I never lose my key or phone again with my TILE Bluetooth tracker

Hello, my dear readers. As you remember, I promised to share with you monthly about new tech I get to test from Verizon. This time, I'm truly excited to test their Tile Bluetooth tracker. If you've never heard about this device, you may be glad that I'm going to share more about it. I totally think that every fashion girl must have them. There is always room for one more little thing in our purses since they are like black holes in the galaxy.

I was first introduced to Tile by my MIL. She gave it to my husband for Christmas. Though, shame on him, he never actually used it. We didn't understand how useful it could be!

Tile is a wonderful smart tiny device that can help you find your keys, your bag, your wallet, where you parked your car, or whatever you have lost - even your pet. I was a bit sceptical about it at first, but after losing my keys and the phone several times, I can't imagine my life without it! I feel sometimes like an old lady who wears sunglasses and forgets where she left them. Every time I lose my cell phone in the house, Tile saves my day. The fun part is that you don't even need to stick a tile device on your phone, you just press the button on the tile device and your phone rings even if your phone is on silent mode. Isn't that super?! My phone is always on silent. It is why when my husband offers to call to my cell phone, I tell him that it is not going to help. It was extremely easy to install and the app automatically records the last time and place it saw an item. It is a water resistant, is quite loud and the battery lasts about a year. It cost only $69.99 for a 4-Pack at Verizon stores. It can work as a perfect birthday gift for anyone who tends to lose anything. Lol, and I'm one of them! I guess now my husband knows what to give me on my next birthday. Hehe.

Anyway, thanks to the Verizon Influencer group for letting me try their products and share my honest thoughts about them. No additional compensation is provided to me. All the opinions here are my own.

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