in the water.  After beach time, we checked into our hotel and we instantly loved our room! We had an ocean view that overlooked the boardwalk directly below our balcony. It was ideal for people watching, sipping on drinks, and soaking up nature's beauty.  The hotel included breakfast & parking and was close to all of the cool activities on the beach. At night, we went to one of the local clubs and partied like we were 20-year-olds. LOL I would definitely advise you to visit Virginia Beach. For our Beach Photo Shoot, I decided to wear a beautiful marble printed dress from Style Moi. I think this outfit was meant to be shot in front of ocean waves crashing down.  Simply picturesque.  
Dress | Style Moi    Bracelet | Nasty Gal    Shades | here

June 2015: My photography tips and what do we use!

5:05 AM
Happy Monday, guys! I hope your weekend was as fantastic as mine! I will share the details about our brief trip to Virginia Beach later. Some of my followers keep asking me about photography skills, what camera I use, etc. 
So, I thought it would be helpful to share my small secrets of success! Firstly, we are using the Canon Rebel t4i. This camera has worked pretty well, but of course, I'm looking forward to getting a better one in the future. To be honest though, my main secret in photography is using a macro lens (100 mml). I got this lens for my birthday, and so far, it's the best gift ever. Even my husband loves to take pictures with this lens, since he is not a professional photographer. It captures details that make really sharp images. Next, we try to shoot when the sun is going down, or find shade if it's in the middle of the day. It is very hard to take pictures when the sun is too bright! My last tip, be a team! We noticed that when we work as a team, we always get better images, but there are some days when we have a hard time LOL. 

Today, I'm wearing a striped top (Forever 21) that I paired with mesh skirt from Style Moi. I'm just in love this this statement necklace from Micha Store that I got a week ago. I hope my little bits of advice will help you!
 Necklace |  Micha  Top | Forever 21  Sandals | Romwe 
Bag | Missguided  Skirt | Style Moi 

June 2015: Oh! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants!

8:22 AM
Happy Saturday! I'm so excited because we are leaving to Virginia Beach in a couple of hours. Can't wait to relax on the beach and go out. It has been another busy week. After going through all my pictures, I realized that most of my outfits are feminine and too girly. It inspired me to create another playful look. Today, I'm wearing a cute SpongeBob printed top and distressed jeans from Style Moi. To keep it from being too casual, I added my Stylenanda lace coat in case if it gets chilly in the evening. Cool shades to keep my eyes protected by the sun and platform sandals round out my outfit.
 Top | Style Moi   Jeans | Style Moi   Lace Coat | Stylenanda   Sandals | Stylenanda

June 2015: Vintage Style

5:51 AM
Hey, guys! Today, I want to talk about my newest collaboration via Chictopia Connect. I'm so in love with this cool tool. It's the easiest way for sponsors to find me, and for me to find sponsors around the world! Voodoo Vixen offered for me to introduce my readers to their beautiful, vintage-style dresses. When I got this dress, I immediately started thinking about how I should style it. I came to ideas about my hair first! I watched a couple of videos on YouTube and styled my hair. Afterwards, I realized that I didn't need to do anything, because this dress says everything all by itself. What do you think about my retro style? Summer of love!
Dress | voodoovixen    Pumps | here   Headband | here 

June 2015: How do you girls navigate the sun with fashion?

6:34 AM
Hi, guys! The weather in Virginia has been crazy hot lately. Today was over 97 F! I thought I was going to melt! LOL! I can't believe people function in weather like this. Anyway, I decided to make the best of this situation, as it presents the perfect opportunity to show you what to wear on these scorching hot days. I picked one of my new tops from Style Moi and paired it with high waisted shorts (Style Moi). For accessories, I chose a pretty necklace that Micha Store sent to me last week. Cool shades with nice platform shoes will complete this outfit with good summer vibes. The only thing missing is an ice cream cone! How do you girls navigate the sun with fashion?
 Top | Style Moi   Shorts | Style Moi  Necklace | Micha  Sandals | here

June 2015: Fringe

5:13 AM
Oh Fringe!!! I guess I'm the last one who started to wear the biggest spring trend of this year. I tried to avoid this trend for a while. I do not why. Maybe because I'm trying hard to not always follow trends.  Still, I was "sitting on the couch" and watching how other fashionistas were trending with fringe skirts. It slowly snuck into my wardrobe. To be honest, this skirt makes a daring statement! I styled my new Trendyish skirt with a striped vintage blouse and white sandals. I added another statement piece of silver earrings that I got from Lavisha. Do you own fringe clothes?
Skirt | Trendyish    Earrings | Lavisha   Bag | Lulu's

June 2015: Elegance is not being noticed, it is about being remembered!

8:04 AM
Happy Sunday, guys! Last month, I won a small competition by entering one of the giveaways for Missguided. I was so happy to find out that I was one of the winners. I have seen this brand before and tried to shop there once, but it was unsuccessful and I gave up. I guess it was fate to win this competition =) Here are my purchases that I got from Missguided: sky blue pants, color-blocked bag and sandals. For accessories, I chose Trendhood jewelry! Don't forget to check out our store!
Blazer | New Look    Pants | Missguided     Bag | Missguided  
Sandals | Missguided    Necklace | Trendhood    Bracelet | Nasty Gal

June 2015: TRENDHOOD

7:26 AM
Hi, guys! A few months ago, I was working with my friend on our biggest project. We decided to have our small accessories store, Trendhood. It was quite tough, but we are finally open! I really would appreciate it if you could follow us on our page. At the moment we are shipping in the USA only.

Today, I'm wearing an OASAP mini dress and added some bracelets from Sterling Forever in the mix with our Trendhood bracelet. Hope you like it and help us get the word out!
Dress | OASAP      Gold Tone Ruby Cuff | Sterling Forever
Numeral Cuff | Sterling Forever     Twigs Bracelet | Trendhood

June 2015: Our Small adventure to York Town

5:18 AM
Hey, guys! Yesterday, we decided to drive to York Town and thought we could organize our photo shoot by the river.  When I got this beautiful maxi dress from Sheinside, I had the image in my head that it will look even better by the water. York Town is located on the York River, and has a really amazing place to shoot, but when we got there, it was surprisingly busy. We had no idea what was going on. After driving around, we realized that there no chance to park by the beach. Thank God that sometimes my husband is more motivated than me. He decided to drive around and finally we found a nice spot to shoot for this post! Nature, my pink maxi dress and a Sterling Forever bracelet looked perfect together!

How do you organize your posts? Do you look for locations where to shoot?
Dress | Sheinside   Bracelet | Sterling Forever 

June 2015: Neon Monday | Shopping with Ifchic 2

10:13 AM
Hello Monday! I have been so busy lately. I do not know if it is good or not, but at same time, I'm happy! Today I want to show you my second outfit with an IfChic item. When I got the classic, The Fifth Label dress, I fell in love with its simple design and vivid color. It is just perfect for a bold summer! I want to remind you that I got this dress totally for FREE. Do you want to find out how I did it?! Read my previous post >here
Dress | Ifchic      Sanadal | Missguided    Eyewear | polette

June 2015: How to customize your Polette sunglasses

6:54 PM
Hey, guys! I hope you had a great weekend! My weekend was really busy! A few days ago, I promised to share with you how I customized my eyewear.

1. Go to polette.com and log in.
2. After picking the frame (mine was Frisson), then choose the lens type.
3. After picking a lens type, you can find your color by choosing a tint. The tint has different levels. I stopped on Gradient. After a couple of day, my beautiful eyewear arrived!

By the way, if you want to WIN a pair of Polette Glasses, go to my instagram (here), find the picture of my pink sunglasses and read how to enter the contest!

June 2015: Shopping with #IFCHIC (part 1)

9:23 AM
Hey guys! We have been experiencing some extremely crazy weather in Virginia. It has been raining incredibly hard the whole week! I do not know if I like it or not, but after the humid and hot weather, maybe it is a good break. Since the temperature has dropped quite a bit, I thought I'd wear my new C/MEO sweater that I got this week. I absolutely love it! You will probably not believe me, but I got it for FREE from Ifchic! I wanted to share with you how you can get your designer clothes for free as well. Just simply go to their website (www.ifchic.com) and start to collect $2 coins! You can collect $6 at day! After collecting them every day, you can spend your coins on every 24th day of the month! Easy, right?! Ifchic offers a lot of amazing designer items. I'm keeping my eyes on Korean designers right now. I wish you good luck in your shopping adventures!
Sweater | IfChic   Pants | here  Clutch | here  

June 2015: Dreams come true

5:36 PM
Dreams do come true. I do not know about your experiences, but whatever I dreamed of having in my life, it came to true. Some people say if you want something, you just need to want it with all your heart. I guess my next dream is to be back in Paris. Since France is where I have my most beautiful memories with my husband, I can't stop thinking about going back! 
I was lucky to catch some nice weather before rain hit our town. This grayish weather kind of created a Parisian feel for this photo shoot. I'm wearing printed pencil skirt, a Lulu's black and white mini bag, and to pop out some colors, I wore my new mules from Lulu's in orange. The best part of my look, however, are my new cool glasses from Polette. You probably have seen my other collection pieces of Polette Eyewear. This time, I customized a pair of sunglasses with tinted lenses, and I'm absolutely in love with them. These glasses have really amazing quality and showcase a luxurious design. In my next post, I will tell you more about customizing eyewear from Polette. What is your favorite eyewear brand?
Sunglasses | Polette    Skirt | here   Mules| Lulu's  Bag | Lulu's

June 2015: Stripes, stripes and again stripes...

4:39 AM
I can't get stripes off my mind. haha. I guess I am suffering from a stripe epidemic. With smart styling, stripes can look really flattering and edgy! I decided to wear a striped Lulu's romper in combination with striped blazer from Asos. In my opinion, it was the best combination that I ever wore. To bring some pizzaz to the outfit, I chose a white lunch-bag-style purse. Steve Madden sandals in animal print are must-have item in my shoes collection!
Blazer | here Romper | Lulu's  Shoes | here

June 2015: Hello Summer / York Town

4:44 AM
I can't believe that it is June already! Time flies so fast! Last week, we decided to revisit a charming town (Yorktown, VA) that we discovered when our family from Seattle came to visit. We fell in love with this cute and beautiful place and thought it would be great to go back and enjoy some sun. Since it was beach weather, I thought that my new dress and sandals from Lulu's would look great for this occasion. A statement necklace (from Queenhorsfall Closet) and a summer hat (Forever 21) are the final touches for creating a wonderful summer outfit. 
What are your plans for summer vacation?
 Dress | Lulu's    Mules | Lulu's  Hat | Forever 21   Necklace | Queenhorsfall Closet
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