May 2015: Korean Inspiration OOTD

4:33 AM
Hello, my sweeties! How was your week? It is been quite good for me! We went to the beach, we ate ice cream, and my back pain is getting better since I've been visiting a physical therapist. The best part though, is that my husband comes home earlier! Life is good!

Today, I'm wearing another beautiful dress from Chicwish. This one is my favorite from the dresses that I showed you in my previous post (here and here). It reminds me of Korean style! Firstly, it is in stripes. This obsession with stripes hits not only Korea, but it's also popular among most of the bloggers this season. Another aspect is that it has a flirty and boxy design, like most of the Korean dresses that you can find at Stylenanda (well known international Korean brand).
Dress | Chicwish    Bag | Frontrowshop   Sandals | Steve Madden

Let's talk intimates: Review to Petite Cherry's lingerie

6:12 AM
I'm not really good at describing or giving reviews for certain products. But I guess it is time to learn how! Let's talk about lingerie! A few weeks ago, I got a nice set of underwear from the Japanese brand Petite Cherry. I was surprised that everything fit me well, I usually prefer buying underwear at stores, because you can try it on. The best part of this underwear line is its sexy design and very light material that work perfect for summer.  Most of my bras are pushups... I hope, you understand what I'm talking about LOL. Since bralettes are so popular lately, I think this bra can look really good with a blazer! It will give you a flirty look! Maybe I will show how I styled it later. What is your favorite lingerie line?

May 2015: Ruffle Dress

5:12 AM
Good Morning, my lovelies! Today, I'm wearing another Chicwish dress. My husband was not too crazy about this dress. He called it a "hospital shirt." Haha, maybe he is right. That being said, I'm all about comfortable dresses for summer! I love that it came in a very light material. I have been looking for something like this for ages. Most of the clothes that I get are made from silk, polyster or some other weird materials. I wanted something where my body can breaaaathhhhh.... Virginia is coming to time of extremely humid weather, and I need something that insures I don't sweat! What do you prefer to wear in hot weather?
Dress | Chicwish     Bag Similar | here    Sandals Similar  | here    Bracelet | here

May 2015: Secret Mission

7:21 AM
Happy Friday! After our 30-minute run, my husband and I staged a top secret mission to liberate some flowers in our neighborhood. I got tired of spending $4-7 every week for flowers from Walmart, Trader Joes, or Fresh Market. These flowers are not even fresh. They die in 1-3 days, making me realize that they are a waste of money. Our neighborhood community house has communal flower bushes. It was so funny how we did it. We were pretending to be exercising, but it was all a ruse. Haha! Love my husband for going along with my crazy ideas!

I'm wearing my new pretty dress from Sheinside with white sandals. To complete my look, I added a necklace from Rachel Marie Designs and JC Penney Bag.
Dress | Sheinside    Necklace | Rachel Marie Designs    Bag (similar) | here

May 2015: Lady in Green

7:40 PM
Happy Monday, people! Last week was quite exciting and super busy! We had extremely nice weather that allowed us to travel around Virginia. We visited Richmond for a few hours, walking around the places that my husband used to live before.  I never noticed in the past that Richmond looks so pretty when it gets warm. We also went to Portsmouth, and surprisingly, it is a really nice city. My father-in-law loves history and I could see that he enjoyed strolling about the oldest churches of Virginia. I must recommend that if you ever visit Virginia, do it during the spring or fall time! Summer gets too humid!

Today, I'm wearing one of the Oasap dresses that I got last week. It was pretty easy to style because of its rich color. For accessories, I picked my new must-have mini bag and sandals that I got from ASOS. Summer feels like it's in full swing. I am loving it.
Dress | Oasap    Bag | ASOS    Sandals | ASOS

May 2015: Simple Sunday

12:39 PM
Hi, my sweethearts! Today's post is pretty simple! I had a fantastic week with my family from Seattle! We did a lot of touristy things that I never did with my husband while living in Virginia. I feel so happy to be back to my blogging life and relaxing a little bit. Last week, I got a cute pair of shorts from Graysonshop and I wear them almost every day now. They are so comfy! Since, I'm not a blogger who loves to wear sportswear, I decided to style these shorts with a white oversized blouse and white sandals.
Shorts | here      Blouse | here     Sandals | here

May 2015: What to wear for graduation

5:22 AM
Happy Friday guys! My husband is graduating this Saturday and I thought about what I should wear for the ceremony. I decided to go with something more elegant. Oasap shipped me a cute dress this week and I find it to be perfect for this special event. To repurpose from a casual summer dress to more classy look, I paired it with a sleeveless blazer that captures a great color combination.
Dress | here     Blazer (Similar) | here     Watch | here    Heels | Here

May 2015: Alice's Pig floral dress

6:30 AM
Hi, lovelies! It is been a crazy start to the week, but I tried to find some time to write a new blog post. Today's post is about my new dress from the London-based brand, Alice's Pig.  They were nice to give me a dress from their new collection for Summer 2015.  I loved the design of this floral-printed mullet dress. I thought that heels, sunglasses and red bag would perfectly compliment this lovely dress.  It is kind of looks Asian-themed when you put it all together;) What do you think? By the way, I hope you noticed that I changed my hair color ;) I hope you like it too. 
Dress | Alice's Pig    Sandals |   Bracelet | Nasty Gal

May 2015: Review to Triangl Swimwear

9:04 PM
Hi, lovelies! Time for the beach! Yay! I have been looking for the perfect swimwear for my age. Haha. I finally found the perfect one at Triangl's online store. You can't imagine how happy I felt when I got their package! It came in nice black box that gives a rich touch to the brand. I picked the smallest top size (S) since I have a small chest, and for my bigger hips, I chose medium (M) size in blue color (click here). I was a bit nervous when I ordered it, but when it arrived, it fit perfectly! I guess you need to know your size! Buying online can be kind of tricky! Last weekend, we went to a local beach so I could try out my swimwear. It was too bad that the water was still cold. I guess I'll head back there as things heat up, and will show you more pictures later! 
Swimwear | Triangl     Top | PINK    Shorts | Forever 21

May 2015: StarDrugs with Mr. Gugu & Miss Go

6:07 AM
Happy Monday, my sweeties! I hope you had a wonderful day with your mothers! I can't wait to join motherhood, hehe. Today, I decided to wear something unusual for me. Stan Smith shoes are my number one pair of shoes in my wardrobe! I think that every fashionista should own them. We have had very hot weather lately, and to let my body breathe, I picked my favorite European brand with a Mr. Gugu & Miss Go tank top that matches my phone case. As for hair, I really enjoyed to wear the hair extensions (get them here).  
Hair Extensions | Irresistible Me    Top | Mr. Gugu    Phone case | Mr. Gugu     Sneakers | Adidas

May 2015: What to wear for Mother's Day

5:12 AM
Hello, my sweeties! Many of you are probably getting ready for Mother's Day. It's so sad that my mom is too far from me to see her.  At least my mother-in-law is coming to visit us next week. We are so excited to have my husband's family here.  In honor of Mother's Day, I am making some recommendations of what to wear.  
I love to wear girly and very feminine items, and this inspired me to create another ladylike outfit in pastel hue. I picked my vintage maxi skirt from Forever 21. Maxi skirts are great for casual, yet fashionable looks. For the top portion, I chose a Grayson top. It is my first experience with this brand! You probably would not believe it, but it cost only $10! As for the quality of material, it is good too! Usually, I do not trust clothes at this price, but this one is surprisingly great! I got a pair of shorts from this store too, which you will see pictures later. What do you plan to wear if you have some time with your mom?
Top | Grayson      Skirt | Forever 21      Skirt (Similar) | Chicnova      Heels | Style for Less

May 2015: IrresistibleMe Hair Extension x Mr. GUGU & Miss Go

3:51 AM
Hi, guys! I think this is my second post where I'm talking about clip hair extensions. This time though, they are way better quality that I had previously. IrresistibleMe offered for me to try their product, and to be honest, I absolutely love it. I picked an 18 inch ash blonde ponytail that is really easy to wear. I'm so obsessed with being blonde again, that this ponytail moved me to think about changing my natural hair color. For now, I'm enjoying wearing my pretty ponytail. I get extra amusement from my husband, who is freaking out over this hair. Haha. I thought that this hair style would look great with my new tank top from Mr. Gugu & Miss Go, along with my vintage skirt. Guys, don't forget to check out my mini store, link here
Hair | IrresistibleMe   Top | Mr. Gugu & Miss Go  Skirt | Queenhorsfall Closet  Eyewear | Polette

May 2015: What to wear this summer?

5:02 AM
Hi, my sweeties! I have had an incredibly bad headache lately. Maybe it's the weather or something else. Even so, I cannot stop working.  Here is my new outfit!  Some of you have probably seen my new-in items at my snapchat (queenhorsfall).  I'm in love with my new Forever 21 crop top!  I love the design and back side of the top, though, I'm not quite as ecstatic about the material.  To be honest, I'm scared to wash it, so I guess I'll just never wash it!  Lol.  Also, I got a new pair of sunglasses from Polette.  You know how much I love their glasses.  I think they have the best designed eyewear!  For the bottom, I wore my new skirt from Flourish Boutique.  For my lovely readers, they offered 25% off when using a special discount code "DIFFERENTCANDS".  Enjoy! 
Eyewear | Polette   Top | Forever 21   Skirt | Florish Boutique  Sandals | here

Seoul Fashion Week (part 2)

5:23 AM
Hello, my fabulous ones! Finally, I got more pictures from Seoul Fashion Week. I think this was one of my best outfits ever for Fashion Week. Big thanks to the photographer Lavar Plummer (who collaborates with my team in Seoul), who captured the essence of the whole outfit. Also, big thanks to my friend, and designer, Claude of CG Atelier, who created this awesome assemblage. Lastly, another big thank you to NY based jewelry designer Susanna Galanis. Everything worked perfectly with each other to create a luxurious and unique look. 
Necklace | here     Dress | here      Bag | here      Heels | here

Parisian Style in collaboration with @JCPenney

4:41 AM
Hi, babies! Here is my second outfit in collaboration with  @JCPenney and Chictopia via Chictopia Connect. For this post, I was inspired to create a "Parisian look." I love Paris, as many of you probably know.  Many of us dream of visiting this beautiful city. I have been there 3 times and would love to go back over and over. It's not only a romantic city.  It has a amazing architecture, history, and is on the leading edge of the fashion world. I never experienced the fashion side in a professional way, but I hope to dive right in next time. To bring out the Parisian mood in my blog, I picked a shirt from JC Penney with an Eiffel Tower print. I love this shirt because of its light material, which is perfect for the hot Virginia weather. To keep it classy and European, I thought a striped midi skirt and JC Penney's tote bag would work great together. As a girl who carries tons of stuff around, this bag is great! A heavy camera along with all of my beauty supplies and accessories fit well in there. Let me know if my styling was successful! ;)
Shirt | JC Penney    Necklace | Susanna Galanis     Skirt | Asos    Bag | JC Penney

Casual Friday in collaboration with @JCPenney

4:52 AM
Happy Friday everyone, and Happy May 1st! It is a big day in my home country of Kazakhstan! We celebrate a Feast of Unity for the People of Kazakhstan, which is when all nationalities go out together to share their traditional food and see all traditional dance performances. At the end of the holiday, we all enjoy a marvelous fireworks display. Oh, how much I miss big celebrations like this! 

But I have another reason to celebrate! In collaboration with @JCPenny and Chictopia via Chictopia Connect, I had a chance to style JCPenny's items for my blog!

I wanted to create something more casual and comfortable, yet stylish. I paired distressed jeans with a crop top and oversized jacket. For walking shoes, I chose JCPenny's Strappy Sandals, which are incredibly comfortable for a stable heels. I love them not only for their design, but also for their nude color. These sandals always work great if you are short since they cause you to appear taller. To find these nice summer sandals, you can find by clicking this link here. For my accessories, I picked a Crystal Cluster necklace. A statement necklace can be a great final touch for any outfit. Find this necklace here.
Jacket | SEEK      Jeans | Blackfive    Necklace | JC Penney   Sandals | JC Penney
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