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5:34 PM
Hi, my dear!
I hope you did not forget that ROMWOMEN starts a Sale day on 1 July. Who doesn't love Sale???!
I would like to share with you, what I selected from their shop for "must have this summer" and if you like just click on the left side on Romwomen banner and you will visit their website! Good luck;)

 Chiffon Dress

 Print Blouse

Have a nice weekend!

9:38 PM
My dear readers!

I want to share with you a great news. On 1 July Romwomen has an official sale and for new registered users and bloggers Romwomen has multiple surprises.
Check it out>>>

I hope you all have a great weekend.

I wear:
Drawstring Tribal Print Pants/ Forever 21
Spiked Faux Suede Headband/Forever21
Pyramid Studded Bracelet
Necklace/ H&M
Funky Top
Zara Shoes

Hot time

10:23 PM
Korean weather is just phenomenal. The weather can change from cold air to hot air very fast and the horrible that it is so humid here even if it is raining all day. It is still so hot and humid.
The hot time is always perfect for denim shorts and tie shirts. Finally I can wear  my comfortable and just perfect for summer  Oversized Tie Shirt/Forever 21. I combine it with denim shorts, which I got on korean market for 10000 korean won (9$), also a messenger bag I got in Osan and  earrings are from great store Forever 21.


7:47 PM
It is a perfect time to enjoy summer colors.
Today my preference is peachy pink. It is a perfect color for hot summer.
For my girly look, I wear lovely blazer from H&M, white blouse Forever 21.  A floral shorts were found in korean store, they are very comfortable. And of course without little details my outfit is not over. My little details: Pyramide bracelet/ Forever 21Spiked Faux Suede Headband/ Forever 21, Geometric necklace/ H&M, Messenger bag (korean shop) and Vintage yellow shoes.

Don't look at me

6:06 PM
I finally found a peaceful place, where I can take great pictures, where is very quite, green and so lovely. I like more street style, but if my darling is too busy and he can not take pics for me, I usually do it at home myself.
What about you guys?! Where do you take pictures usually? Who helps you?

I wear:
Chiffon Maxi Skirt/ Forever21
Bib Necklace (black)/Forever 21
Pyramid Bracelet/ Forever21
Chanel purse

Military Ball

5:06 PM
A week ago we went to the military ball. I was so excited because I never have been on american ball, and special military ball. This event was very formal. I was nervous what can I wear.
 Walking in many stores I was looking for black long dress, but because my wardrobe doesn't have anything black, I didn't like any dresses. And finally I found a perfect summer dress.
I found a beautiful dress by Bershka. This dress is very perfect because I can wear this dress as for special events and  for casual looks.
To make my look more formal I bought some accessories like belt Bershka,  Geometric earrings from Bershka and of course a envelope bag, which I bought on korean market.
To finish my look, I made my hair curly.


9:33 PM
My first giveaway is over!

It was so hard for me to make a decision who will win, I really love you all guys and thank you so much for staying with me.
My husband helpt me to find a winner.
He did not see your blogs or names, he picked up just numbers with applicant names.
And because it is a first giveaway in my blog, my decision was to have three winners:

1. Vera A. (bracelet+ souvenir)
2. Danielle V. (korean souvenir)
3. Jessica K. (hair accessories)

I will contact to you guys soon!
To people, who did not win, but  entered, please send to me email with your home adress (my email:, I would love to send a postcard from Seoul.

Thank you so much again for reading me!

Interview by Look.TM

12:28 AM
Hi, my sweeties! 
Today you will have a chance to know about me and my style a little bit more. 
The Kazakh portal of fashion and style Look.TM in Kazakhstan will open the door into my life.
Thank you so much Look.TM for interview.

Look. TM :  

Diana -The blogger, traveller and a girl with heightened sense of romanticism told Look.TM how to be inspired by Gangnam style and live in an international marriage.
Diana is from Petropavlovsk (North Kazakhstan), studied in Germany, and is living in South Korea now. During her last visit to Kazakhstan she answered on my questions and took the time for photo shooting in the spirit of fashion street.

Street store

6:01 AM
Life in Korea is pretty interesting for shopaholics. Korean clothes are everywhere!
I will explain what does it mean, that you will have imagination about it.

When you will go out from your house,  you will meet an old korean lady sale some cute socks. After you are walking to the metro and underground you will find a lot small stores, they can sale shoes for very low prices, blazers, bags (what is my weakness), jewelry, tights, cute dresses, skirts, shorts, phone cases etc. You are going crazy because you want to buy everything. You will see a lot of shops everywhere, every street has a store, all ladies or old men will sale their stuff everywhere even on the metro. It is kind of interesting experience.
And this time I couldn't resist, I got a new cute dress. Because Korean girls loves to wear very short dresses and skirt, for me it is a little bit hard, but I am learning ;)
To not feel that my dress is too short, I decided to wear comfortable flats from H&M and matching clutch from Love 21. 

Rice paddy

11:58 PM
Today is a hot day in Korea, make me think about hats.
It is a perfect time to wear hats and something very comfortable.
I wear my lovely romper from Forever 21, which you can find here.
I love that my romper looks like a dress  and very elegant. The  sun hat protect my hair from sun and looks very stylish, check it out here.

Do not forget to enter to my first giveaway, you can win a beautiful bracelet,which is on me and souvenir from South Korea, and another gals will get a postcard from me ;)

Floral dress

11:17 PM
Hi, my dear!
As you notice floral print is very popular now, I never thought that I will wear anything like that. But I got a beautiful gift from my mother-in-law. It was a wonderful dress with floral print. She probably knew that I like dresses from Forever21 ;) You can find my dress here.
This chiffon dress is incredible! I am feeling like a little sunshine in it ;)
Do not forget to enter to my first ***GIVEAWAY***!!!!


8:39 PM
Good morning my dear!
I have an awesome news, I got an immigrant visa for United States! 
You can not imagine how I am happy, because we worked very hard to do it!
I want to say "Thank you so much to my darling! For his support, love, understanding and patience!!!"
Here is my look..


P.S. Do not forget to enter to my first GIVEAWAY and leave your COMMENT!


Wish to be on the beach

7:49 PM
Hi, my dear!
Today is a rainy day in Korea :(((
I usually have a bad mood if it is gray and cold.

But today I feel different, I got a new Oversized Tie Shirt  from Forever21 for the hot time in Korea! Just can not wait to wear it ;) Even it is raining today, it did not stop me to think what can I wear with my new shirt.

New try

10:22 PM
This week I have an appointment by US Embassy and I am not sure what do I want to wear. But I stopped by my Mango blazer. So I decided that I will look more formal. I love my new peplum top, they are very popular this summer again. Do not forget about Giveaway competition >>>> Giveaway

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