Why Olive Green should be Trendy again

Vacation is over and I'm not really excited to go back to work. Though, I'm definitely happy to have a normal schedule where I can get enough of sleep, drink my green juice and exercise. After our trip to the Maldives, I immediately left for Bonn to attend my friend's wedding. The lack of sleep and greens made my immune system shut down and I ended up sick. For the past three days before my work, I finally got some sleep and started drinking my green smoothies instead of breakfast. If you never tried green juicing, I would advise you to try. This is especially true if you have a weak immune system like me. These smoothies improve my skin also. Anyway, besides having a green obsession in my food, my wardrobe also got rich in green colors. But this time, instead of vivid green, I chose olive green.

I don't see so many women wearing olive green lately. Olive green used to be popular a few seasons ago. With fashion being cyclical, I believe that olive green should turn out to be a trendy color again. What do you think? I was so happy that I purchased this beautiful leather bag because it matched perfectly with my shirt in olive green. To round out this look, I wore my favorite heels, H&M trousers and accessorized with a silk scarf, vintage earrings, and Fossil sunglasses.