Let it snow

4:24 PM
Hi, my sweeties! We had another snow storm in Virginia! It was snowing all night and morning. Oh, I am tired of this winter.  I want to be in California right now...
Anyway, even though I don't like winter, it is still beautiful for photo shoots. I made my hair, put on some make-up and went outside to freeze, so that I could show my new items. I paired my new striped shirt dress from Lulus with over knee socks and put on my new shoes from Choies (I wanted them for a while). Aren't they cute?! Also, I bought a super cool cuff from Nastygal.  It is a bit big for me, since I have a small wrist, but I don't care. I just love it! Wishing you are staying warm if you are living on the East Coast of America ;).

Dress | here   Shoes | here   Bracelet | here

Amber Mystique

5:35 AM
Today's post is about my new discovery.  Like many other ladies, I'm in love with the strong smell of men's cologne.  I don't know why, but I always found men's cologne sexy and mysterious.  My new discovery is a unisex fragrance by Estee Lauder.  This rich, extravagant smell charms me right away. Amber Mystique was created as symbol of treasures of the Middle East.  The powerful mix of ingredients are overwhelming.  And every time I wear it, I feel like part of its enigmatic origins.

This smell inspired me to create a fun look in composition of black (men color) and white (woman color) colors. I'm wearing a romantic dress | Felice Fabric with one of favorite jackets, that I got in Korea.

Dress| here  Clutch | here  Scarf | here

Endless Winter: Pastel Blue

7:08 AM
Hi, my sweeties! Since our winter is endless, I decided to create another spring outfit. Everybody loves pastel colors, because they create a feminine and romantic image. But not everybody knows how to combine them. My most beloved color among all pastels is sky blue. Before, I thought that the best combination for pastel blue was other pastel colors like white, beige or pale pink. However, I was wrong, and now I am trying different colors that open my eyes to new ways. This time, I used a contrasting color like royal blue (or we also call it electric blue). I paired my Forever 21 turtleneck sweater in sky blue with a vibrant blue Sheinside midi skirt. An electric blue hue will not let you go unnoticed. I choice to add cool sandals and bright clutch to spruce it up even more.
Skirt | here    Sweater | here     Sandals | here     Clutch | here

Oscar Outfit Idea

5:57 AM
Most of you probably chilled by your TVs watching the Oscars last weekend. All social media is just exploding by showing us the best dressed celebrities. To be honest, we don't have TV (I mean we have a TV, but we don't have a cable). I'm not complaining about it since time is a precious commodity. My husband and I would rather be doing stuff instead of loafing all day, mindlessly watching car commercials and soap operas. Despite not having cable, we keep up with events, which brings me to this outfit.  My ideas here is that I am dressing as if I was going to the Oscars as one of the beautiful celebrities (hehe). 

Last week I got 2 intricately gorgeous dresses from Felice Fabric, and I thought this mint lacy dress works perfectly for pretending to be on the red carpet. A Fur Coat always looks luxurious with pretty dresses. It is a great combination to look wealthy. Most celebrities don't wear outwear, but since I'm playing one, it means I can wear whatever I want to stand out, and be on the list of "Best Dressed on the Red Carpet!"
Dress | here     Fur Coat | here    Sandals | here

London Fashion Week : Outfit Inspiration

5:13 AM
Hi, my dears! Today, I decided to create a London Fashion Week outfit, as if I was there. One of my friends is in London right now and I'm seeing her pictures of street style, which are inspiring me to think about what I would wear if I was able to attend as well. British style is always associated with classical and elegance, as well as monochrome and minimal style.  What's better when looking to dress chic than by wearing black and white? I love the simplicity of black and white.

I chose to pair one of new dress/blazer | Sheinside with classic pants Forever 21. As for footwear, I picked my favorite sandals from Tobi. I accessorized with my new Samsung NX300 camera. Perfect for getting those perfect Fashion Week shots! What you would wear for London Fashion Week?
Dress/ Blazer | here   Pants | here  Sandals | here

Richmond Winter

1:41 PM
Hi, my sweeties! It is finally Friday and it's still freezing cold here in Virginia! The snow is melting too slow ;( Yesterday,  we went  to Richmond for a wine exposition. It was so much fun to learn about all kinds of Virginia wines! Since it now feels like real winter here, I thought it would be great to create another elegant winter outfit for everyday wear. My Shoptobi fur is the winner among all  of my coats, because it is truly warm. The best combination with this fur is a bold sweater I bought from Forever 21. At first, I was not happy with the sweater's color, but it turned out great when I styled it! 

Coat | here     Sweater | here     Pants | here     Boots | here

Fashion Week reviews

6:42 PM
Hi, my sweeties! If you are following Fashion Week, be sure to follow up with our reviews on www.ifbkseoul.com. We teamed up with a Korean photographer for taking pictures for us, and my friend from NY was able to cover New York Fashion Week shows and events.

Today, I'm wearing another Fashion Week inspired outfit. I created a classy and luxurious look. I wore a pair of wide pants that feature a see-through ankle band (you can buy at my store Queenhorsfall Closet, which are cheaper in half prize from original price). Also, I got a very pretty ring from Tree Craft Diary, which is made in Indonesia. I think this ring perfectly matches my minty sweater | Show Pony.

Sweater | here   Blazer | here  Pants | here  Ring | here

Winter Vibes

5:20 PM
Hi, sweeties! Finally, we have a real winter in Virginia, and I kind of like it. Everything was shut down, from stores to schools. It means that my husband gets  to spend some time at home with me ;) I hate the cold, but snow can look enchanting beautiful! I decided to wear something warm and bold. I think bright colors contrast amazingly with the snow.  Last week, I bought a new turtleneck knit dress from Forever 21 and I really love it for the style and texture. It feels very soft and cozy. I paired it with a vintage oversized coat and a blue infinity scarf.  

Coat | here       Dress | here       Scarf | here       Boots | here

Red Rose

5:51 AM
Hi, my sweeties! I hope you had a blast during your Valentine's outings! It got quite freezing down here in Virginia. I'm so happy that I'm not in NYC right now, following all my fashion bloggers, running from show to show, and drinking a lot of coffee between events to stay warm! Even though that sounds like such a lovely time, I prefer stay in bed with my beloved and enjoy our lazy weekend together. 

Today, I decided to style one of my new sweaters from Oasap. I love oversized items, because they look super cozy and warm. This time, I thought about how to create an elegant look with an oversized sweater. I paired it with my vintage lace skirt and, to bring some body shape, I used a belt over the sweater. I love the combination of red and white, because it looks very innocent and evil at the same time. I thought that my Lolita sandals with a red rose would be a perfect assembly together. What do you think?
Sweater | here     Skirt | here     Sandals | here

What to wear on Premiere Night: Fifty Shades of Grey

11:54 AM
Everybody talks about going a watch Fifty Shades of Grey movie on Valentine's day, that made me to think what I would wear on premier night to see this movie.  I thought to create a little styling board for you ladies!  A grey dress | here or here | will look perfectly and sexy on any body types in my opinion. A silver or grey matching pumps | here or here | will be a great combination to your dress. To not look over boring I thought that red / burgundy/  wine colored coat | here or here | will suit perfectly to look sexy and elegant. Don't forget about sexy underwear, I prefer Victoria's Secret or Agent Provocateur


8:18 AM

“The Best Wedding Gift”

Womanna believes that each girl deserved to treat as a princess during her wedding time. Therefore, Womanna wants to celebrate the new platform opening, hence Womanna decides to hold an event to give a free wedding gown to the lucky bride.

The topic of this event is to vote “The Best Wedding Gift”. The champion will get a free wedding gown who also has the right to select the dream’s gown from Womanna website without the price limited. Otherwise, other candidates and voters both will receive the present from Womanna.

#NYFW Outfit Idea

5:27 AM
Hi sweeties! Most bloggers are in NY right now.  I decided to create my outfit as if I was there to show solidarity!  I thought about something classy and bold that would attract the attention of street photographers.  I paired a royal blue top with a blazer and classic trousers from Forever 21.  Royal Blue is a statement color.  It compliments every skin tone and is one of my favorites colors. To bring out some pop from the colors I wore a yellow knit scarf that perfectly combines with royal blue.  The best part of my outfit, in my opinion, are the Aztec printed sandals from Lulus.  The tiny ear cuff from Style Moi is my ideal jewel to add some subtle chicness to the look. 
Blazer | here      Pants | here       Sandals | here      Ear cuff | here

OOTD: Red is the New Black / Red to look great on Valentine's Day

4:26 AM
Hi, sweeties! Valentine's Day is coming so soon. Here is another outfit idea for how to look great on this special day! This one is a little bit different compared to my previous outfits | here and here

Let's start! At first, having good skin on Valentine's Day is a must. Some of my followers asked me about my daily beauty routine, so here is my secret: I use Simple Start for Wrinkle -Smoothing  (I absolutely love it, because it only costs about $45 and it has everything you need). My other favorite products are from Emcosmetics: Concealer and Primer. 

For the outfit, I decided to wear a red coat and red sandals | Lulu's. Instead of a red sexy dress, I picked a grey long sleeve dress from Lulu's. I found this to be a perfect color combination to avoid looking overdressed, yet staying elegant. What are you planning to wear for your date?

Coat | here      Dress | here   Sandals | here  Wrinkle Resist | here  

Burgundy Pants

4:54 AM
Burgundy has made its way into many ladies' closets, to include mine as well. I think it is a perfect color for cold seasons like fall and winter (even though the winter here is pretty warm).  Burgundy can be so dynamic, that I find that you can rock this color even in the spring. This time, I got a burgundy pants from Lulu's that are super comfortable and stylish. I paired them with a vintage top and sweater (in case the weather changes). For accessories, I picked a Style Moi pearl ring and Very Honey necklace from their new collection. 

Sweater | here     Pants | here      Ring | here      Necklace | here      Watch | here

Chill Day

4:50 AM
Do you ever have those days, when you don't know what to write, what to think, and what to say? I feel you... Today is that day for me, when I don't even know how to start articulating my thoughts to my lovely readers. Maybe you have some advice for me on how you get inspiration to write a post?

Today was a little bit chilly. I decided to wear my new Style Moi cardigan and the wool cap. I wear hats very rarely, but since it was raining today and I forgot my umbrella. It kept my head dry. For a long walk, I chose to wear flat shoes. 

Cap | here    Cardigan | here      Jeans | here      Shoes | here

OOTD: Zohara Tights

4:36 AM
Hi, sweeties! I hope you have a great weekend with your friends and families. We had wonderful weather yesterday and decided to enjoy a small picnic at the York River State Park. I was silly because I forget my memory card for the camera, and we were not able to take pictures. (sad face)

When we returned back home, we decided to take pictures of my basic wear for the weekend. I picked a striped dress from Oasap and a long cardigan from Sheinside. To not look boring, I chose to wear Zohara printed tights.

What do you wear for the basics?  Have any go-to pieces in your closet?

Cardigan | here      Dress | here     Tights | here

OOTD: Date Outfit Idea

9:56 PM
Hi, sweeties! I love Friday! Here are some simple reasons to love this day. First, it is the last work day, which means my husband is going to be home on the weekend when we usually go out. Today, I wanted to create a date outfit for when he takes me out. I think that it's always good to wear something flirty and fun. I picked a casual dress by the Israeli brand Castro and repurposed from casual to elegant. A fur coat elevates my look.  My favorite part of this dress is the side cut that looks a little bit provocative with heels. Unfortunately, my Oasap wood clutch is already sold out, but you can check out Kofta 'wood' clutch  | Charlotte Olympia clutch  | French Connection Clutch.

Coat  (Similar ) | here   Dress | here    Clutch | here

Total Black (Closed)

1:35 PM
Hi, my sweeties! Time to run a giveaway! I teamed up with a wonderful jewelry brand, La Clé Jewelry, from Washington, DC to host a giveaway for my wonderful followers! 
We have very simple steps to enter this giveaway to win a key necklace that matches your taste. I'm sorry, but this giveaway is open only International. 

How to enter:

2. Like one of @laclejewelry pictures on Instagram
3. Repost Giveaway picture on your social media with #LACLEJEWELRYGIVEAWAY and leave your email in the comments.

Good luck my sweeties!

Here is my outfit, how I styled my La Clé Necklace. I picked to wear my awesome matching set from Castro (it is my first experience with Israeli brand and I'm quite impressed by the quality and style) and super cute printed tights by Zohara tights. Since we had a little snow this weekend, I wore my favorite Tobi fur coat

Coat | here     Top | here      Skirt | here     Boots | here      
Bracelet | here     Necklace | here    Tights| here

Valentine Outfit : Polette Eyewear

8:05 PM
Hi, my sweeties! I have a pink post for you today! I have been seeing that many fashion bloggers started to offer different style ideas for Valentine's Day. Here is my second outfit idea. Last time, I showed you how to style a pink blazer with jeans. This time, I prepared something more cute. You know I can't live without sunglasses. I style most of my outfits with cool shades. I discovered a really unique pair from Polette. I love this super stylish IBIZA eyewear, because of the design and super candy color. I can't wait to rock them during Seoul Fashion Week! Polette offers also optical glasses with correction lenses. 
For another pink element, I chose to wear an H&M sweater (which I got during my stay in Seattle) and one of my vintage coats from Chicwish. To make my look even more adorable, I thought that mini shorts/ skorts in the sailor style will look perfect (Oasap). 

By the way ladies, did you get your Valentine's Day gift ready for your sweetheart? Please share with me, because I would love to hear! XO

Eyewear | Polette    Sweater | Chicnova (Similar)   Skirt | Oasap    Sandals | Romwe

How to wear a blazer with boyfriend jeans

8:44 PM
I was inspired by my husband's style after seeing how careful and stylish my husband wears his men's "big" jeans with a blazer. I thought how to recreate a very feminine outfit. Boyfriend jeans are a bit masculine.  Most tall models or bloggers style them successfully with flat shoes. It doesn't work for small girls like me. I prefer heels, because boyfriend jeans visually make you look shorter and wider. My Castro boots worked out well for this look. I paired these jeans with my new Castro blazer and top. For a statement item, I picked my vintage scarf from Zara.
Blazer | Castro      Top | Castro     Jeans (Similar) |  Nordstrom      Boots | Castro 

OOTD: Tartan Plaid Long Shirt & Most Comfortable Trend

7:27 PM
After dreaming of Paris, I woke up and booked my small trip to Korea. I'm quite excited, thanks to my husband (who is the best) for supporting and believing in my dreams. Lately, I'm so obsessed with dark and very elegant pieces. I guess living in America influenced my style a lot. I feel like I really need to go back to Asia to be inspired by crazy colorful styles from Koreans. 

Today, we had a wonderful day in Virginia. I decided to try out my new chiffon long shirt and slip-on shoes from Oasap. Slip-on sneakers got so popular fast not just because they are super trendy, but also because they are incredibly comfortable shoes that look stylish. After wearing my favorite slip-on from Shellys London all the time, I thought that it will not hurt to have an extra pair. What do you think about these kind of shoes?

Shirt | Oasap     Slip-on | Oasap    Hat | Forever 21     Leggings | Ideel    Tattoo | Tobi

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