Girls meet up

7:16 AM
Girl Gone International is a young community for brave girls, which made a big step in their life to live abroad. (More information, you can find Seoul Girl Gone International/ Districtgal.)
If you are bored in Korea, you can join any group where you can hang out with different people.
It was my first experience!

I was surprised how many girls came, we had a chance to know each other better and have a lunch together. I am a kind of person, who hates to eat alone, so this gathering was a perfect place to not feel lonely.

Cobalt Blue + Navy Blue

5:54 AM
 Choice of clothes of the same colors always look a little boring, another thing - how can we combine it to not look monotonous?!
Many stylists give us an advice to mix three different colors in the outfit, but many of you find it too difficult. 

My attention stopped on blue: cobalt and navy. In process  I got an elegant and delicate outfit. To keep it classic, I wear simple gold jewelry but with an interesting design, what give me feeling that I am different. 

DIY Necklace ( re-use)

8:03 PM
New week, new start!
And today I would love to share how you can re-use your old jewelry.
I am sure many of you bought this spring a plate choker necklace, because they were very popular. I bought by H&M too, I wore only couple times and now it doesn't look very pretty.
My point was to re-make this necklace that I can wear it again.
I use only crystal  drop rhinestone and super glue. You can use whatever you like.

And final result:

Jina Kim- a korean fashion blogger and our lovely time in Seoul

8:50 AM
Good evening, my dear!
Today was a hot day, but I never stop to work and meet an amazing people in Korea.
I will share with you one of Jina's outfit from Play with Fashion.

I met Jina first time on WhatIWear gathering in Seoul.
She is a fashionista like me, what brings us to be friends..heheh
Her style is always cute and lovely. She is not just a great model, but also a great photographer.
Jina likes to share her looks on youtube. And for guys, who doesn't understand Korean, she uses English subtitles. Subscribe!

How to mix Pastel

8:16 AM
Pastel clothes are one of must have things, and every fashionable gal have always something pastel in the closet. But you need to be careful wearing pastel colors, not every pieces can be combined.

I would love to show you how I am mixing pastel colors and to not look like a pale as the wall.
My decision was suspended for office style. That not to look like an office beetle, I wore a bright yellow jeans, which are ideal for any season of the year. I mixed it with mint pumps and print floral blouse. I think that mint color with yellow is a great composition.
To make my outfit more fascinating I wore an elegant and lovely navy blue blazer.

GIVEAWAY with love

12:00 AM
I open my second giveaway competition!

3 winners will have a great chance to win:
1.Winner: Necklace (handmade by Korean)
2.Winner: Ring
3.Winner: Earrings

Giveaway open for everyone!

DIY flower vases

5:37 PM
Good morning, my dear!
Because my husband is very busy this week, and I have no pics to show my outfits, I decided to DIY flower vases.

I love to decorate my house with flowers and sometimes I have not enough vases in my house, it was a good reason to create some flower vases this time.

 First, I was thinking what can I use for material?! Once again, buying my favorite korean juice, I got an idea.

Korea Style Week

7:33 PM

I feel so exciting every time, when I hear about great events which associated with fashion. And last week with the emotional mood I went to Korea Style Week .
It was a second exhibition of this year in Seoul.


7:55 PM
Hard hard Monday!

How do I start my day to not feel tired?
Here is a little tip what I usually do to feel fresh and not tired:

1. Orange juice for everyday (good for immunity system, Vitamin C);
2. Cold shower every morning (good for skin and also for immunity system);
3. Smile every minute (great for people around you, because your smile will give them a little happiness and also it gives you a great mood for whole week).
I hope it will help you too!!!

Today I would love to share how I wear my new Tuxedo Stripe Joggers / Forever 21.
When I found them, first I thought, how and with what could I wear it?
I was not sure if I want to buy them, but blue color is one of my favorites colors this year, and it was a strong reason to have them.

Classy look for formal event

2:24 AM
Good evening!
Today is a special event in my blog! Military Ball!

If you remember my dress from last ball (if not, check it out >> Military Ball) I wore a maxi dress. It was very light and also so versatile dress.

This time I decided for classy dress. When I bought this dress, I knew I wanted to wear it with massive jewelry. And a massive necklace  I got from It was my first experience with Bluefly, I read so many reviews about them and most of them are not good, I was hoping that my necklace will be still great. So far I am okay with it, but one problem is a bad quality, I feel that a rope of this necklace breaks soon. I am scared that  after couple times it will look terribly.
But they gave a free lipstick and a voucher for 30% off for the next buy. Have to think if I want to buy anything again from them.
Anyway it worked out to look amazing for dinner.
The dress paired with my old Zara shoes and classy Chanel purse, what is the perfect juxtaposition for this formal event!

I wish you a great weekend!
See you very soon!


4:59 AM
Hello, my sweeties!
If you read my post "back-from-vacation-and-choies-dress'' , I wrote that I am a winner of  WHATIWEAR.COM  Competition and my prise was ASOS voucher with 200 british pounds(300$).

When I arrived to Incheon Airport from my vacation, I got a great news from Valencia (interview with WHATIWEAR) that I am a winner! I was so tired from flight but this news gave me a new energy! YEAH! (For more information check their BLOG and rules for contest here).

BUT I have a good news for you guys! WhatIWear give you a chance to win next Contest!
 If you are interested check it out >>>>Style Spotter Contest.

You will ask me how will I use my voucher???
I used already! LOL.

I am very excited to get my big package from ASOS.
It will be a first experience with this store. I am kind nervous.

As a blogger, I always look what do another girls wear or where do they shop?!
I noticed that many bloggers wear cloth from Asos, mmmm maybe I do not need to be so nervous?! Just fingers crossed!!!

Here is a list, what did I buy:
1. Linen Red blazer (Mango)
 2.Big stripe long Blazer (River Island)
 3. Body-Conscious Dress (ASOS)

My wedding dress

5:39 PM
Good morning, my sweeties!

Today I am so excited to share with you my wedding dress! Yeah!

Like all girls I wanted to look very special on my wedding day. I spend many hours in internet to find something what I would love to see on me. Many of my girlfriends were helping me too.

Here is some dresses, which I choose.

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