My Blazer Obsession

If you've followed my style for the last 2 years, you probably would have noticed that I wear blazers a lot. I like how they look, feel, and how easy they are to style. I own about 15 blazers in different colors and fabrics. There are several ways to wear a blazer:

- with a skirt. You can go from short skirts to a maxi one. Personally, I prefer styling with a pleated midi skirt. It looks very flattering and feminine. I also love seeing when girls wear it with a silky skirt, which I need to add to my list of must-haves.
- with denim jeans. It is probably one of the easiest and comfiest styles. You will always look chic and stylish
-with trousers. If you are looking to wear something work-related, I would go with classic pants. If you want to bring some style, go for printed trousers or something in plaid
-with shorts. If you follow the latest trends, you will see how many girls style blazers with biker shorts. Since I am not a big fan of biker shorts, I would either pick Bermuda or denim shorts
-with a dress. Styling with a dress is rarely a challenge and it definitely looks great if you wear with your blazer for spring and fall seasons.

Here I'm wearing one of my favorite blazers that I got from H&M (find similar here). Sadly, I couldn't get a pair of trousers in the same color, because they got sold out very quickly. While we were traveling to France, I styled my blazer with denim jeans from Free people. Accessories include my favorite mini bag, a vintage scarf, and Yuul Lie pumps.