How I survived without shopping for an entire month

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you just stopped shopping? Well, I am going to share my personal experience of how I survived without shopping for an entire month. Honestly, it was quite an interesting test for myself.

Fast fashion is dictating us to be obsessed with shopping and buying the latest trends. Constant sales drive us crazy when we see how cheap a pair of must-have shoes can get. Well, after observing and understanding that I need to stop buying things that I don't need and not going to wear, I decided to do this small experiment. And you know what? I survived! My blog is still running and I still have material to shoot for my Instagram. I might not share all the newbies that I usually buy, but you know - no one even notices. Instead, I can recycle all the clothes that I have and show how you can look fabulous without all the new pieces. 

In the beginning, it was hard when I kept getting emails about the last days of sales, or a new season collection was out. Of course, I would spend hours and hours searching and looking at what I could've bought. But I reminded myself about my experiment. After some time, I finally felt relief that I didn't really care about these new things. Here are a few secrets that helped me survive so long:

- delete all your shopping apps from your phone;
- unsubscribe from all online stores;
- stop checking bloggers who promote a lot of shopping hauls;
- avoid big malls;
- spend less time on Instagram;
- if nothing helps, destroy your credit card!

I hope that this post will help you out to stop wasting your money on things you are not going to wear and