Skater Skirt

6:35 PM
Here is my another purchase from Boohoo: Tartan Skater Skirt. The Skater Skirt is quite hot trend by all fashionista. It looks cool with anything and any season. I love skirts, because it is a perfect way to show your femininity. 

Also I was so happy to get a beautiful gift from Tibetan Jewelry designer from Tokyo. This bracelet is only in one copy, what makes it very special. Pls visit Gyamjo Jewels in Boticca store or Like Gyamjo Jewels on Facebook to see more amazing pieces.


5:08 PM
Hello, guys. I hope you are all well. Today I would like to share my experience with Boohoo. They have a big variety of cute clothes, easy to shop and register, and most important fast delivery. But you have to pay for shipping, if you are not in UK. High quality for such a low price, surprised me.
Here is my first purchase: Avril PU Waist Tartan Midi Skirt, which I styled with faux leather jacket and cute bowl on my head.

What kind of lady are you?

7:00 PM

1. Business Lady You need something classy, and at same time stylish and show your success. High Quality pumps always win.
2. Casual Lady You like comfortable and at same time something stylish, what will be perfect with boyfriend jeans or short dress? Loafer is the answer!

Yellow Inspiration

9:57 PM
Yesterday in Korea, my team IFBK had a second gathering, but this time we invited not bloggers, we wanted to meet new people. And that people could have fun. IFBK hosted Flea Market with Collaboration Maxilook. My friend Ryu is an owner and designer of "Maxilook". IFBK members were selling their closet and Maxilook offered a BIG SALE on everything.
 (For more info about event soon on and Youtube)

I got a beautiful skirt, which I worn right away. Here is my another spring look.

Flower Crown for Spring

5:32 PM
Romantic floral motifs returned to fashion a few seasons ago. Yes, for good and for a long time they did not disappear ever. They are still at the peak of popularity, special in summer. 
I have a spring mood and flower crown is a perfect way to show, that spring is in the air.
I looked up for DIY tutorials (here) and made my beautiful crown.

Chic Nanda

9:13 PM
Hard to find a refined material than LACE. Finer weave forming graceful pattern can not leave indifferent any woman. Designers offer us a big variety of clothing with lace. Finally it got my turn to rock lace see through dress. How many Korean fashionista, I found my Lace dress and styled in my way. My husband's sweater and white pencil skirt is the best combination for see through dress.

What to wear for Fashion Week

7:47 PM
Last year, I was not prepared to be every day at  Seoul Fashion Week, but this year, I want to be ready.
I would like to share some of outfits, what I am thinking to wear: Something fresh, chic and colorful.

-Light color is always statement, what let you look fresh and young. In my opinion, any pastel color can look amazing on everybody. I love ripped jeans, they are trendy any season. You can pair them with heavy shoes or sandals.

Happy Valentine's Day

7:16 PM
My dears, I am sorry for short post! But I wanna say "Happy Valentine's Day"! 
Thanks you to all for your support and love!

Fashion Photography Inspiration

5:54 AM
Hi, guys! Today I had a quick shooting with myself. I can tell, that I was surprised how was easy to take pics of myself. I just used tripod, shutter release (better wireless) and my lovely camera.
Hope you will like my Fashion Inspiration!

Vintage Inspiration

6:38 PM
I always loved vintage. But to find vintage second clothing can be sometimes tough, expensive or icky. I was looking a while to find something, what will inspire me to wear vintage style. My korean friend, who is a designer of Maxidress, has a small store. And when I saw her best seller dress, I got in love with this elegant and maxi style. Soon I found a beautiful hat by Choies. And my idea of vintage was created.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

12:10 AM
I usually do not give any reviews, because I buy everything what I really like and my shopping have been successful all the time.
But when it is a time to try something new, I think people should know about it.
 I have seen on other blogs about Rosegal. And seems that customers are happy.

Rosegal is a vintage style store, since I am a fan of retro and vintage pieces. It will be great to try out.
I got a pretty evening bag and as you can see : great quality, perfect price, no scratches. And I really love the print of "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Alice in Wonderland (Collaboration Work)

12:30 AM
Last Year, I had a wonderful  collaboration shooting with two amazing Russian photographers in Busan. The concept of the shooting was "Alice in Wonderland". I was so happy to meet and model for them. Because they are amazing!
If you are in Busan, I highly recommend to work with them. 

If you want to see more portraits and fashion photography, be sure to visit:

Tatiana Mandziy (click here)
Sasha Don (click here)

Hugging sun

4:02 PM
See-through is a new way to do sexy. I got in love with see-through skirts last summer. I do not care that it is a winter time, special when it is so wonderful warm in South Korea. Ready to wear this sexy item again.

Korean Street Fashion (Hot Trends of Winter)

9:27 PM
Guys, you know if you will come to Korea, you will see that most of Koreans are looking so hot and very trendy.
What makes me think that they have a huge closet of cool clothes.
Their combination looks so warm and statement.
I would love to share what korean wear this winter, photographs are not by me.
If you want to see more pics of street fashion, be sure to visit photo blog of SOLSOL street Photographer.

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