Honeymoon Part II: What to do Seychelles besides beaches

Hey, guys! If you read my previous post about our honeymoon staycation, here is the second entry to tell you more about what we did besides just eating and lounging at Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa. After our lovely stay at Silhouette Island, we branched out to the other main islands.

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. It is a fantastic place to try exotic food, relax on the beach, go hiking among paradise, and encountering rare animals. We knew that we didn't want to waste our vacation days by only lying on the beach. Don't get me wrong, we did enjoy the many beaches scattered across the country, but for us, having cultural experiences makes the trip complete.

After a calm 3 nights at Hilton Labriz Resort & Spa, we took a ferry back to the main island, and then transferred via plane to Praslin Island. We booked a couple of nights at Le Chevalier Guest House (book via booking and if you would like to get $20 OFF  at your next stay with Booking.com, click here for referral link and I will get $20 credit too) located on the beautiful beach, Anse Lazio. This guest house is the only game in town, as it has exclusive access to the beach. As soon as we arrived to the guest house, we were greeted by the owner. She was an incredibly sweet lady, who told us that we were lucky because the entire house was empty and we could enjoy it entirely. We truly loved our little room, because we had everything we needed, and could just stroll to the beach at our leisure. After a quick shower, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at their restaurant. It felt special being the only two there. The waves were crashing while we enjoyed the warm breeze. This place was amazing in that we had the beach just for us in the mornings and evenings, when the throngs of tourists were absent. Definitely recommending Le Chevalier if you want a romantic and unique experience!

We had a rental car, which allowed us to explore the whole island. I think it is always a great decision to have self-transportation when time is limited. After soaking up sun on the beach, we went for a hike in Vallee de Mai Nature reserve to see extremely huge trees. We got to see one of the rarest birds on the island (don't remember the name), as we were so lucky when it landed while we were resting. Hiking in humidity was quite tough, but we were able to relax while driving around the island.  It was an incredible ride, yet scary at the same time. In case you don't know, in Seychelles, you have to drive on the left side of the road. The roads are also very narrow and winding, with steep drop offs. It happened that we almost got into a car accident, because some silly tourists forgot which side they needed to drive. As I remember in Scotland, they had signs everywhere so you don't forget. Unfortunately, in Seychelles, it seems visitors easily forget.

Anse Lazio Lagoon
Anse Lazio

Le Chevalier Guest House

Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve

Btw, if you would like to feed a giant tortoise, because you didn't get a chance to see them in the wild, I would advise you to take a trip to La Digue and visit Union State Park. I truly fell in love with La Digue Island! I loved the idea of renting bikes and riding around the island. I never biked so much in my life, but it was very adventurous and exciting. I think if I ever would go back to Seychelles, I would just book a hotel on La Digue. They have very beautiful beaches, where you can enjoy snorkeling. You can easily find a slice of paradise for yourself, away from all of the tourists. It felt super safe and was packed with cute cafes.
La Digue

Union State Park

After our last night in Praslin, we returned back to the main island - Mahe. Since we had an entire day before our flight back home, we decided that we should drive around the island and see it too.

We got to visit the capital city, Victoria, to buy some souvenirs. While there, we visited the Hindu Temple, which was very interesting to see, so make sure not to miss it out. Later on, we enjoyed our lunch at one of restaurants at Beau Vallon, the biggest beach in Seychelles. After a big meal, we decided to drive through Morne National Park to discover the ruins of Venn's Town. On the way, we stopped at one of the trails where we found a stunning view over the city. Sadly, the place was very trashed and abandoned. It didn't affect the view though!

When we found the ruins of Venn's Town, something creepy happened to use. As soon as I got out of the car, a young lady approached me and whispered "Don't leave your stuff here, it is dangerous here." My reaction was a bit confused. I told my husband, but upon looking for this woman again, she had disappeared. It was strange, because this place is located in the middle of the jungle. There are no houses and reaching it requires a car. And to be honest, this place truly feels haunted! Needless to say, we didn't stay long. After a short drive, we decided to visit of one of the waterfalls that you can find on Mahe Island. Surprisingly, the entrance was gated and we needed to pay for parking and walk a bit through the forest. Later we found the Sauzier Waterfall. To be honest, I don't remember how much we paid for the entrance. The walk wasn't long, but a bit dicey. So make sure to have a good pair of shoes. After departing, we were followed by a couple of local young men. They kept trying to sell us their expensive coconut water, which was unpleasant and a bit scary scary. Make sure to not stop by coconut stands, because many tourists get scammed by coconut tastings. It was probably the only thing that I didn't like in Mahe. Besides this episode, everything else was amazing and fun. We drove all around Mahe Island that last day, and I'm glad we chose to stay on different islands, since Mahe had more people and cars. All in all, it was a fantastic trip. If you are ever thinking of going to Africa, this is an easy trip!

Hindu Temple

Beau Vallon

View Point somewhere 

Ruins of Venn's Town

Sauzier Waterfall

 Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

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