Shopbop SALE for the Perfect Winter Season

Hey, guys! Fall has finally passed and it's time to change our wardrobe in favor of something warmer. Since we spent two chilly weekends in Central Europe, I truly realized that I need to invest my money in warmer clothes. Fashion always changes, but there are a few things that will stay stylish, trendy and worth your money. If you are looking to upgrade your closet with items that will keep you toasty, Shopbop is having a promotional sale: 15% off orders of $200+; 20% off orders of $500+; 25% off orders of $800+. Go ahead and click this link to get a promo code >>> link.

Let's take a look at what I'm considering for my winter wish list:


Marni 3 Hoop Earrings - I was looking quite long for the kind of designer pieces I would like to get myself, and I think that nothing is better than Marni designs. I always admired their earrings, because the care and creativity put into their pieces make them seem like miniature art displays. 

Designer Bag:

3.1 Phillip Lim Body Bag - this designer bag is a must-have. It is not only a statement piece, but it's also a very durable bag in your wardrobe. I love the Cognac color and new design. 

Winter Shoes:

Sorel Short Booties - You know I'm a big fan of sneakers! I'm actually about to order this pair of short booties. They look extremely comfortable and stylish. I read so many reviews about this particular brand, and am quite excited to get a pair for this winter season.

Winter Jacket:

Soia & Kyo Down Coat - As soon as it got chilly in Germany, I kept looking to buy something warm for this winter season. I've never owned a down coat, but my friends mentioned that it is a good way to invest your money, since they stay trendy.

Winter Hat:

Luxe Trapper Hat - Last year, when we travelled to Moscow, I was thinking that I need to have this type of hat in my wardrobe to keep my ears warm. What do you think?


Nanushka Sweater Dress - I can't imagine my winter holiday season without a nice sweater dress. This is extremely comfortable and keeps you warm.

Cashmere Turtleneck - I like having options besides scarves, which is why during winter I often favor turtlenecks. What alternatives do you enjoy?

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