My 3-Day itinerary to see England

Living in the heart of Europe makes your life easy for discovering amazing places. When we arrived to Germany, the first trip we decided to take was to England. We were debating if we should fly to London and only explore the capital, or drive by car and explore other beautiful places in the same timespan. After a lot of debate, we decided to drive and to see as much as possible.

The drive was not bad. However, our biggest mistake was driving through France instead of Belgium, which resulted in us shelling out a ton of dough to cover toll roads. The closer we got to the ferry crossing at Calais, France, the higher the tolls seemed. Anyway, after spending our first night near Calais port, we were quite excited to sail the next morning to Dover, UK.

Day 1:
On our first day in England, we decided to explore the White Cliffs of Dover. Getting there was quite easy. You will need to pay a small fee for parking. From the parking area, you can start your leisurely walk atop these famous cliffs. The walking path was very picturesque and quite tough, because it was super hot back in August. After completing our hike, we decided to stop at Dover Castle. We ended up buying an English Heritage Overseas Visitor Pass (Price: £57 for 2 person), and it helped us save money on our Dover Castle visit (£20 per person), Stonehedge (£19.50 per person) and other small attractions such as churches and Roman ruins that we got to see along the way. 

After our tough morning, we drove up to next town - Canterbury. We were quite amazed by the architecture and cute restaurants. Our first stop was the Canterbury Cathedral, which was under renovation, but definitely worth seeing. The Cathedral fee was about £12.50 per person. After walking around the neighborhood, we randomly found a small crooked house with tiny bookshop run by charity. Definitely take a pic there for your gram. The next attraction was St. Augustine's Abbey. The entrance fee was covered by our Heritage Overseas Visitor Pass. 

Day 2:
We left quite early to get to Stonehedge. I certainly advise you to arrive as early as possible and walk to Stonehedge from the parking lot, because the bus tour leaves starting at 9.30AM in summer time. So make sure to check the bus schedule via this page To be honest, I was expecting to see Stonehedge a little bit closer, but ropes prevented us from getting too close. Even though it was somewhat disappointing, you should still see the wonder once in your life. After the tour, we drove to the next city - Bath. Naturally, we had to check out the Roman Baths. It was quite interesting to learn about the history of Roman civilization in the region. After a couple of hours in the Roman Baths, we went to walk around and see the Pulteney Bridge. After quick snack, we finally drove to Gloucester to visit their amazing cathedral. If you are a big fan of Harry Potter, you will definitely recognize the hall of Hogwarts School (Harry Potter & Philosopher's Stone and Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets). It was probably only one town where we felt a bit unsafe closer to the evening. There were too many weird people bumming around.

Day 3:
On our third night, we decided to stay in London. There are so many things to see in London. We decided that one night will not be enough. Instead of doing all the most-popular sightseeing activitie , we decided to explore the city and see some instagrammable neighborhoods. We also hit up a flea market, where we ended up purchasing a vintage travel suitcase that looks wonderful in our home. Anyway, I will tell more about our London adventure a bit later. Stay tuned!

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White Cliffs of Dover

Dover Castle


Canterbury Cathedral

St. Augustine's Abbey


Bath Cathedral

Pulteney Bridge


The Roman Baths

Gloucester Cathedral