Shopping with ASOS on a low budget (based on ASOS Summer SALE)

11:40 PM
Since I was selected as a winner by ASOS Fashion Finder, I got some vouchers for a shopping spree. Asos is so huge, that it makes it very complicated to choose what do you want to buy. Today, I would love to select some items part of its Summer Sale, to create a total look less then $100.
(P.S. Active links on highlighted words)

Hawaii Midi Dress $34.30  London Wedge $36.20 

Pretty in Pink

4:32 PM
Good morning, my dears! It is been a hard week for me, but I am back to you. Today I wear such a fresh outfit for this wonderful summer days. I chose to wear a top by Blackfive (which inspired by Marc Jacobs) with pleated skirt by Forever 21. Nothing special, but I love pure color combination.
I have to tell you guys, that I have to slow down posting daily outfits, because of moving situation. I promise that as soon I will settle down in new place, I will be back to active blogging life.
Top/Blackfive    Skirt/Forever 21     Sandals/Thursday Island    Eyewear/Stylenanda

Thursday Island, ELOQ & Blackfive

6:44 PM
Good morning my dears! Since I have a small size of my foot, I am enjoying to shop in South Korea. Anything and everything fit me perfectly. This time I am wearing a new summer wedges by popular Korean brand Thursday Island (on sale). Thursday Island represents urban vintage style for young people. A unique style and prints let you feel special. I have been notice that Korean young people dressed all well, even if they travel, if you one of fashionable traveller you should visit it (Ship in Korea link here, Worldwide Shipping  link here). Also do not forget to check a cool foil printed Shirt by Korean brand ELOQ (on sale), which I styled with blue pearl zipped overall by my favorite online store Blackfive.
Overall/Blackfive          Tshirt/ELOQ        Sandals/Thursday Island


7:41 AM
Hello, everybody!  Korean Style is not just about high heels, cute skirts and adorable faces, it is also about unisex fashion. I decided to try something unusual, wearing what I never wore before. I am experimenting with Tomboy style. To get it right, I styled a boyfriend denim shorts with foil printed Tshirt & floral printed cap by Korean brand ELOQ

ELOQ is quite a popular brand in Korea for modern young people. Like many of you, I'm always looking for good Korean online stores and I would advise you to try them.  They ship internationally now =P

Cap/ELOQ     Tshirt/ELOQ    Shorts/Korean Market    Heels/Zappos

cours de français

1:31 AM
Bonjour Mon Cher! ;) I hope you have an amazing Friday!
Today, I am wearing a casual outfit based on Yesimfrench summer collection. A light fabric is an ideal way to save you dry, specially when it is so hot. I created just an simple outfit, which at the same time super trendy.  I have been always a big fan of shorts, but in South Korea is quite hard to find a good length because most of Korean ladies prefer wear very short shorts. I am sorry, but I'm not young anymore for showing my butt (hehe). Yesimfrench has a perfect length for old ajummas (aunt) like me, and a wonderful tiffany color adds some exclusivity for style. Some accessories complete an ideal outfit for the weekend.
Top/Yesimfrench        Shorts/Yesimfrench     Bag/Yesimfrench         Sandals/Zappos

Relaxed dress

5:42 PM
Good morning, my dears! Last weekend, I had some time to go out with my husband and for our date I chose to wear a relaxed dress  with asymmetric hem by Frontrowshop. If you are looking for something comfortable and easy, this dress is definitely the winner. 

I have been shopping with Frontrowshop my 3rd time and I am so happy with the quality. I styled this dress with chunky chain bracelet, which I made, my favorite sandals and lovely lunch bag by Yesimfrench (if you would like to order this bag let me know, we have them in silver, gold, beige and navy blue color).
Dress/Frontrowshop       Shoes/Zappos       Bag/Yesimfrench

What I need to buy this summer

12:10 AM
As many of you I have always a huge list of what I want or wish to buy. I'm always looking for something unique, fresh and chic. This time, I made a list of things, what I really need to buy when I will be back in USA, because I have been waiting so long. ;)  If you want to know the price of the item below, just click on the pic and it will transfer you direct to the store ;) Let's shop together!

True Love to the French

4:42 PM
Hello, my lovelies! Here is my total look based on French brand Yesimfrench, in my previous post I worn a cool crop sweatshirt by the same brand (look here). Today I would love to tell you more about this brand. Yesimfrench is based in South Korea by French designer Sandra Meynier Kang. Sandra is really amazing and friendly person, I was lucky to meet her at our party, which my team's group organized a month ago (watch here).

I got in love with her brand right away for daily, fashionable and very feminine feeling.
As many of you I was looking for summer outfit, it is so hot in South Korea. Yesimfrench has a new summer collection 2014. I chose to wear a sky blue crop top with sporty shorts, and in my opinion is most unique piece in this outfit - a lunch bag. I have a big crash for this bags. You can order them in silver, gold, blue, navy, white and beige colors. 

If you would love to get something what I wear, pls contact designer via email: and do not forget to mention my blog <3
Top/Yesimfrench        Shorts/Yesimfrench      Bag/Yesimfrench      Bracelet/Frontrowshop

Seoul +Paris

6:06 PM
Like a romantic girl, I always dreaming to be in Paris. Walking on most romantic places with my beloved husband. The wonderful sweatshirt form winter collection 2014 by French designer "Yesimfrench" brought me from Seoul to Paris, or from Paris to Seoul.

 I love this sweatshirt because my two favorite places on one piece. Since designer is living between two countries, it inspired her to design this sweatshirt. You can get it in two colors: silver and gold.

If you are interested to get one for yourself pls contact designer via email: and let her know that you can contact via my blog ( do not forget to leave a link to my blog) <3 

Crop Sweatshirt/ Yesimfrench      Pants/Blackfive      Sunnies/Korean Market

Appleineye (3)

4:39 AM
Hey, sweetie! Here is my 3rd outfit with beautiful statement necklace from Appleineye.
I chose a maxi simple dress by my Korean friend designer of Maxilook. I think that this necklace complet the outfit perfectly. 
Dress/ Maxilook       Necklace/Appleineye         Sandals/Zappos          Watch/Movado

Appleineye (2)

5:15 PM
A lazy Saturday and even lazy outfit! I decided to go pretty simple this weekend. I am wearing just simple classic midi dress, summer sandals and a chunky necklace by Appleineye. What do I need else?
Oh forgot, a smile! Do not forget to wear your smile ;))) Happy Saturday, guys!

Necklace/ Appleineye             Dress/HM               Shoes/New Look

Necklace by Appleineye (1)

5:19 PM
 It is a tough week, because of shipping our furniture and all clothing things. But before this, I got wonderful jewelry by Appleineye. I was really happy with what I got, it looks exact like on the pictures. The quality is great, I can even tell that it is much cheaper then to buy by Korean stores. Since Korea is getting popular, their jewelry is getting expensive. I styled it with striped oversized shirt, which I got somewhere in Seoul and my favorite yellow jeans by Forever 21.
Necklace/ Appleineye          Jeans/Forever 21           Shoes/ Zappos 

Inspired colorblock outfit (korean brand greedilous)

10:58 PM
Last week, I bought a pretty shoes on sale and they inspired me for today's outfit. If you never colorblocked an outfit before, you should start with two colors, like I did. To bring some uniqueness into my outfit I choose to wear awesome printed shorts. I bought this amazing shorts by Korean designer Younhee Park at the Flea Market, her brand GREEDILOUS is quite popular not just in South Korea, you can find her showrooms in France,  HK, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. 

Also, I have news that tomorrow I am shipping all my clothes to USA, and I might not be able to post so often like before, because I will not have my clothes 3 months (cry face). As soon we will move to new place, I can finally start my blogging life so active like I love.  Wish you a great week! xoxox

Top/Forever 21     Shorts/ Greedilous      Necklace/New Look     Clutch/Aland

Lavender in the office

12:39 AM
Are you an office girl and tired of boring outfits?! Here is my fresh outfit for business ladies.
Pastel hues come along with sunny weather. A floral shirt is a wonderful move to start your summer and lavender blazer with pants bring a great power of femininity and brightness into your look. 
Blazer/HM        Pants/Stylenanda     Shirt/Zara      Sandals/Zappos

The Fashion Book

6:40 PM
Did you hear about "The Fashion Book"? I never read in my life any fashion book, or fashion history, because I never thought that my life will change into fashion industry and one of my friend gave me a wonderful book. (Thank you dear xoxox)

This book is literally a"fashion bible". This book is full of information, who created a fashion world from Abbe James to Zoran. I would advice you to read this book, to have a small idea of all powerful designers, icons, photographers  etc. of fashion paradise.  

Pants/ Kpopsicle        Top/Choies           Sandals/Zappos

Vintage transformation

5:30 PM
Hey, my dears! Today I am wearing something totally different from all outfits what I have worn. I got a printed organza set by 6ks. And when I tried this set on me, I was thinking that I look like a girl from past time. He-he.
I knew that a summer hat and flat shoes would give a bigger affect to transform me into the vintage mood. 
Organza Set/6ks        Shoes/Zappos       Hat/Forever 21

Printed dress

1:08 AM
I am not fan of the rain, and usually I feel very depressing when it rains all day. It is hard time of Korean weather, it is highly humid, hot and rainy season.  But I had luck to do some shooting with my husband on the weekend, when it was dry, and would like to share one of my new dress which I got from my sponsors by, which I combined with nude tuxedo blazer and neon bag.

I ordered this dress in M size, when usually I wear S. I am totally glad that I got in one size bigger, even it is a bit baggy on me. I would love to give my readers a little advice: if you buy anything by Asian online stores, and you are not asian! Please order in 1 size bigger, if you do not want to lose your money. 
Dress/6ks      Bracelet/Chicwish      Bag/New Look     Shoes/New Look

Rose's smell and last experience with Choies

7:33 PM
Good morning, my sweethearts! As you know I am leaving Korea soon, and a little bit stressed about it. But I hope you will still support me in new place. I promise to work harder for my blog.

Today, I would like to tell my last experience with Choies. I want that my readers will know that I am a honest person. I have been a fan of Choies such a long time, I really liked an idea of getting points, BUT last two times were unsuccessful. 
At first, they process too long, at second the shipping sometimes is too long and  at third, two times I got something totally different from the picture. 

The crop top, which I wear today, is totally okay and I am happy with it. I like the color, and size was true, the quality of my production is amazing too. But I want to tell official that I am not gonna shop by them anymore. I am not telling you to stop, because I got some amazing pieces too, but 2 times to waste my money, thank you, I better look for another stores.
Top/Choies              Skirt/Boohoo             Bag/Chanel

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