Southern Sweden 4-day Trip

Our Sweden trip was one of the outings for which I was quite excited because I had never been on this side of the world outside of England and Scotland. All I knew about Sweden was that it is quite expensive, and boasts fantastic nature, long drives, and super chilly weather.  We planned thoroughly for what we should explore this time.

We flew to Gothenburg instead of Stockholm. I know that I am definitely missing out on not seeing Stockholm, but we decided that we should see other towns instead of the capital. After arriving at the airport, we rented a car and drove to Smogen to explore their wooden pier, take pictures for my blog and eat our lunch. Smogen is an old fishing village on the west coast of Sweden. This town is well known for its long wooden pier, which stretches for about 600 meters. It was crazy windy there and we couldn't really enjoy our time. You wouldn't believe, but it was the beginning of July and I was wearing a turtleneck and the jacket because it was freezing for summer. If you come to Smogen, make sure to do some outdoor activities like diving, kayaking or fishing. Sadly, we didn't have so much time to enjoy.

After a quick visit to Smogen, we drove to see my cousin who lives in one of the Swedish towns that made our trip to the southern part of Sweden easier. We stayed a night there, enjoyed a late dinner and were ready in the morning to continue our journey.

In the morning we went to Lund. We truly enjoyed how many cute cafes and stores Lund has to offer. We got to visit Lund Cathedral, Lund University, and just enjoyed our day there.

As for dinner, we drove to Skanor to eat at the Skanor Fiskrogeri restaurant because we are big fans of fresh fishy dishes. And it was definitely a perfect stop to satisfy our hunger. After a delicious dinner, we went to the beachside to enjoy their colorful beach houses and soft white sand. Later, we drove to Malmo where we booked a room at Havshotellet Hotel. The owner was so nice and let us pick a room out of two and we decided to stay in the Titanic room.

The next day, we planned to take a day trip to Copenhagen, since it was so easy to travel from Malmo. We drove to the central bus station and left our car at the parking lot. What I loved about Sweden is that it is very tech-developed. We loaded some parking apps that made it easy to book your spot and pay. You can cancel or adjust your parking time, and pay for the time your car is actually parked. What a novel idea!

In Copenhagen, we got to enjoy walking around famous Nyhavn (which means New Harbor), visited Christiansborg Palace, and strolled to see the famous Little Mermaid. Of course, we got our lunch at the harbor. Sadly, we couldn't visit Rosenborg Castle. After, we walked to the Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket museum, and we definitely couldn't miss Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli Garden was a highlight of our trip for sure. Even though I am not a big fan of rollercoasters, I loved eating outside and hanging around this beautiful place full of fun activities.

After we returned to Malmo, we were ready to leave and continue our journey back to Gothenburg. In Gothenburg, we had a few hours before our flight and decided to visit Universum and shop at Haga. In Haga, I ended up at one of their vintage stores and purchased a pair of earrings. Despite the very cold and rainy weather in Sweden, I loved their delicious seafood, high tech modernity, and friendlier people.