Trends I would never wear

Hello, beauties! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I was cleaning my wardrobe out and sold a bunch of purses just to make more space in my closet. I was surprised by how many people wanted all my cute mini bags. I used to love them too, but got bored of most of them. I still kept a few purses that I still love or am thinking that I might wear again. Anyway, the other night I was thinking about responding to a question of what trends I would never wear.  My answer: 

- a lot of animal prints. Despite the popularity of animal print in the previous season, I still think that animal print is not for me. I tried to style a jacket and blouse in animal print (you can check my post here and here). But I think for sure that it is not for me. I guess I don't have animal instincts =) But I do keep one pair of sandals in animal print in my closet.

- bike shorts. You probably have seen a lot of famous bloggers share over the internet wearing bicycle shorts with a blazer. It is a big NO for me. First, I never liked bike shorts, especially ones where you can expose all your genitals to the world. Anyway, if you love this trend, go for it. But it is a hard pass for me. 

- fringe. I was never a big fan of fringe even if it might look cool on pictures or runway. I can't see wearing it myself. I hope that designers might come up with something that I could try. 

- feathered items. I never liked feathered details on anything. I always associate with birds as soon as I see these small details on any piece of clothing.

Anyway, pictured is something more my style.  I am wearing a polka-dot blouse that I got on style at Shopbop (find similar here) with black straight-leg jeans from my favorite brand SIWY (made in L.A.).  Many of you have also been asking about these sandals.  Well, I got them at TopShop.  The pretty bag was made in Georgia (the country).  Love the handmade work and amazing details.  Btw, for every customer that buys this bag, the company will plant and grow a tree named after that customer.  Pretty neat, right?  You can find more information at #woyoyo or at Woyoyo website. So now you know what I like, and what trends aren't for me.