How to survive in isolation from COVID-19

Our normal lifestyle has changed and the entire world is at war with the pandemic virus-like COVID-19. I always had a fear of sicknesses and don't really do well even with a common cold. I thought that while everyone is isolated, I should write a short blog post on how to survive this period of quarantine and/or isolation.

Normally, I spend a lot of time with my husband, but we usually travel or do things like shopping, enjoying a delicious meal somewhere, going to the gym, or even cooking together. But this time, it is a bit different because we don't have people around us. It is just the two of us in the house and we are 24 hours together for the next 2 or even more weeks. It is like being stuck on an island or in a galaxy spaceship where only 2 people survived. It's actually been going quite well for us.  Seeing how we've adjusted to this new reality, I am offering some tips to help maintain your sanity with your loved one (who you may be seeing more than normal right now!): 

- create a list of tv series or movies you two want to watch. I love having our TV time.  We usually watch together in the evening while having dinner. Bring some snacks, drinks and enjoy your 1-2 hour together when you don't need to talk;

- find time to do exercise. Exercising is not only good for your health, but also for your mind. I find online exercises on Youtube and do it myself.  Sometimes, we do it together in our yard if it is nice weather.  If you don't have a garden, you can exercises while motivating each other;

- play board games. I am so glad that we bought a bunch of games for our house that we can play with two players. If you're bored with just two, then invite your friends or family to join online;

- create an online drinking Friday night with your friends. Pour some wine and enjoy your time in a digital group setting;

- create or join a book club. I actually created a book club maybe 3-4 weeks ago with my besties. We picked books that we want to read and then decided how many pages to read for certain time periods.  We then have a chat call where we can talk about the book;

- invest time in blogging and Instagram. I know it is hard to create any content right now, but you can still write things that you want to share and stay in touch with your followers;

- read books that you wanted to read. I have a list of books that I am planning to read while my friends are trying to find time to read the book we picked for our book club. I just finished reading "Three Daughters" by Consuelo Saah Baehr, and am now reading one of Stephen King's books ("Salem's Lot");

- start to create. I love drawing, but I usually only do it if I have inspiration or want some meditation. It is seriously so calming. My mom loves knitting, for others it is sewing. Just try something new or do something that you didn't have time to do before;

- clean your house or your closet. Our house is almost always clean because I clean every day, but I don't mind doing a deep cleaning like washing all the doors, stairs, and windows;

- repot your plants. It is getting warmer and it is a great time to repot your house plants. I am actually thinking I should use some seeds at home to plant something. Why not?;

- take an online course. Since many schools are closed, there are many programs for online courses you can do today. Here are some websites that you can check:, Coursera, Khan Academy, lingua and you can also get apps like Duolingo to learn a language; 

- cook something that you didn't cook before. It is a great time to hone your cooking skills. There are plenty of recipes on Youtube;

- self-love. If you forgot how to take care of your skin, your body, and your mind, quarantine and/or isolation is an ideal time to enjoy a bath, do your nails, put on a face mask, and do hair masks.

I hope that all these tips are helpful and will color your day during this trying and scary time we live. At least we're not living through a war or something more destructive. Stay home, don't be selfish, wash your hands, and stay healthy!