London Fashion Week : Outfit Inspiration

5:13 AM
Hi, my dears! Today, I decided to create a London Fashion Week outfit, as if I was there. One of my friends is in London right now and I'm seeing her pictures of street style, which are inspiring me to think about what I would wear if I was able to attend as well. British style is always associated with classical and elegance, as well as monochrome and minimal style.  What's better when looking to dress chic than by wearing black and white? I love the simplicity of black and white.

I chose to pair one of new dress/blazer | Sheinside with classic pants Forever 21. As for footwear, I picked my favorite sandals from Tobi. I accessorized with my new Samsung NX300 camera. Perfect for getting those perfect Fashion Week shots! What you would wear for London Fashion Week?
Dress/ Blazer | here   Pants | here  Sandals | here

Richmond Winter

1:41 PM
Hi, my sweeties! It is finally Friday and it's still freezing cold here in Virginia! The snow is melting too slow ;( Yesterday,  we went  to Richmond for a wine exposition. It was so much fun to learn about all kinds of Virginia wines! Since it now feels like real winter here, I thought it would be great to create another elegant winter outfit for everyday wear. My Shoptobi fur is the winner among all  of my coats, because it is truly warm. The best combination with this fur is a bold sweater I bought from Forever 21. At first, I was not happy with the sweater's color, but it turned out great when I styled it! 

Coat | here     Sweater | here     Pants | here     Boots | here

Winter Vibes

5:20 PM
Hi, sweeties! Finally, we have a real winter in Virginia, and I kind of like it. Everything was shut down, from stores to schools. It means that my husband gets  to spend some time at home with me ;) I hate the cold, but snow can look enchanting beautiful! I decided to wear something warm and bold. I think bright colors contrast amazingly with the snow.  Last week, I bought a new turtleneck knit dress from Forever 21 and I really love it for the style and texture. It feels very soft and cozy. I paired it with a vintage oversized coat and a blue infinity scarf.  

Coat | here       Dress | here       Scarf | here       Boots | here
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