My favorite instagrammable spots in Seattle

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If you have no idea, Seattle is my second home after my home country. My husband is from here, and we visit fairly often to see friends and family. Every time we come to Seattle, I always get excited, because Seattle isn't only famous for having the best coffee that's recognized around the world, but also for boasting fresh seafood that you can't find anywhere else. When I come to Seattle, I just can't say no to tasty raw oysters. I didn't grow up by the ocean, but Seattle made me love seafood. Anyway, since we don't live here, taking pictures for my blog can be tricky. But there are few spots that I always keep reusing whenever I am back. 

My favorite instagrammable spots in Seattle:
  • Pike Place Market is one of my favorite spots, despite the very crowded streets and mobs of tourists, you can always take amazing pictures and try delicious meals. 
  • Gum Wall is one of most disgusting walls in the world, but it's quite unique and colorful. If you are looking for something fun for your background, definitely go there. 
  • Lake Washington is another of my favorite spots in Seattle because you can get a perfectly clean background if you are looking more for a minimalistic style.
  • Chihuly Garden and Glass is always fun to visit. I usually go there if I have to bring someone who is from out of town and visiting provides a good reason to take pictures as well.
  • Alki Beach. If you need to shoot some of your beach outfits, I advise you to drive to West Seattle and get your fun-in-the-sun (or rain?) pictures. It is beautiful in the evening during the sunset, and the city skyline provides a dramatic backdrop. Also, if you end up shooting there, make sure to stop at one of my favorite stores - Alki Surf Shop. Kahuna Dave (owner/ founder and my father-in-law) would love to share with you my love story of how I met my husband. Don't forget to purchase his personally-designed shirts. Give some love to local businesses, and ask for the "royal sendoff."
  • Museum of Pop Culture. If you need a cool futuristic background, make sure to go to the Museum of Pop Culture. The building itself is one-of-a-kind, and you can capture the iconic Space Needle in the background. 
  • Pioneer Square is one of coolest spots in Seattle. You will find a lot of nice spots there. I would advise you go there either early in the morning or during holidays. Be forewarned though, there can be homeless people hanging out - like, an inordinate amount.  They are generally harmless, but just be prepared to navigate that.
  • The Great Wheel can work as a perfect background for your photos. And also don't forget to take a ride to get the best view of the city. 
  • Volunteer Park Conservatory is the ideal place for when it rains/snows all day. I used the conservatory a couple of times before when I wasn't into layering. 
If you know any other cool places to shoot in Seattle, please leave them in the comments section below. A gorgeous bag you can get from Woyoyo Brand based in Tbilisi, Georgia (they ship internationally).

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