Cotton & Linen Dresses that you need this summer

Summer is a time for ice cream, beaches, and sale shopping. I'm always excited when it comes to the summer months, because I can finally start my crazy shopping spree. In case you hadn't noticed, many stores already have started the 50% sale contest. Zara just started their sale today and I already put a few things on my wish list in the hope that no one else would buy. Haha =P I also went this week to Mango to check all of their linen dresses that are on sale and left with 2 dresses. I can't wait to show you later how I will style them!

Since my fashion tastes changed a little bit, I'm finally looking for clothes with better quality fabrics and durability. I need to forget about fast fashion and be thoughtful about what I purchase and how long will it last. Every year, I throw away or donate to my family or goodwill a bunch of things that I thought that I will wear again, never really did. Thus, I finally learned why fabrics are important.  Haha, I guess I've finally grown up. As a fashion blogger who always shares new clothes and new collections on social media, I think it is time to talk about why we need to stop buying what we don't need. Most clothes are not worn more than a couple of times, either due to them being poorly-made or the fabrics were not quality and breathable. We need to stop buying things that we don't need. I still have to admit that sometimes, I want to buy trendy pieces. I've also learned that if I have the self-control to pass on them, I will end up forgetting all about them.

If you want to change your shopping choices as well, I would advise you to buy only linen, organic cotton, recycled polyester, wool, tencel, soy cashmere or silk fabrics. It is why I prefer shopping at Mango. Compared to Zara, Mango makes a lot of clothes from eco-friendly materials and most of the clothes that I purchased from them are elegant and classic. Besides the good quality and chicness, I have been wearing my clothes for several years and never got tired of them. Even after giving them away, my sister continues rocking them.

If you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe as well, here are a few cotton & linen dresses that you need this summer:

1.Belt Linen Dress | Mango      2. Buttoned Linen dress | Mango    3. Linen-blend shirt dress | Mango 

1. English Factory Dress| Shopbop    2. Ralph Lauren Dress | Nordstrom  3. Dress Buccia | Ottodame