Why waking up early is better

Why does waking up late waste my day? Since we arrived back from Seattle, I had some serious jetlag and wrestled with sleeping at weird times or waking up later in the day. I would wake up very early in the morning and go to sleep very early in the evening. At first, I wandered around and didn't know what to do while my husband was sleeping, but then I realized that I should use my time to read a book or exercise. Following 2 weeks of this crazy schedule, I understood that waking up earlier is actually great because I'm able to do things that I otherwise never found time for. Believe me, I love sleeping and am a natural night owl, but my jet lag helped me realize why I am wasting my day. 

Now, I wake up at 7am, drink my vitamins, and relax in bed while reading the news and checking my Instagram until 8 am. After I get up, I dress up and make breakfast. Around 8.30 am, I continue reading my book while enjoying my breakfast. After my breakfast is done, I open my computer and read my emails. I work on my computer for about 1-2 hours to schedule my tweets, write a blog post or use Pinterest. After I get tired of the computer, I switch to my phone, replying to my friends, parents or do some brain exercises like learning a new language. After my phone time, I go and do stretching exercises. Stretching helps me deal with my back and shoulder pain. After some energizing stretches, I decide to do errands in the house like cleaning or laundry. After I feel like my house is clean enough, it's time to get lunch. Normally for lunch, I eat leftovers from last night. Like a bad habit, I watch something on Youtube for the next 30-40 minutes. Later, I decide to return to reading my book, working on some projects/hobbies, and enhancing my social media presence. Closer to the evening, I start to cook dinner for us. After dinner, we watch one episode of Game of Thrones and around 10 pm, I am ready to sleep. This schedule makes me feel like I'm getting the full use out of my day. I hope to keep it up!

What is good about waking up earlier?

+ time to read
+ time to exercise
+ less time on the computer
+ time to learn something new
+ time to feel organized

What kind of person are you? Early or late bird?

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